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Extended Essay-Formulate a Research Question


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IB Extended Essay,

Published in: Education
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Extended Essay-Formulate a Research Question

  1. 1. Formulate a Research Question Zakir Hossain Teacher-Librarian
  2. 2. Topic vs Question Topic Question The feasibility of wireless networking in a city-wide context To what extent is wireless networking a feasible alternative to cabled networking within a whole city context? An exploration of evil as a motivating force in Drama. How effectively does Christopher Marlowe present his view of evil in Dr. Faustus?
  3. 3. Question starters…. To what extent … Allows for an evaluation of the degree [extent] to which something is true or a contributing factor. To effectively answer this type of question, the main body of the essay should include consideration of other influencing factors. How successful … Allows for an evaluation of the success of an approach, method or policy. What is the impact of … A straightforward causal investigation Is it possible to determine … An investigation into a framework based on existing and available evidence. How accurate/reliable … Allows for an exploration relating to accuracy or usefulness.
  4. 4. Narrowing Down your Research Focus… Subject English Theme 19th Century novels of love and relationship Context Love and relationship in the Novels of Jane Austen Topic Austen’s attitudes to Love and relationship in Pride and Prejudice Research questions Final RQ In what ways does Jane Austen express her attitudes to the themes of love and marriage inherent in her work Pride and Prejudice? What are Austin's attitudes to love and marriage in Pride and Prejudice? What ways does Austin portrait herself towards love and relationship in her Pride and Prejudice novel?
  5. 5. A research question should not be too general Too general How important is chlorophyll to plant life? Better What is the effect of different concentrations of kinetin on leaves aging and the biosynthesis of chlorophyll?
  6. 6. Research question should not be too broad. Too Broad What is the history of Egyptian theatre? Better How does the legacy of Sayed Darwish contribute to the traditional Arabic music?
  7. 7. Pursue your passion into RQ Passion: Car Psychology EE: Do people make attributions about another’s success, intelligence and sociability based on their choice of car? Biology EE: What is the physiological effect on airbags on the human body on impact? Visual Art EE: To what extent is the car a canvas in the BMW Art Car series?
  8. 8. Pursue your passion into RQ (cont.) Passion: Tobacco Geography EE: What factors contribute to the pattern of cigarette smokers in Riyadh, KSA? ITGS EE: What role has information technology played in the developing world for educating youth about the dangers of tobacco? Chemistry EE: How does the environmental condition, specifically temperature, alter the quantity of nicotine in tobacco?
  9. 9. Pursue your passion into RQ (cont.) Passion: Game of Thrones English EE: What message does George R. R. Martin express through different characters’ experiences with disillusionment in his novel Game of Thrones? Economics EE: To what extent is there price discrimination in the market for illegal copies of Game of Thrones Season 7 in different malls in Riyadh? Computer Science EE: What are the most significant graphical algorithms employed by the visual effects company MPC in their futility CGI software used for the wooly mammoths of Season 4?
  10. 10. Thank You Q & A References Lekanides, Kosta. Extended Essay Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Programme. OUP, 2016. Hossain, Zakir. “EE DIRECTIONS:2016-18 Cohort: Click Here to Download the Pdf EE Information Booklet .” EIS Learning Resource Centre, Aug. 2016, IB Extended Essay Guide (revised). IBO. 2018 Thompson, Emma and Richard Penny. “DEVELOPING YOUR RESEARCH PROJECT.” [week 2: Exercise: developing your research question]. MOOC offered by the University of Southampton. Retrieved on Sept. 24, 2017 from