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ICT Proposers' Day 2019 Side Event, Visit 3


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ICT Proposers' Day 2019 Side Event, visit 3: Factories of the future, bioeconomy and process industry

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ICT Proposers' Day 2019 Side Event, Visit 3

  1. 1. Welcome to visit 3: Factories of the future, bioeconomy and process industry Mikko Merimaa Vice President of Research 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious
  2. 2. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious Welcome Mikko Merimaa, VTT Factories of the Future and Digital Innovation Riikka Virkkunen, VTT Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) Janne Järvinen, VTT F-TEP – Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform for the management of carbon resources Tuomas Häme, VTT Bioeconomy going digital Tiina Nakari-Setälä, VTT Agenda
  3. 3. Owned by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment VTT – beyond the obvious Established in 1942 268M€ Net turnover and other operating income (VTT Group 2018) 2,049 Total of personnel (VTT Group 31.12.2018) 44% From the net turnover abroad (VTT Group 2018) 31% Doctorates and Licentiates (VTT Group 2018) VTT is one of the leading research, development and innovation organisations in Europe. We help our customers and society to grow and renew through applied research. The business sector and the entire society get the best benefit from VTT when we solve challenges that require world-class know-how together and translate them into business opportunities. Our vision A brighter future is created through science-based innovations. Our mission Customers and society grow and renew through applied research. Strategy Impact through scientific and technological excellence. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 3
  4. 4. Growth with sustainable innovations Good life Improved quality of life and work Industrial renewal Innovations empowering industry Resource sufficiency Prosperity from resource wisdom Climate action Clean energy for the future Opportunities in the world of huge challenges Safety and security Resiliency in turbulent world 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 4
  5. 5. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 5 VTT’s business areas SMART INDUSTRY AND ENERGY SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS FOR NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT • Sensing and integration • Connectivity • Data-driven solutions • National Metrology Institute VTT MIKES • Micronova manufacturing services • Industrial biotechnology and food solutions • Biomass processing and products • Sustainable energy and chemical technologies • Lifecycle solutions • Nuclear safety • Smart energy and transport solutions • Digital engineering • Business innovation foresight KNOWLEDGE INTENSIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
  6. 6. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 6 VTT services TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSHIP IPR AND LICENSING PRODUCT AND SERVICE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIC RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS FORESIGHT We help you at all stages of your innovation process, from idea to commercialisation.
  7. 7. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 7 VTT’s R&D infrastructure – an essential part of the national research infrastructure VTT’s research environments are world-class. They enable product development from basic research to piloting and even small-scale production. Bioruukki The largest bioeconomy pilot and research facility in the Nordic countries. PrintoCent World’s first pilot factory for printed intelligence industrialisation. ROViR Remote Operations and Virtual Reality Centre for the development of remote operations and virtual reality technology in industry. VTT MIKES Metrology is the National Metrology Institute of Finland and performs high-level metrological research and develops measuring applications in partnership with industry. Engine and vehicle laboratory enables research on passenger cars as well as heavy-duty vehicles up to 60 metric tons to develop energy efficiency, emissions reduction and use of 2nd generation biofuels. Biotechnology and food research piloting environment offers unique facilities for the development and customisation of bio and food industry technologies. Micronova World-class cleanroom facility, fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems. A pilot-scale research environment for fibre processes enables the development of novel products and supports the renewal of the pulp and paper industry. Centre for Nuclear Safety for nuclear technology safety research.
