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Magazine cover stuff.


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Magazine cover stuff.

  1. 1. Magazine Cover.
  2. 2. I took several pictures of Dom. I didn’t have too many ideas of how I wanted Dom to look. All I wanted Dom to do was to represent ‘Schizophrenia’. I took several shots how showing different emotions would work (seeing as schizophrenics are known for having a split personality in which they express different emotions in almost a bipolar manner as they can feel extreme happiness and one point and then hear voices that can darken their mood.
  3. 3. I found that I few of them wouldn’t be appropriate for either my film poster or magazine cover. For the following reasons: This is a picture of Dom’s cheek. With this picture, I was trying to take several pictures of different areas of the face but I don’t feel that including a picture of his cheek will in anyway enhance my final image for my film poster or magazine cover. This is a picture of Dom’s entire face. The main issue with this image is that the camera is out of focus which has meant that the picture looks blurry. I didn’t want it to be blurry as I felt that the images had to look as though they were of ‘high quality’ in order to make them effective when being viewed. The main issue with this image is that I was attempting to take a picture of the middle section of dom’s face which proved to be difficult as he is much taller than me and therefore I was stretching in order to get to the appropriate level to photograph this area. BUT because I couldn’t see the camera screen properly I ended up including his mouth area within the image as well and almost half of his eye area. I have re-done this shot and therefore, this picture is no longer necessary.
  4. 4. Here are the images I will be using for my magazine cover:
  5. 5. And Why? I will be using the shot but halving it in order the use each image on either side of the image in which Dom is screaming.
  6. 6. And Why? I think this image is good as it expresses the emotion of the character that Dom is playing.
  7. 7. I took inspiration from online sources such as YouTube: • • • These clips also helped me to gain a greater understanding of Schizophrenia through the eyes of schizophrenia sufferers. This meant that I could use the videos to structure my magazine cover to reflect the mind of a schizophrenic. I also took inspiration from seeing ‘The Woman In Black’ in theatre where I gained some helpful information on colour usage.