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Mobile gaming

  1. 1. Mobile Gaming Presented by: Nicklis Bediako
  2. 2. Definition A mobile game is a video game played on a feature phone, smartphone, PDA, tablet computer, portable media player or calculator. This does include games played on dedicated handheld video game systems such as Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Portable.
  3. 3. Past/Present • First mobile games were on calculators and they played snake • Tetris was the first game on a mobile phone in 1994 • Three years later, Nokia put the snake game on mobile phones • Most mobile games today are either downloaded to the device or are already on the device • With the iPhones release in 2007 the mobile gaming market change drastically • The IPhone created an open market for mobile game developers with innovative ideas for handheld games • Some of the most popular mobile games today include: candy crush, temple run and angry birds
  4. 4. Gaming Stats •
  5. 5. Future • There is approx. 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions globally in 2013 • $14.74 billion - The estimated size of the mobile games market in 2017, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. • Consumers spent 20.77 billion dollars on video games, hardware and accessories in 2012. In 2014, this number is predicted to be $24 billion. • 40% of game sales included digital content, subscriptions, apps and mobile games • 43% of tablet owners spend more time with their tablets than their TVs or PCs, and 84% of tablet owners spend most of their time playing games on it. • Digital distribution is quickly becoming the easiest way to get your games to your mobile device • With open marketplaces like apple’s app store and the android marketplace getting out content is becoming easier for publishers
  6. 6. Educational Opportunities There are many educational opportunities to mobile gaming from toddlers to adults: • There are many early learning apps for toddlers • There are learning games for adolescents to preteen that have relevant educational skills along with gameplay • There are games for teens to keep them occupied but, have also taught them patience • There are brain games for adults to help keep their mind active. • There are also games that cross age boundaries and bring gamers alike together for a social learning experience • A lot of these games are puzzle based and provide challenges to a player to stimulate their mind
  7. 7. Educational Stats •
  8. 8. Impact • Gaming is the most popular app categories coming ahead • In 2011 mobile gaming generated $12 billion • Zynga and Rovio are two of the biggest publishing companies • About 35% of the top 100 grossing app use the free to play model • 53% of smartphone user play games on their device • People spend on average 7.8 hours a month playing mobile games • Mobile games gain popularity through social media and word of mouth
  9. 9. Impact •
  10. 10. Multiplayer Mobile Gaming • Multiplayer mobile games add a social experience to mobile games • Internet sites like google+, Facebook are common networks that let you connect and play games with others • Phones use signals like Bluetooth and 3g to connect with other devices • Some games available on theses sites include: hangman, Farmville, scrabble • These games are also sometimes referred to as social games • With rapid growth and accessibility of mobile games on cell phones its popular believe that multiplayer games are going to increase
  11. 11. Apple and Android App Economy •
  12. 12. Android and Apple • Apple was the pioneer who first created an open market for mobile games to be devolved on the iPhone and ipod touch • With apples great success in the marketplace the user base of potential gamers increased • Android quickly followed apples business strategy and became a major company in the cell phone marketplace • Android also capitalized on Apples success with the app store with their own iteration of it called Android marketplace • Both the app store and marketplace have games ranging from over 59.99 to free • This created a easy install base for all types of gamers casual to experts, with a large variety of games • In 2013 Big Fish studios published 250 games for both android and apple platforms • with these major tech companies pushing out new hardware like tablets for portable gaming, the demand for mobile games will grow
  13. 13. Social Games Social games have certain characteristics to them. They are similar to multiplayer mobile games but social games don’t require two people to be playing at the same time to play. Some characteristics are: • Public player statistics • Invites • Purchasable game advantages • Team orinentated actions • Drop-In & Drop-Out - where players can quickly join and leave games • Events timed to the real world • Time-Based games with game downtimes • Continuous goals
  14. 14. This is a closing video of the top 10 most addictive mobile phone games •
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