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Massuel Louis portfolio 2017


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Hi' that's my personal portfolio of those late years (2015 to 2017).
I am working for Orange in Ivory Coast/Cote d'Ivoire for 2 years. My job as Lead UX designer is to help marketing team create and maintain great user satisfaction.
For exemple I worked on Apps, dealing with graphic and customer journey modifications. We worked in agile mode helping us in the delivery.
I've also done field searches using design methods (quanti & quali). The main objective was to ensure maket fit and if not imagine others solutions.

Feel free to get in touch with me,
I'm open to any ideas, opportunities and side projects (furthermore if it's for Africa) :)

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Massuel Louis portfolio 2017

  1. 1. Massuel Louis Portfolio 2014 Looking for an internship starting from June 2015 UI/UX Designer Student
  2. 2. Education & Profesionnal experiences design studies Freelance Designer design studies Master in Economics 0 «Louis had been actively involved in the ninth edition of Accenture innovation chain. He has positioned itself as a leader of a 11 student group (engineers, commercial and designers). He has been very active in the design process and was force of proposal. Team management has particularly appreciated his work capacity, handle of stress and voluntariness to bring an - «Louis has great maturity, he has an entrepreneurship mind, he his autonomous and very team-oriented. He is a responsible, worker and intelligent. I warmly recommend Louis and predict him a strong professional future.» Eric ANGIBOUST (Muzéo, PDG, 2014) innovative, ambitious and creative project.» Radouane IRHLY (Kurt Salmon, Senior Consultant, 2015) 0 1yrs 3yrs 4yrs 6yrs 7yrs Education Profesionnal experiences What’s been told about me economic studies (18 months gap year) Lead UX Designer at Orange Interaction Designer at Muzeo My profile Master in Interaction Design
  3. 3. Orange Football Club Android App + iOS App Lead UXOrange Football ClubOrange
  4. 4. Lead UXOrange Football ClubOrange
  5. 5. Orange CMS App Android Multi-country app Orange BtoC App Android Still confidential Lead UXOther AppsOrange
  6. 6. Orange BtoBtoC App USSD + Android + Web Confidential Lead UXBtoBtoC ServicesOrange
  7. 7. Technocentre Abidjan Communication assets (PPT, illustrations, Photos, ...) LeadInternal CommunicationOrange
  8. 8. InvestigationStudy CasesOrange
  9. 9. ConclusionOrange
  10. 10. Interaction DesignSkribiDiploma
  11. 11. Interaction DesignSkribiDiploma Children love fun. Children love games. Children love iPad. But tea- chers don’t like iPad for everything. They are used to teach to write, compose and calculate the ana- logue way. Writing is in this case a superb tool to discover his close environment. It also develops visual sight and locomotion. Meanwhile children wants fun, those writing activities can lead to frustration. Why not reinventing the way we write to match those needs ? So the idea behind Skribi is to put fun, colours, in the process or wri- ting.
  12. 12. Skribi change la couleur de mon ecriture ! En plus il tient bien dans la mai First, the professor set colour’s rules. Children can do the exercises with Skribi pen. Now, he sees co- lours as he is writing, ain’t fun ? Why Skribi is a powerful tool ? Let’s see some examples. When you have to do a writing exercise, red colour directly indicates to cor- rect the shape. Green is also rewar- ding you when all is good :) Same for maths. Professor has uploaded the good result. Children can practice and progress by him- self, leading to better results in au- tonomy. Using Skribi, picture under and right, is also easy. Skribi is an ergo- nomic pen. His form allows right and left handling. Choose Skribi :) Interaction DesignSkribiDiploma
  13. 13. Realinstallation Interaction designMuzéo Internship 2013-2014
  14. 14. Product line creation from scratch «Living Art by Muzéo» allows hospitality places to look more dy- namic and to offer their guests new experiences and new ways to en- joy their stay. My mission was to help the team in the creation of the new product line, from the start of the engeeniering process to the com- mercialisation. I was in charge of developing the solution and its re- lated technical and business docu- mentation. The first selling of an installa- tion was done Mid-2014 and I did the technical support of it. Installation was done in the new Peninsula Palace in Paris.
  15. 15. Graphic designWilmotte Internship 2011-2012 RealProduct
  16. 16. This motorcycle helmet has been designed has a by-product featuring the Racing Rugby club spirit. It’s on sale today as well as others goods for kids that I designed for them. Creation of new products
  17. 17. App DesignTinder Personal Project M ore on m y Behance
  18. 18. PROFILE HOME MESSAGES SETTINGS INVITE Search 4 Matches ELSA ALEXANDRA JINGLIN Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Camille Nature Photography Sneakers Italian Restaurants FlatUI Re-Design Tinder, a date app, has been really sucessfull since last year. The application had a revolu- tionary user experience, thanks to the swipe. But the user interface was not as optimal as I was expec- ting. So I decided, for the Tinder re-design, to build a flater and image first user interface. This personal project has been se- lected by Behance staff has one of the most appealing UI-UX design.
  19. 19. Innovation ProjectAccenture La Chaine de l’innovation
  20. 20. Accenture partnership with top companies to bring innovative ideas to them is the goal of the «Chaine de l’Innovation». ThisTeamlyapp is client needs centric and has been designed for a multi-daily usage. Reinforcing the link between insurance and in- sured. Innovative service in Insurance
  21. 21. LampE Act The Illuminated Piano EDF School Partnership 2014 Interaction design
  22. 22. Sensibilise people to their consumption Lampe Act is a project for EDF and the city of Lyon in France. Every year, for several weeks, Lyon turn into a «city of lights». EDF wanted us to increase the public awareness about the energy consumption. So at start, we decided to design an artistic installation, ins- pired from the piano in public spaces, to draw the attention of the public on the intimate feeling we can have about energy like for the music. To link piano and energy aware- ness, we designed a specific system where each lamp is a key of the pia- no. They illuminate depending on the intensity of the rhythm of the music... Until everything stop, that’s the blac- kout.
  23. 23. Interaction design DaLy Master your Data La Poste School Partnership 2014
  24. 24. Bonjour, XXXX Recherche Recherche Fil d’actualité Fil d’actualité DaLy is a connected object created to help people to Master their data and keep their privacy. Nowadays your data is being used by companies without your autorization. However, in the future they are going to be obligated to ask for your permission. That’s in that mind Daly was created. It aims to provide a clear and simple visualization about our data. Two icon are showing the kind of data and the company asking for it. This is a stand-alone object, but you can also put it on a tablet to discover and manage more preci- sely your data. A Connected Object for La Poste
  25. 25. Personal ProjectsDropBox Illustration OnLine Portfolio+ Personal ProjectsDropBox Illustration OnLine Portfolio+Illustration + Online Portfolio
  26. 26. Feel free to contact me Thanks for watching