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Film openings analysis


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Film openings analysis

  1. 1. Psychological Thriller g s from the openin t can you tell thiTo w hat extensequence? The sound use, the colour scheme, the pace of the action, the editing (mis-en- scene) allow the audience to fully grasp what genre the film is without any confusion as they can relate certain techniques with other thrillers they have seen.
  2. 2. I think the target audience is Males that are 18 and upwards as it comes across as a film that could possibly have a complex storyline that wouldn’t be of much interest to 15 year olds. I also think that the other reason that it would be an 18 specification is due the possible shocking visual images. (I researched after guessing and it is an 18) To what exten t can you esta the opening s blish this from equence?This is quite easy to pick up due to the imagesshown in the opening sequence that hint at ajourney that is rather complex. The imagesused quite shocking and the hands shown inthe opening are manly and the face that iscrossed out is of a little boy which willautomatically suggests to me that the targetaudience is males and not females.
  3. 3. e make you Does the opening sequenc If so, how ? curio us to learn more?The main thing that I learnt about Yes, the opening sequence makes methe characters from the opening curious to learn more as I only saw onesequence was that there is one character throughout the sequence whichcentral protagonist who I believe the makes me wonder why that character is soaudience will understand more important and what the character does, itabout throughout the process of the makes me want to start the journey with thefilm. The audience are faced with possible protagonist as the openingmany images but I do not feel that I sequence suggests that the character iscompletely understand the plot but I unpredictable but also a very smartthink this is exactly what the director individual. Another thing that makes mewanted as it would make people curious to learn more is the fact thatwant to come and watch it more. If throughout the entire opening sequence,the director gave away the storyline the face of the character is never shownwithin 3 minutes in the opening, it which then again makes me questionwould seem pointless to watch the whether it is a character that is works veryfilm. well but is never caught out which reminds me of a character such as Jack the ripper.
  4. 4. ‘New line cinema presents’ ‘a Arnold Kopelson production’ – Is the firstthing to come onto the screen. Why? – To make sure that the audience areaware of who has produced it, this can also determine a films success,depending on whether the producer is well known or not. Arnold Kopelson is awell known producer of thriller films which would’ve been an automaticreason for people who are interested in horrors/thrillers to watch this. ? Why? Can you At what stage of the sequence fects used? comment on the size; font and any ef The text is quite small but I genuinely think that is just to keep with the font size throughout the sequence. - the font is like the following: ‘Arnold Kopelson’ which looks as though it is handwritten. This automatically makes the film seem as though it is following someone on a personal level. The audience are once again reminded that it is a ‘Arnold Kopelson and Phyllis Carlyle’ film – font size for ‘produced’ is flickers between very big (roughly 72 font size) and medium sized (roughly 22 font size) to show the importance of these two in the process of the film making. 1st example of 2
  5. 5. ‘Se7en’ appears on the screen. ? Can you At what stag e of the sequence? Why cts used? comment on th e size; font and any effeIt appears after the producer, director and main stars. Thenames before the appearance flicker and on the 7th flicker,‘Se7en’ appears, large at first but then the word flickers andbecomes a much smaller font size. 2nd example of 2
  6. 6. The non-diegetic sound is used to leavethe viewer asking questions and wantingto know what/whose going to be Is it effective?robotic/evil. Yes I feel the sound is The non-diegetic sound is very robotic effective as it keeps and gives a sense of something growing/ the audience someone becoming possessed. When I questioning and also hear the music all I can think is of an makes us aware that snarling evil creature. there is no comic element and that it is Characters: quite an in depth song• The song doesn’t give us much ofan insight into the character/s withinthe film.
  7. 7. Paper - e.g. book (which seems like apossible motif prop), squared paper, The needle and thread – Thesepictures and newspaper. – These show props make the audience questionthat there is a lot of information that the antics of the person as theneeds to be noted and to be understood. needle and thread arent being usedIt also hints at ‘God’ with the newspaper the same way that we would use acut out. This closely links into the pen needle and thread in a normaluse and suggests a possible link into everyday situation.religion and how things such as sexualityare seen but on a deeper and more Razor blade – Personally I find this prop usedisturbing manner. the most interesting, I feel that it suggests some sort of injury/pain but within the mind. The use of the razor blade in the openingA pen – This prop is used to cross sequence fits perfectly as the character isout words such as ‘transsexual’ removing their finger prints with a object thatwhich gives us a possible insight into we don’t associate that action with, whichwhat the story could be about but automatically intrigues the minds of thealso crossing out/getting rid of audience. This prop implies that theevidence. It could also represent the character is very knowledgeable in the fieldcontinuity of the characters actions. of crime & knows every process they must go through to stay out of trouble.
  8. 8. The use of colours in the openingsequence are typical of a horror film –RED, WHITE AND BLACK. Thisgives the audience a huge hint thatthis film is going to be a horror. In this example, the producer has decided to use all those colours. – The hands: Black The line down the middle: Red And the Paper: White.
