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Computer Game Graphics


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Computer Game Graphics

  1. 1. ComputerGameGraphics
  2. 2. PixelPixel Art is a form ofdigital artthat is created Artthrough rastergraphics software.This was a populargraphic style forolder computergames and mobilegames.Also known as aBitmap graphic,pixel art isconstructed of a
  3. 3. PixelThe beauty of pixelart is the kind ofcrisp image you can Artcreate and is perfectfor creating anisometric viewpointwhich refers tosome form ofparallel where theviewpoint is slightlyrotated to showother sides of thegame environment .This is a great wayof giving a 3D effect
  4. 4. Concept art is asubset of illustrationand is supposed to Conceprepresent an ideafor a character,object or t Artenvironment fromvarious angles andin various ways.Concept art isessentially theblueprint thatallows other artistsworking on the
  5. 5. Concept art is alsoan incrediblyimportant way of Concep t Artcommunicating anidea clearly and thisis a key factor if agame project will orwill not get thefunding they needto continue throughthe creatingprocess.
  6. 6. Texture art in thefilm, television andthe game media is Texture Artwhen a texturemapping which ismainly in the form of2D is overlaid onto apolygon mesh tocreate a realistic 3Dmodel.This kind of graphicart is used to definethe surface quality ofa 3D model. Most ofthe time these
  7. 7. The background or‘environment’ of avideo game can Backgrochange massivelyfrom each game andgame genres. For undexample some gameslike platformers willhave a background Artthat for the main partis just aestheticalwhereas an opensandbox game willhave a lot moreinteractiveenvironment.
  8. 8. The use of printedmedia in video games Print Media Artis very important as itis used for the box artof the game (the arton the cover of thegame case), postersand other forms ofadvertisement.Art in this form ofmedia usuallyportrays artwork farhigher than thecapabilities of theactual videogame as
  9. 9. Posters andadvertisements for Print Media Artvideo games usuallyhave dynamic andvibrant art that isreally supposed tocapture the essenceof the game it ismarketing.Now with more andmore video gamesbeing distributed thiskind of printedartwork is moreessential than ever
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