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Media technologies


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Media technologies

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Slideshare – the main piece of media technology I learnt to use during this process was slide share. I learnt how to upload documents. This meant that I could upload word documents and powerpoints onto my blog through embedding the file into the HTML part of my blog (as you can’t add them in their original format).
  2. 2. I learnt how to use Serif Draw Plus X5. This program has lots of different tools which take a while to get use to. I took some time to get used to the different tools, I tried to make basic edits to an image to see how it would look. In this image I have used the colour wheel to change the colour to purple. I have also used the transparency to make the image fade out in particular areas (such as at the top). I have also used a ‘quick rectangle’ which is behind the main image and I used the colour wheel to fill it in black. Getting used to this software meant that when I came to making my film poster and magazine cover I was comfortable with the tools that I knew I was going to use and therefore the process wasn’t as long as it would have been if I didn’t take that time out at the beginning of the process to explore the software.
  3. 3. I learnt how to use Serif Photoplus X5 this was the first time that I used this software and it took a while for me to get my head around it. I learnt how to use certain tools such as: the crop tool, the position tool which allowed me to put a shape with a block colour fill behind the main image which acted as the background colour. Being able to fill the background in a different colour meant that my overall finish product was more effective as it the colour usage linked to the genre in the same way that I am legend’s colour usage does on the magazine cover: Both magazine covers stick to using the main colours: white, red and black which automatically gives the reader an insight to the genre.
  4. 4. I also learnt how to export the image as a jpeg on serif photo plus x5 which meant that I could open the image in serif draw plus x5 to add text etc. Knowing this information also allowed me to add the image to my blog so that it could be viewed by my teacher for feedback but most importantly, the examiner.