  8. 8. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 8 Main political priorities in the digital area  The digitalisation of European industry and services • ”Factories of the Future and Digital Innovation,” Riikka Virkkunen • ”F-TEP - Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform for the management of forest carbon resources,” Tuomas Häme • ”Bioeconomy going digital,” Tiina Nakari-Setälä  The European Data Infrastructure (EDI)  The 5G action plan and connected and automated mobility  The Next Generation Internet (NGI) • ”Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence,” Janne Järvinen  Cybersecurity ICT in ’leadership in enabling and industrial technologies’
  9. 9. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 9 IDS  A standardised solution for secure cross- domain or cross-ecosystem data exchange in a trusted business ecosystem  IDS defines a reference architecture for trusted data sharing  Reference implementations demonstrate the already capabilities of the IDS in logistics, production and IoT data management European data infrastructure • VTT gathers appropriate core- partners and forms the nucleus of the new IDS Hub • Inauguration event together with IDSA head office, took place in June 2019 • A research and customer project portfolio includes both EU and national projects Contact: VTT is the Regional International Data Space - IDS Hub in Finland
  10. 10. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious Test network platform as a service 5G technology and service development platform  Test network available for PoC showcases and service testing and development  Terrestrial network connectivity with carrier-grade core network and radio access network solutions  Flexible service configurations using standardised and open interfaces  Possibilities to integrate new parts to platform and isolate private testing with controlled access Contacts: Jukka Mäkelä (, Jyrki Huusko ( 10
  11. 11. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious VTT in 5G The main focus areas utilising test network as a platform Smart Connectivity Beyond 5G example focus areas  Intelligent network and radio resource management development and enhancing service quality in multi-vendor/multi-operator domain  Cognitive decision making e.g. for security hardening of networks and network slicing / micro-segmentation  Mobile edge computing in distributed decision making, data processing and data storage.  5G Innovation for Verticals  Test network capabilities for testing and development of new tailored virtualised functionalities and applications including alo mission critical data/video and space verticals.  Core Innovations  Validation, testing and demonstration of new core technology solutions with 5G connectivity Contacts: Jukka Mäkelä (, Jyrki Huusko ( 11
  12. 12. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 12 Cybersecurity war room • Hardware and software testing as a service: VTT has improved the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure in several domains • Tools: Metrics Visualisation System (measure and visualise security), vulnerability testing, analysis, test automation, and QoS/QoE. • Threat intelligence • Secure trusted computing platform development Contact: Welcome to see our demo at the Finnish Village: ”Proof of concept implementations of applied cryptography and smart contracts”!
  13. 13. Thank you! @VTTFinland
  14. 14. Factories of the future and digital innovations Dr. Riikka Virkkunen, Research Manager 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious
  15. 15. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 15 Vision for industrial renewal and digitalisation Co-creating for Factories of the Future in European projects Co-creating with customers Summary Factories of the future and digital innovations
  16. 16. Industrial revolutions 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 16
  17. 17. Potential The Internet of things: Mapping the value beyond the hype (2015) McKinsey global institute Value of IoT in factories 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 17
  18. 18. Must 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 18
  19. 19. Growth with sustainable innovations Good life Improved quality of life and work Resource sufficiency Prosperity from resource wisdom Climate action Clean energy for the future Safety and security Resiliency in turbulent world 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 19 Read more: Industrial renewal Innovations empowering industry INDUSTRIAL RENEWAL DESIGN FOR FUTURE RE-BIRTH OF PRODUCTION DISRUPTIVE BUSINESSES LOW-CARBON INDUSTRY
  20. 20. Finland
  21. 21. VTT – beyond the obvious 21  In European partnerships, examples on automation and change of work  In national ecosystems, example on Reboot IoT Factory  With customers, examples Co-create 20/09/2019
  22. 22. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious  A Pan-European Network of Robotics DIHs for Agile Production DIH^2 (VTT)  Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs, L4MS (VTT)  Factory2Fit (VTT)  ConnectedFactories 1-2 (EFFRA, VTT)  Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance (CEA)  Pan-European Robotics accelerator program (Fundingbox)  QU4ALITY (Atos)  CSA-Industry4.E Long term capacity building on robotics for manufacturing industry 22
  23. 23. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious A Pan-European Network of Robotics DIHs for agile production (DIH^2) DIH² platforms and marketplace: 23
  24. 24.  EU portfolio of over 30 M€ in factory robotics  20–50% of funds allocated to small and medium-sized enterprises  Example: Reduced setup cost and time of mobile robots by a factor of 10 Hubs to accelerate technology adaption in SMEs 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 24
  25. 25. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 25 Changing industrial work
  26. 26. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 26  Robotics, cobotics, exosceletons, wearables  Enabling technologies (connectivity, sensors, Big Data..)  Remote handling solutions  Artificial Intelligence  Advanced visualisation (AR/VR/MR)  Knowledge sharing tools Technologies affecting industrial work
  27. 27. AR maintenance (S-STEP, Dynavis) Delta Cygni Labs VTT spin-off 2013 Factory2Fit 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious VTT augmented and virtual reality: Over 150 use cases 27
  28. 28. Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 28
  29. 29. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 29 Participatory design with virtual factory
  30. 30. VTT – beyond the obvious 30 Participatory design with virtual factory Finnish Industrial Union The solutions would improve productivity (76%) and work satisfaction (66%) 20/09/2019
  31. 31. 31  Customer training for Prima Power’s highly automated metal processing lines  Virtual factory environment provides close to real-life learning environment  Steeper learning curve for customers Pre-training VTT – beyond the obvious20/09/2019
  32. 32. 32 Customer feedback on pre-training impacts  Learn faster  Easier to start  Speed-up commissioning VTT – beyond the obvious20/09/2019
  33. 33. 33 Empowering the worker solutions 20/09/2019 Feedback of own well-being and performance supports competence development and work satisfaction .
