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Laurila presentation VTT SmartHealth Ecosystem Event 12.6.2019


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SmartHealth Ecosystem Event 12.6.2019, Tatu Laurila presentation on How to make best out of Finnish health data for future global innovation and precision medicine?

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Laurila presentation VTT SmartHealth Ecosystem Event 12.6.2019

  1. 1. PreMed – how to make best out of Finnish health data for future global innovation and precision medicine? Tatu Laurila, Head Market Access, Novartis Finland Novartis Finland
  2. 2. Novartis Finland | Novartis Finland2 From a chemical company to a leading medicines company
  3. 3. Novartis Finland Focusing Novartis as a leading medicines company powered by data and digital | Novartis Finland3 Science TechnologyData Unleashthe power of our people Delivertransformative innovation Embraceoperational excellenceeveryday Go big on data and digital Return moreto society
  4. 4. Novartis Finland +2 million patient years of clinical trial data | Novartis Finland4
  5. 5. Novartis Finland Managing +500 clinical trials via one central control center | Novartis Finland5
  6. 6. Novartis Finland Bringing the trial to the patient 6 Conventional model: Site Centric Disruptive trial model: Patient Centric Nearby medical committee Virtual PI Remote nurse visits Mobile Health Devices Sponsor EDC Database Patient Only 3% of adult cancer patients of the U.S participate in clinical trials* 3% ~20% of sites enroll no patients in their studies* 20% 30% of patients drop out of a clinical trial* 30% Only 20% of clinical trials finish on time* 20% | Novartis Finland * Example of partner:
  7. 7. Novartis Finland Building foundations at scale Driving medical innovation Next generation commercial Working with external partners to accelerate our transformation | Novartis Finland7
  8. 8. Novartis Finland  Finnish Business Delegation in Basel HQ Sep 2018  Theme: Go Big in Data and Digital  30+ Finnish companies  Minister Saarikko and key public stakeholders  Health and innovation policy discussions with NVS senior management  1on1 discussions between companies and NVS leaders | Novartis Finland8 Finland example: start-up aiming global with Novartis and beyond Novartis Chairman Dr. Jörg Reinhardt in Go Big in Data & Digital meeting
  9. 9. VTT’s PreMed project Promote development of a data-driven precision medicine ecosystem in Finland Novartis Finland
  10. 10. Novartis Finland PreMed partners represent health ecosystem broadly Avaintec Oy, Biopankkien Osuuskunta Suomi - FINBB, Crown CRO Oy, Oy Karl Fazer Ab, Medaffcon Oy, Mediconsult Oy, Novartis Finland Oy, Pfizer Oy, Roche Diagnostics Oy, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, The project is led and and performed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy). The biobank study execution is supported by Medaffcon Oy and external clinical advisors. All partners contribute to the project through participation in the project steering group. The project is jointly financed by Business Finland and the project partners. Continuation: Q2 2017- Q2 2020 | Novartis Finland10 Fazer
  11. 11. Novartis Finland PreMed objectives 1. Collect and disseminate information of on-going national and international activities 2. Assess precision medicine ecosystem needs and bottlenecks 3. Identify new business strategies and models 4. Provide recommendations to public bodies 5. Carrying out a biobank study to assess data exploitation opportunity and clinical relevance in a selected application area (pharmacogenomics of antithrombotic drugs) | Novartis Finland11
  12. 12. Novartis Finland | Novartis Finland12
  13. 13. Novartis Finland Novartis expectations to PreMed project  Test and demonstrate Finland capacities, competences and capabilities in data driven precision medicine  Accelerate secondary use of health data in Finland to fulfill Novartis’ global needs  Enhance Novartis future investments into Finland based on win-win value propositions  Grow Novartis footprint in Finland and Finland footprint at Novartis  Make sure that Finnish patients will benefit from newest precision medicines from early development phases onwards | Novartis Finland13
  14. 14. Thank you