Mobile internet market in china leo wang


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Mobile internet market in china leo wang

  1. 1. Mobile Internet@China - Let’s hug the mobile internet
  2. 2. Mobile INTERNETMobile internet is not about “Internet on mobile”Mobile Internet is about the“USERS” that are connectedvia any mobile device smart!
  3. 3. Mobile vs PCIt is about the USERS on the go, Think thethey are connected and armed... DIFFERENCE...Personal User friendly and speed...Location Speed and possibility...Connection Possibility and capability...Integration Capability and user friendly...
  4. 4. Activities• News 77.7% 71.8%• Chatting 73.0% 52.2%• Searching 66.5% 43.0%• 48.8% Download 28.1%• Novel 46.0% 28.8% 45.0%• BBS 27.1%• 27.6% Mails 15.9%• 18.5% Games 9.3%• Music 19.6% 7.8% Face the• Video 17.4% 7.4% REALITY... Chinese Mobile Internet user activities from 2009 - 2010
  5. 5. Data Data is about the past Sense the Future is full of surprise... FUTURE... • 1.3 Billion Population • 1.3 Billion Population • 800 Million Mobile Phone users • 1 Billion Mobile Phone users • 300 Million Mobile Internet users • 600 Million Mobile Internet usersBy the end of 2010 By the end of 2011 • 80 monthly data below 50M • 50% monthly data over 50M • 30 Million Smart phone users • 60 Million Smart phone users • 8 Million Android Phone users • 30 Million Android Phone users • 5 Million iPhone & iPad users • 10 Million iPhone & iPad users
  6. 6. Good things• Governments: • Come to our park• Telecoms: • Open arms, need Apps• Giant players: • Opening platforms• Handset makers: • Android & Apps• Weibo: • Getting popular & open• Developers: • Quitting their jobs• Venture Capitals: • Getting crazy
  7. 7. What they are doing• Chipset providers Try to make the Cheapest Android turnkey solution, So the Android phone will be cheaper enough to kill feature phone in the near future. How about a 500RMB (80 USD) Android Phone by the end of 2011?• Telecom carriers Try to get more 3G users. So the Data fee will be cheaper enough to kill voice and SMS, VoIP on mobile will no longer be a problem soon. IP messages are already popular and killing SMS softly.• Handset makers Try to make the most fancy Android phone with the lowest cost. Try to sell Android phones to Africa, South East Asia etc. Try to get more revenue share from App, Services even Ads.• Android OS/ROM platforms Try to embedded the most fancy apps and services to the Android OS and make the best Android ROM for the players. Try to help the non-brand handset makers survive in the Android year with their most fancy Android OS/ ROM. Try to get connected with the users via Android OS/ROM through non-brand handset makers.• Internet Giant Players Try to open their platform and build the strongest ecosystem in the mobile internet space.• Mobile application developers Try to make the most popular mobile apps and make money by Premium function, Ads, Virtual goods, etc. Try to upgrade simple popular app into an open platform and build their own ecosystem, a long live kingdom.
  8. 8. Who’s dominating?• Chipset providers ? Play a big role, but no...• Telecom carriers ? Used to be, but no...• Handset makers? Trying hard to be, but no...• Mobile OS platforms ? Seems to be, but no...• Internet Giant Players ? They think they are, but no...• Mobile applications developers ? They don’t think they are, but YES they are!
  9. 9. Platforms ...Thousands of Long tail Simple applications...And they are dominating the industry...QQ Miliao AutoNavi Hudee SiFangEOE ITFunz Gfan Nduoa Wandoujia MoloADChina AirAD CASEE DoMob MadHouseSina Weibo Tencent Taobao RenrenAndroid iOS Symbian WP7
  10. 10. InnovationI really hate to say this,but I have to,because,it is the truth,especially in China,INNOVATION is NOT the KEY!Then, what is the KING?
  11. 11. ExecutionOriginal idea means NOTHING,Make it real;Make it popular;Make it unbreakable;Make it really really fast; Dig theotherwise, TRUTH...Waiting to be EXECUTED!Among all of the different KongFong around the world, only the fastest is the best!
  12. 12. GOD friendly USER is the GOD, Do everything you can to delight the GOD, Impressive experiences; Valuable functions; Fabulous features; To be trusted; Baby can use; Micro-INNOVATION Catchy name; Free; to delight the GOD Free; Free; is the KEY!Don’t make money from GOD, GOD will surprise you if you make HER happy, happy and happy!
  13. 13. 6 Big things • SNS mobile OS • Mobile payment • Augmented Reality • Mobile advertisement • HTML5 based cloud apps • SNS enabled data miningPreAngel
  14. 14. PreAngel PreAngel is a Mobile Internet Startups accelerating project founded by Leo Wang who’s also the founder of MOBILE2.0 FORUM, a well known mobile industry organization in China that have been partnered with Qualcomm China, French Telecom ( Orange ) China, Deutsche Telekom China, Huawei, China Telecom, China Unicom, Coolpad, Microsoft, MediaTek, etc. PreAngel normally invests 50K ~ 100K RMB (8K USD ~ 16K USD) to the team and get 2% ~ 10% equity. PreAngel will help the team to raise the right Angel Fund ( 1M RMB) and get access to the right industry resource in the right time. Founded on Jan 1st, 2011Right person do the Right thing in the Right time
  15. 15. Portfolios up to 1 Jun 2011• Android ROM/HOME/UI Solution & Platform provider• Where ideas becomes projects (Facebook for Developers)• Mobile Internet Industry News and Comments integrated from SNS• BBS for MOTO Android players with ROM, Apps and tools• Mobile Game Platform like OpenFeint but focus on WP7• Location based mobile dating platform like Skout• Mobile photo editing & sharing platform like Instagram• Augmented Reality platform like Layar from Holland• Social filter and recommendation, smart reading• HTML5 based social game & Flash lite mobile game• Apps distribute channel and service platform for massive smartphone users.• Professional social marketing and mobile marketing agency  PreAngel
  16. 16. Leo Wang Founder of Mobile2.0 Forum Mobile Internet PreAngel Investor LEO PreAngel