  34. 34. Digital transformation is a journey Scenarios for ConnectedFactories 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 34  Autonomous and Smart Factories  Hyperconnected factories  Collaborative Product-Service Factories
  35. 35. Reboot IoT Factory ecosystem
  36. 36. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious Reboot IoT Factory Grand challenges Cognitive supply network ADVANCED ROBOTICS A/V REALITYDIGITAL TWIN DATA ANALYTICS IoT enablers Digital production Robotics fusion Labour at digital work environment WEARABLESROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 3D PRINTING 36
  37. 37. Pulp mill optimisation with AI savings of 700 truck loads A real time pulp quality control Yearly saving of ~ 700 truck load Competitiveness and sustainability impact 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 38
  38. 38. HYDROLINE 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 39  Aim to transform manufacturing driven SME to an innovation driven SME gaining significant new turnover from value added services. H2020-SMEINST  Hydroline LEO: Lifecycle Efficiency Online IoT and data analytics system for hydraulic component condition based maintenance Contact:
  39. 39. Do you know your digital and AI maturity? DIGITAL MATURITY ANALYSIS TOOL AI MATURITY ANALYSIS TOOL 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 40
  40. 40. Co-creation for production innovation VTT Infrastructure PrintoCent for industrialising printed electronics Bioruukki Pilot Centre for bio and circular economy SMACC Labs for smart machines and manufacturing 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 41
  41. 41. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 42  Industry and manufacturing need a multitude of digital technologies  Robotics and AI are key sources of productivity  Industrial work is changing  SMEs need support in their digitalisation path  Co-creation is needed! Summary
  42. 42. Thank you! @VTTFinland
  43. 43. FCAI – Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence Janne Järvinen VP Data Driven Solutions 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious
  44. 44. AI expertise at VTT 100 data scientists 30 PhDs 20 years of experience in data analysis algorithms Annual AI project volume 20 M€ Computer vision* AIVoice recognition* Rules-based systems Robotics Planning & scheduling Optimisation Natural language processing* Machine learning *provided by partners 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 45
  45. 45. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 46 Recent success stories The most energy efficient super market in the world S-Market The best quality steel SSAB Efficient quality monitoring for pulp production Early detection of cognitive problems Customer-friendly sports analytics algorithm Diagnostics and decision-making support for doctors Election news bot Accurate activity recognition and personalised tracking tool Risk prevention sensors to detect downfalls Eye movement tracking and analysis for control rooms
  46. 46. The world’s most energy saving supermarket 20.9.2019 VTT – beyond the obvious Energy savings 60% Annual energy cost savings in one shop only around 180,000 EUR A huge potential for both business and societal benefits Total electricity consumption in Finland is around 85 TWh, of which S Group uses around 2% → a huge potential for both business and societal benefits. 47
  47. 47. 19/03/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious SniffPhone can revolutionize cancer screening all over the world Sniffphone was awarded the 2018 Innovation Award by the EU Commission for Most Innovative Project. SniffPhone uses nano- technology -based sensors SniffPhone is a small smartphone attachment used to diagnose gastric cancer. It also has applications in screening other diseases, such as lung, colon and liver cancers and metabolic disorders. Painless to use in diagnosing cancer Simple and fast to use with smartphones, enabled by cloud- based analytics Cost- effective alternative to traditional screening 48
  48. 48. 20/09/2019 • Finland was one of the first countries to create a national AI strategy ( This work was led by Pekka Ala-Pietilä, who is also the Chairman of the AI HLEG of the Commission. • FCAI was created as part of the national strategy, and as a Flagship of the Academy of Finland with a budget of 250 M€ for the initial 8-year operational term, it works as a pivotal element in the implementation of the strategy. • This nation-wide competence center for AI in Finland was founded by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. • The Director of FCAI is Prof. Samuel Kaski (Aalto) and the Vice-Director is Prof. Petri Myllymäki (University of Helsinki). For more information, please visit Background 50
