What is out There?


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What is out There?

  1. 1. Categories of Apps: • Business Apps • Game Apps •Lifestyle Apps •Entertainment Apps •News Apps •Social Apps • Travel Apps • Sports Apps • Educational Apps
  2. 2. There is no denying that the most popular apps (based especially on the Apple app charts) are games. • Most game control systems takes advantage of the devices touch screenFor Example: feature • Most device exclusive games are very innovative in design and gameplay mechanics • They are usually affordable at the average price of fifty nine pence but most also include micro-transactions to buy in- game items or extra content. • There are also plenty of app versions of boardgames, gameshows and adaptions of big game franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog and Grand Theft Auto.
  3. 3. Entertainment apps usually consist of novelty devices or apps that are linked to the entertainment media (for example video and music) •Entertainment are usually to provide shortFor Example: bursts of entertainment using novelty mechanics like voice changing. Some are always fixed outcomes like a particular x-ray app • A lot of entertainment apps are linked with social aspects meaning that people can play tricks or send funny notes and pictures to each other • Some apps enhance other aspects of the devices like an extended gallery of emoticons or colourful text messaging. • Some simulation games fall under this category like the famous Pocket God in which the user takes the role of a tiki god providing various tortures to the little men on screen.
  4. 4. Social apps are applications that provide a way for people to contact and socialise in many different formats over the internet. • The most popular of the social apps areFor Example: the portable versions of massive social networking sites like Face book and Twitter. • A lot of other social apps just provide different formatting and styles of these big networking sites. • Many social apps are linked to other categories of applications, like game apps and entertainment apps.
  5. 5. Lifestyle apps are applications that usually provide a useful service to peoples day to day lives . • Lifestyle apps can include guides to day to day activities like cooking, fitness to the more provocative sexual-based activities.For Example: • This category of app can also help with lifestyle changes like real estate apps or interior design. • There is also a variety of portable applications for big high street shop locaters or online stores like Amazon. • Some apps that arguably could be called novelty provide a relaxing, anti-stress stimulus
  6. 6. The other categories of Smartphone, android phone and tablet apps are astheir titles suggest, providing services for their category.
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