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Short (text) presentation of Horton Int'l Nov. 2014


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Short (text) presentation of Horton Int'l Nov. 2014

  1. 1. HORTON INTERNATIONAL (HUNGARY) A TRUE CONSULTANCY, NOT AN AGENCY! Horton International’s roots go back to the 1970’s in the UK and North America. It is currently the ’fastest growing amongst the leading group of international search firms’ (Financial Times). There are 45 offices in 40 countries world-wide. Horton Hungary with its 24 years experience is the first and oldest established executive search practice in East-Europe since 1989 significantly diferring in the approach and experience from the ’mainstream’ of frequently changing recruitment and employment agencies. OUR PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Mr. Zsolt Pintér, Hon. Professor of ’HR and Career Management’ at the Pécs University is already 24 years one of the best-known executive search consultants (‘headhunter’) and career advisor in Hungary. His advises in the press (‘corresponding career-columns’) and the internet, his radio and television programs, films help a mass of people to plan their career and give them practical job-hunting tips. In 1989 Mrs. Andrea Tánczos and Pintér founded the first executive search firm in Central-Eastern Europe ’Manager Contact Ltd’ and joined ’Horton International’ in 1990. Pintér is sometimes called ’guru of executive hiring’ (Budapest Business Journal) and is author of the one and only career guidance handbook in Hungary ’How to Build a Career? – Encyclopaedia of job searching’ . He is specialist in Western-Eastern cross-culture and HR issues. Pintér published a lot of studies, articles and chapters on HR management as well. OUR SERVICES  DIRECT SEARCH OF MIDDLE AND TOP EXECUTIVES AND OF FUNCTIONAL/TECHNICAL SPECIALISTS, EXPERTS AND MANAGERS WHICH ARE HIGHLY DIFFICULT TO FIND;  EXECUTIVE AND MANAGEMENT SELECTION;  ’HR DUE DILLIGENCE’ AND MANAGEMENT EVALUATION. ASSIGNMENTS – PROJECTS During 24 years in Hungary our professional staff (2 search consultants + 2 researchers) completed more than 350 search and selection assignments for 130 client companies of all sizes and obtained an unrivalled local experience in executive search and selection. Horton Hungary has worked with Delphi Auto, Bridgestone, Nokia, Creaton, Elcoteq, Denso, Kludi, Cascade Engineering, GE Security, AES, GMAC, Hörmann, Nikon, Philip Morris, Lidl, SKF, McCann-Erickson or Whirlpool Hungary and many others in searching and selecting executives in both GM, senior executive and functional/technical management positions. Our in-house database in Hungary comprises an avarage of 10.000 managers/executives/technical specialists representing 85% of executive staff of the leading multinational and local companies.
  2. 2. ASSIGNMENTS – PROJECTS (CONT’D.) In the last 24 years we always offered that customized flexible ’fine needlework’ services to our clients which can be provided only by a small consultancy with unrivalled local experience, but with international background. Our efforts has been ’honoured’ with an exceptionally high rate of satisfied clients: over 85% of our firm-wide revenues are derived from repeat business! SEARCH & SELECTION: APPROACH – METHODOLOGY A good executive or functional/technical manager, an MD, a COO, CFO, CIO or a specialist (e.g. ’Six Sigma Master Black Belt’ or ’Lean Manufacturing Facilitator’) of strong, dynamic, but reliable and honest personality in Hungary with high-level professional management and communication skills, with proven achievements in the corporate life is worth his/her weight in gold. The supply of high-calibre people is yet scarce in Hungary and most of them have been engaged by early western arrivals. Good people are well employed and do not read recruitment advertisements. The only way to find tehm is to use the well proven method of direct search – ’headhunting’. At Horton International, a search is not confined to meeting your staffing needs. Rather, it represents a reason to clearly define business objectives to attain long term goals. This requires vision, flexibility, the ability to handle crosscultural complexities, and a tolerance for ambiguity and rapid change. While many recruitment firms appear to be forcing square pegs into round holes, we at Horton conduct fresh research on every assignment, to provide a range of talented individuals. We especially focus on professionals who are not actively seeking new positions, high performers whose accomplishments speak for themselves. Our 24 years experience and internationally standardized unique research methodology enables our clients to avoid various constrained trade-offs or too much prolonged (3-6 months) search time. We always cover 85-90% of HR target-group of a certain industry or branch which enables us to provide our clients the greatest number of qualified prospects, whose background and skills are consistent with the culture and demands of our clients. We continue the search process beyond the point of initial candidate presentation, stopping only after an offer has been accepted. This provides sufficient back- up candidates to protect critical schedules. THE RETAINED SEARCH ADVANTAGE  Provides access to qualified candidates who are not actively seeking new positions.  Provides clients with confidentiality and objectivity, since the fee is not contingent upon the hiring of a specific individual.  Provides objective third party evaluation of internal candidates.  Ensures that the client’s time will not be diverted from other management responsibilities.
  3. 3. THE SELECTION/ASSESSMENT Assessing candidates against appropriate western and local technical, managerial and professional standards is a challange and requires special consideration. These elements suggest a mix of western and local, technical and HR expertise is required. Our selection method is a professionally elaborated and internationally standardised ’HAP’ = “Horton Assessment Process’ including multiple structured interviews and reference checking. Upon request we also apply ’further’ selection methods (e.g. psychometric tests or handwriting analysis). WARRANTY AND GUARANTEES  12 months guarantee for our candidates – replacement without further professional fee!  24 months ’off-limits’ or ’no-touch’ – for our client: full protection means that no-one else from the client’s organisation shall be approached by us and for the candidate placed by us this protection is infinite! Budapest, November 2014. OUR CONTACTS: H-1137 Budapest, Katona J. St. 3. II/18. – 25 years at the same address! In the ’New Downtown’, opposite to the ’Westend City Center’ Tel/fax: #36-1-329-0000 (central office number, ans.machine/paper fax) Mobile (Zsolt Pintér): #36-705-328-328 Mobile (Ms. Andrea Tánczos): #36-705-628-628 E-mail: & Internet:
  4. 4.  Horton International has got 36 years international experience as a fully integrated global executive search and management consulting firm with thorough industry and functional expertise in all established and emerging markets through 45 offices in 40 countries.  We were the first in Central-Eastern Europe and Hungary starting this new consulting service (Executive Search & Selection) in September 1989, so we have got an unrivalled 24 years local experience and information network in Hungary.  Ideal size – large enough to ensure in depth coverage with a global delivery capacity, yet able to function as a boutique provider offering flexible customized service, ’fine needlework’ and focused research expertise and personalized service: global resource sharing – local responsiveness – personalized service.  We function as senior consultants and strategic advisors: a true consultancy, not an agency!  Differing from most of the recruitment/personnel consulting agencies in Hungary which employ youngsters without thorough corporate experience, our consultants are recognized authorities in their area of specialization with first hand industry experience, extensive personal networks and significant executive search experience.  All of our consultants are not only employees, but shareholders/partners and we all are highly interested in the success of each project and the highest quality of our services.  Limited ‘Off-limits’ – by design, our business is concentrated with select relationships in a given industry in order to form key strategic partnerships.  We have an exceptionally high rate of satisfied clients: over 85% of our firm-wide revenues are derived from repeat business — a natural out-growth of our disciplined focus and consultative service-oriented approach. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?