  49. 49. 20/09/2019 FCAI in brief • Long-term investment for all founding members • Started early 2018, Flagship of Academy of Finland 2019 - 2023 • Based on long-term research excellence and established collaboration • Strengthens industrial collaboration and societal impact Approx. 30 AI professors with their groups (~ 200 AI researchers) and a large group of researchers from other fields, as well as different stakeholders 51
  50. 50. 20/09/2019 52 Continuing the long-term strategy Based on strong investments in foundations ofAI over decades 1980’s Neural networks 1995–99 First AoF CoE on Neural Networks (Aalto) 1999 HIIT founded as joint institute between UH and Aalto 2000–05 Neural Networks CoE (Aalto) 2002–07 From Data to Knowledge CoE (UH) 2006–11 Adaptive Informatics CoE (Aalto) 2008–13 Algorithmic Data Analysis CoE (UH) 2012–17 Computational Inference CoE (Aalto/UH) 2014 Profi 1 UH: Large Data & Life-Science Informatics Aalto: ICT & Digitalization 2015 Profi 2 UH: Digital Humanities 2016 Profi 3 UH: Data Science Aalto: Data Science and Analytics, Digital Technology Ecosystems HIIT (UH + Aalto) 150 researchers, budget 11 M€/year 2020’s Flagship 1.Finland a leader in development and application of AI, generating wealth and prosperity for the country as a whole. 2.Experts with skills and capabilities to employ the latest AI methodologies 3.Analytic data-based decisions usingAI methods. VTT: Building national and international ecosystems
  51. 51. 20/09/2019 Helsinki the leading AI hub in the Nordics • producing almost 90% of top-level AI output in Finland • on par with many global top-20 universities known for their AI output: • This result is supported by an independent bibliometric study (Ailisto et al., 2018), which indicates that the total AI output volume of FCAI (as determined by Scopus, based on years 2008 - 2017), is around 75% of the output of the country of Finland, and is among the top 10 in Europe, and is growing faster than the competition. FCAI as an AI competence hub H-index Citations AI output Ranking FCAI 32 5800 164 56 (UH) UCL (UK) 31 6100 117 16 Cornell (US) 38 8200 140 14 Stanford(US) 47 7000 337 2 H-index/citations: Median for AI faculty AI output: Publications in top-level AI forums in 2014 - 2017 Ranking: Shanghai University Ranking 2017 53
  52. 52. 20/09/2019 International AI collaboration Number of publications 54
  53. 53. 20/09/2019 Scientific collaboration NSF Science and Technology Center for Science of Information (USA) Alan Turing Institute (UK) EIT Digital (EU) Japan + manyothers H2O: Hong Kong –Helsinki Oasis for Innovation and Technology 55
  54. 54. FCAI Research
  55. 55. 520/09/2019 57
  56. 56. 20/09/2019 Data efficiency Most of the value in big data is in the enormous number of small questions it could answer. At this resolution data becomes small and a scarce resource. ✔ We will make AI applicable to a significantly wider scope of questions by several means: data-efficiency, prior knowledge, (privacy-preserving) sharing and fusion of data. Trust and ethics Many AI techniques cannot be trusted because they are vulnerable to manipulation and information stealing, and reliability is not known. ✔ We will develop the required privacy-preserving, secure and resilient AI. Societal trust stemming from dependable AI enables wide applicability. Understanding ✔ We will give AI the capability to understand the user, which enables for making AI understandable. Outcome: AIs that are able to augment human capabilities. Research objectives: Solve AI bottlenecks 58
  57. 57. 20/09/2019 FCAI research programs contributing to the FCAI objectives  AGILE PROBABILISTIC AI – Develops an interactive and AI-assisted process for building new AI models with practical probabilistic programming. The models will work as explainable, verifiable, uncertainty-aware, reliable tools to build and check the behavior of AIs. Coordinating professor: Professor Aki Vehtari, Computer Science (Aalto).  SIMULATOR BASED INFERENCE - Develops new methods needed for real AIs to have efficient and interpretable reasoning capabilities. This requires cross-breeding modern machine learning and simulator-based inference. Coordinating professor: Professor Jukka Corander, Statistics (University of Helsinki, University of Oslo and Sanger Institute) .  