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Changes to trailer


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Changes to trailer

  1. 1. Changes to trailer. One of the main points that were highlighted in my feedback was that I need to sort out my indent on my trailer and I also need to add institutional information. When it came to adding my institutional information, I had no clue of what that was. I couldn’t ask my teacher as she was in a meeting and the main issue was that this work needed to be completed by the time I went home as I couldn’t work on my trailer whilst at home due to the issue of my version of movie plus not offering the same text font choices. I decided to have a look at a few trailers to see where I could figure it out. First I looked at ‘The Usual Suspects’ trailer and at the end of the trailer I saw the following which I thought could potentially be institutional information. I then looked at the side effects trailer where I saw the following:
  2. 2. At this point, I decided that the first one was most likely to be institutional information which resembled the credit block on my movie poster.
  3. 3. ISSUE: I tried to open my trailer in movie plus x6 but the same issue which had appeared the previous day had reappeared. (My files were getting locked) This will mean that my final trailer will not have the appropriate changes on it BUT I will make a video to show how my trailer would’ve looked with those changes but there will be no sound and also no videos. – Just text. I inserted my indent and used the crop tool to get rid of some of the background and then I made it bigger so that it was more visible.
  4. 4. I then inserted a text clip and copied my credit block from my film poster. I changed the font to ‘accord light sf’ and made the names of people or the institution bold and changed the font for those areas to ‘accord sf’ as I felt that it looked better when it was in bold compared to ‘accord light sf’.
  5. 5. I then added the text ‘Copyright 2014fingerprintproductions’
  6. 6. Just as I was going to export the trailer as a file, the sign came up again to tell me that it wouldn’t allow me to.