  9. 9. Throughout this section, an ‘extreme close up’ is used.– This is a perfect way of making the audience feel quiteinvolved but also rather uncomfortable as the shot is verynear to the subject which virtually means that theaudience are forced to watch. This ensures that there isno confusion within the audience on the subject of thecharacters actions. – Feeling so up close and not beingable to miss any detail of the action makes it seem asthough this is the character that we will follow throughoutthe film and we will see the story through his eyes mostly.
  10. 10. The editing throughout this section is quite fast, the producer uses ‘cuts’ to allow the audience to view the different areas of the possible protagonists intentions. The words on the screen flicker into the next image which is enhanced by the use of sound.The movement of theaction may slow down atcertain areas but thecuts will keep the paceof the openingsequence at a relativelyfast pace.
  11. 11. I think overall the opening sequence is veryeffective, it captures the audiences attention fromthe minute the discordant sound starts and leavesthe viewer intrigued.The producer made sure that its very obvious thatthis is a horror film to leave no confusion. Forhorror lovers this will come across as the perfectfilm as it hints at a complex but interesting storylinebut without losing its fear factor. The opening sequence keeps the audience on the edge of their seats because the director/producer only gives the viewer a bit of information but it is enough to intrigue us but it doesn’t give away too much to the point of ruining the audiences’ cinema experience if they watch the film.
  12. 12. Th riller. sychologicalThe film is a p To what extent can yo u tell this from the opening sequence ? This isnt completely obvious in the opening but there is a slight hint through the sound use and editing.
  13. 13. Both sexes aged 15 and over.To what extent can you establish this fromthe opening sequence? It is quite obvious that the film is not an 18 as the sound and use of editing doesn’t suggest a high level of graphic images that are not suitable for children of a younger age.
  14. 14. The viewer doesn’t learn a great deal aboutthe characters or the plot from the openingsequence as the director has chosen not tohave any of the characters revealed. I thinkthat knowing nothing about the characters orplot allows the piece to more successful as wedo not know what to expect and therefore ourreactions will be heightened.
  15. 15. The text fades When ‘The Sixth Sense’onto the screen, appears at almost one minuteenlarges then into the sequence, its placedspreads slightly after the producers, the filminto another fade. productions companies and Bruce Willis. The text looks as though something is walking past it as there is a shadow that travels across the letters almost the like a ghost passing by.
  16. 16. The non- diegetic sound isextremely eerie throughout theopening sequence - the use ofviolins is typical in a horror film. The non-diegetic sound changes when the text ‘ The Sixth Sense’ comes up, to a distorted loud sound which automatically makes the viewer feel on edge but we also want to know more.The music starts to progress when the text ‘Bruce Willis’ comes up whichsuggests that he could be a focal character in this film. It is also presentedin that way to grab the attention of the viewer as Bruce Willis is a wellknown actor and therefore many would watch the film simply because heis in it as films starring Bruce Willis are guaranteed to be a success.
  17. 17. The colour use if very dull, which doesn’t suggesthappiness! – The only colour use is: Black(background) and roughly this shade of Blue (forthe text).When considering ‘energy’ which links closelyinto ‘the sixth sense’ (energy of spirits etc), Blackmeans: preparation for the unknown – which theaudience will subconsciously be doing becausein the opening sequence not much is given away. The lack of colour and overallBlack also means: emptiness which hints at the design/setting seems to bepossibility of a character that feels empty/drained enough as the sound use andfor some reason. (http://crystal- the in-animation and animation of the text manages to hold the audiences attention as the audience are made to think more instead of just watching images move around the screen like many film openings.
  18. 18. In the opening sequence a character, possible setting isnot shown which means that the camera wasn’t usedwhich could hint that camera angles and movements aregoing to be an important factor when trying to achieve thecorrect audience response.
  19. 19. The editing throughout this section is quite slow, the producer uses fades to present the people involved in the making of the film, every fade is partnered with the use of sound.The editing hints at the possibility of someone fading away: a death, wanderingmind, being sucked up by the darkness. This suggest a film that could bepsychologically challenging and disturbing for the audience.
  20. 20. I think overall the opening sequence is very effective, it captures the audiences attention in a very different way to other horror films as it seems to go for a calmer approach instead of going for the instant shock factor. It is obvious through the use of sound and colours that the film is a psychological thriller as dull, dark colours with eerie music is the general layout/form of a thriller.The opening sequence keeps the audience interested because the director/producerdoesn’t give away any information about the plot or characters, I feel this is effectivebut I would have to give this some deep thought when working on my openingsequence as I feel that seeing the hands or the shadow of a character in a settingwould help to enhance the opening but still leave the audience intrigued as theyhavent actually seen the characters face. - The audience need something little totrigger their interest more.