NEXT GENERATION DATA-EFFICIENT DEEP LEARNING – Develops methods that harness the power of deep learning. These methods include semi-supervised learning, few-shot learning for making use of auxiliary sources of training data, and learning models that can be reliably used in simulator-based inference. The goal is to achieve high-quality results with scarce training data and only limited human supervision. Coordinating professors: CEO Harri Valpola (Curious AI), Professor Alexander Ilin (Aalto University). PRIVACY & SECURITY - Develops realistic adversary models to build effective tools and techniques that practitioners can use to build dependable AI systems. Coordinating professor: Professor Antti Honkela, Statistics (University of Helsinki) INTERACTIVE AI - Develops methods for collaborative forms of AI: their ability to infer human beliefs and abilities from observations and predicting the consequences of their actions on humans. These are AIs with which people can naturally work and solve problems, and which demonstrate the ability to better understand our goals and abilities, take initiative more sensitively, align their objectives with us, and support us. Coordinating professor: Professor Antti Oulasvirta, HCI, Cognitive Science (Aalto University) New openings to be launched soon: Autonomous AI, Coordinating professor Ville Kyrki Ethical and Social Aspects of AI, Coordinating professor Petri Ylikoski FCAI OBJECTIVES 59
  58. 58. FCAI Impact Programs
  59. 59. 20/09/2019 Added value in national ecosystems 61 Industry e.g. Academic partners Public- private AI accelerator AIF EIT digital Health & well-being ICT and telecommunication Circular economy Energy systems Autonomous transportation and mobility FCAI collaboration Innovation ecosystems and hubs Added value
  60. 60. 20/09/2019 Impact programs 62 science economy society education • Bring research result to practice • Create FCAI ecosystem • Promote effective and ethical application of AI • Support governmental decision-making • Provide new AI professionals • Educate professionals in industry and public sector • Increase general public’s understanding INDUSTRY AND SOCIETY EDUCATION IMPACT IMPACT PROGRAMS AND ACTIONS Systematicevaluation
  61. 61. 20/09/2019 From research to impact: Highlight results 63 Agile probabilistic Simulator-based Deep learning Private & Secure Interactive Data-efficient Trust & Ethics Understandable • Easy and privacy-preserving modeling tools • AI-driven health • Intelligent service assistant for people in Finland • Intelligent urban environment • AI-driven design of materials
  62. 62. 20/09/2019 Join us! FCAI is an open ecosystem that brings together researchers, companies, students and the public sector interested in use of AI. This interest may include cutting-edge research, knowledge exchange or education of the personnel, student collaboration and recruitment of young talents, and technology transfer. The best results are achieved, when all FCAI members are active in their respective areas of expertise. 64
  63. 63. Thank you! @VTTFinland
  64. 64. Bioeconomy going digital Tiina Nakari-Setälä Vice President, Strategy and BI #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious
  66. 66. Food Energy products Materials Bioeconomy and circular economy are creating positive impacts on climate and resource sufficiency 68 Circular solutions
  67. 67. But how to make value-added bioproducts in the future? 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 69
  68. 68. Cellulose as a material platform • Cellulose-based materials will play a crucial role in entering a post-plastic world • Digital technologies enable a controlled circulation of cellulose-based materials. • By mastering an intelligent material circulation, cellulose can become a service. • In the material leasing concept, the customer pays for the material use and quality losses during the utilization phase 70
  69. 69. How would you fuse data and materials together to make a game changing shift in the ownership of materials and how materials communicate with the owner, user and themselves? Information • Which materials to track? • What and how much data? Cloud storage? Data encoding • What kind of structures and external signals? • How sustainable, economic? Embedding into a material • Effects on material properties? • Stability during material use? Safety? Data decoding • Feasible methods & sensitivity? • Acceptable reading speed and price for each business case? 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 71 New material ownership models
  70. 70. Encoding Embedding Decoding Material tracking with 1-D nanoscale barcode 20.9.2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 72 Case TrackBar
  71. 71. Digital technologies will have a central role in future bioproduct industries 73
  72. 72. 74 Speeding up-scaling of investment- intensive processes Laboratory (1 M€) Pilot (10 M€) Demonstration (100 M€) Model Model Model
