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How i hack my education


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How i hack my education

  1. 1. How I hack my education@YvesHanoulle GrowthHacking Gent II 2014/05/20
  2. 2. 1994 - 1998 life as an employee
  3. 3. Trainings
  4. 4. 0
  5. 5. 1998launch of ObjectSoft
  6. 6. GOAL follow all the training I want
  7. 7. retrospective 1 year of ObjectSoft
  8. 8. Trainings
  9. 9. 3
  10. 10. KPI
  11. 11. KTI
  12. 12. ! 10%<INVEST<20%
  13. 13. revenue
  14. 14. XPDay Benelux 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012,2013,2014 Mini XpDays 2009,2011,2012,2013,2014 XPDay France 2006,2007,2008,2009 XPDay London 2006,2007,2008 Agile 2010,2009, 2008, 2007 Change your testing mindset : Belgium Testing Days (Lisa Crispin) Innovation Games Summit Amsterdam September 2013 ALE 2013 Bukarest ,2012 Barcelona, 2011 Berlin Dare June 2013 Problem Solving Leadership 2013 (Weinberg, Rothman, Derby) Agile Practitioners 2013 Israel Agile Tour Brussel 2013, 2012 Agile Tour Strassbourg Management 3.0 2012 Innovation Games (Luke Hohmann) 2012 Certified Collaboration Architect (Orange Belt) Responsibility Process (Christopher Avery) 2012 AYE (J Weinberg, J Rothman, Esther Derby, Don Gray) SDEC (Winipeg) 2011 Agile Eastern Europe (Kiev) 2009-2010 WebExpo Prague 2010 Agile Tour Toronto 2009 Agile Tour Geneve 2009 Agilis (Iceland) 2009 Devoxx 2008 Europe Lean & Kanban Benelux 2000-2014 Certified Scrum Practitioner Agile Coach Camp Germany 2010 Certified Scrum Product Owner class (Jeff Patton) 2009 Agile Coaching workshop (David Hussman) September 2009 “Speed of Trust” by Stephan M. R. Covey “MBA in one day” Ben Tiggelaar Agile Retrospectives in London(R. Davies, E.Gaillot) 2 year training for Gestalt therapist (to become a better coach) Software Practice Advancement 2007 Cambridge Agile development in practice IT-works Masterclass on Leadership and Inspiration (Stephan Covey) Scrum Master Certification Course (Joseph Pelrine) 2006 Agile Estimation and Planning (Mike Cohn-London) 2006 Créa-Magica d’Italia 2006 BootCamp, The Core Protocols 2005 (Oklahoma City) The 7 habits of effective people – covey 2005 Prince II Foundation - B2B Learning 2004 Gezin van Herkomst - Instituut v Communicatie 2003 Train The Trainer - Niqué 2002 Advanced Training on leading groups and individuals (VTLG) IVC 12 WE 2000-2001 Outward Bound 2001 Microsoft : DevDays 2000,2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007, Tech-Ed 2002,2004 PDC 2003 MSDN sessions XP evening sessions
  15. 15. 86
  16. 16. Spotify? Who knows
  17. 17. Spotify? Who would like to workfor
  18. 18. <insert famous company> ? Who would like to workfor
  19. 19. ! Scaling agile @Spotify
  20. 20. reaction of client
  21. 21. let’s do that too!
  22. 22. let’s do that too! mmm…
  23. 23. let’s do that too! mmm… I don’t think your organisation is ready for that
  24. 24. let’s do that too! mmm… I don’t think your organisation is ready for that Does that matter?
  25. 25. let’s do that too! mmm… I don’t think your organisation is ready for that Does that matter? What is the best way for me to learn about this model?
  26. 26. Hi Henrik 
 <cut as irrelevant> ! As <my current client> is inspired by what they call the spotify model (aka your article), last night I had the crazy idea, would it be possible for me to visit spotify? And then I thought, mm, visiting would probably not tell me more then your article or Jimmy's presentation. + it would not bring spotify anything. ! I played some more with the idea and thought, would there be a way to work be an external coach for a week at spotify? ! My (current/crazy) idea is to bring an outside view. I think by bringing my knowledge and who I am, that might bring something to spotify, and I will learn more by doing then by plain watching or listening. ! I did not think any further how to organize this etc, because I first want to see if you think this is even remotely possible. As we have never worked together, you might want to talk with Tomas Björkholm, who was in my PSL class. I think Tomas, was the person who invented the award I got from my team; the Alistair Cockburn award for positive disruption and mind probing. ! y
  27. 27. Same day response
  28. 28. Hi Yves! What a great idea, I think it might be doable. The coaches at Spotify love pairing on stuff. ! I suggest we talk more about this in mid-august.
  29. 29. 2013/10/27 - 2013/11/01
  30. 30. It’s thatsimple
  31. 31. WHERE do you want to work TOMORROW?
  32. 32. BIGGEST thing I learned 32
  33. 33. Spotifyhas the same problems as my Belgium clients
  34. 34. MINDSET It’s the that makes THE difference @YvesHanoulle
  35. 35. Long term planning @Spotify
  36. 36. What’s the next step? I give myself 5 years to do RemoteCoaching OPTION I
  37. 37. What’s your next step ? Work full time on a WalkingDesk OPTION II
  38. 38. What’s your next step ? Work full time on a WalkingDesk OPTION II Park-Office: please install walking desks ;-)
  39. 39. What’s the next step? Partnership to create an agile organisation OPTION III model:Crisp+ut7+pyxis+St Luke+visa+semco+valve+BaseCamp Holocracy OpenSpace LeanStartup BeyondBudgeting Growth hacking
  40. 40. QuestionS? @YvesHanoulle
  41. 41. Me.About( ) Partner of Els Ryssen Father of Joppe 2002, Bent 2004, Geike 2007 ! Creative Collaboration Agent Training, Coaching & Consultancy Services on agile & Team practices in EMEA. Agfa HealthCare, Atos Worldline , AXA, BritishGas, B-Post , Cegeka, CERN, Co-learning, City Kortrijk, ING, MESware, Octo, One-Agency, OpenMinds, Option, Orange, Spotify, Test-Aankoop, Touring-Insurance, Ultragenda... @YvesHanoulle