  73. 73. 75VTT 2018 Lab (1 M€) Demonstration (100 M€) Model Speeding up-scaling of investment- intensive processes
  74. 74. 20/09/2019 Tiina Nakari-Setälä +358 40 821 5794 @VTTFinland @TNakariSetala
  75. 75. F-TEP Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform for the management of forest carbon resources Tuomas Häme, Renne Tergujeff #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious
  76. 76. 78 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 78
  77. 77. 79 1. Role of forests is dramatically increasing worldwide • carbon cycle • central raw material source • deforestation 2. Monitoring forest resources expensive using traditional methods 3. The European Copernicus satellite program: 2 TB free and open data available daily 4. Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform or Forestry-TEP (F-TEP) has been developed as the solution to the global forest monitoring demand Why Forestry TEP 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious
  78. 78. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 80 One-stop shop for forestry remote sensing services for the academic, public and commercial sectors  Online service that enables quicker and smoother value adding  Access to satellite imagery, computing power and value adding services  Platform for developing and sharing own applications  Worldwide marketing channel for commercial remote sensing services Forestry TEP VTT – beyond the obvious
  79. 79. Promotion, sales F-TEP Basic features Developer features Reference data Methods  Services Satellite data Tools and Services Collaboration, Peer support Free and commercial services, tools and data Processing, Tools, Workspaces, Collaboration, Sharing, Support Data and service providers Users Forestry-TEP overall concept 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 81
  80. 80. F-TEP is a platform solution for forest analyses using satellite data: forest monitoring, biocarbon assessment and forest asset management. F-TEP is for  Commercial (service providers, Industrial companies),  Public (forest administrations, NGOs, UN orgs)  Research (international initiatives, research programmes and communities) F-TEP can be used  Services available on the platform via online web service  Possibility for developing own processing services for own purposes or customers  Framework for consultation and research projects Forestry TEP in the nutshell 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 82
  81. 81. Forestry TEP as a platform 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 83 3rd party services and applications Platform functionalities - including data access; basic services and tools; development capability Data, processing and storage facilities End users Auxiliary data CREODIAS Users’ data Value-added information Led by VTT  Coordination  Domain expertise Together with CGI  Systems integration  Development
  82. 82.  Thematic processing services • e.g. vegetation indices, land cover mapping, forest change mapping  Supporting processing services • e.g. S-1 stacking, masking, mosaicking  Interactive applications • e.g. QGIS, SNAP  Full listing at • Core Offering readily open to all users • Additional services by agreement  Inviting further service providers Processing services and tools 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 84
  83. 83. Online development environment • Based on Docker on Linux environment • Developer defines the processing logic and input parameters • Implementation in a programming language of choice • Libraries such as SNAP, Orfeo Toolbox, GDAL etc. can be used • Templates provided – only moderate learning curve • Software installations locally not needed Service development 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 85
  84. 84. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 86
  85. 85. High-resolution maps of forest carbon fluxes, storage and their development over time  Improved profitability of forest management  Paradigm change in utilizing Earth Observation for forest monitoring  North State project 2015 - 2017  Forest Flux project 2018 - 2021 Examples 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 87
  86. 86. 20/09/2019 88 Forest fires in Tenerife, August 2019 VTT – beyond the obvious
  87. 87. 20/09/2019 89VTT – beyond the obvious
  88. 88. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 90 One-stop shop for forestry remote sensing services for the academic, operational public and commercial sectors In the photo, with permission: Daniel Vega / Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango, a Forestry TEP pilot user Contacts Tuomas Häme +358 40 587 0631 Renne Tergujeff +358 40 501 7057
  89. 89. Tuomas Häme +358 40 587 0631 @VTTFinland