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Vuorikallas presentation VTT SmartHealth Ecosystem Event 12.6.2019


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SmartHealth Ecosystem Event 12.6.2019, Pirjo Vuorikallas presentation on Kanta personal health record ecosystem for citizen empowerment

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Vuorikallas presentation VTT SmartHealth Ecosystem Event 12.6.2019

  1. 1. Kanta PHR Ecosystem for Citizen Empowerment SmartHealth Ecosystem 12.6.2019 Pirjo Vuorikallas, Product Owner Kela, Kanta Services
  2. 2. Kanta services  Kanta is  the main part of Finnish eHealth/eSocial infrastructure  Built in cooperation with several national actors. The main actors are: Ministry of social affairs and health (STM), Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), National institute for Health and Welfare (THL)  A digital, up-to-date database of social and healthcare records that brings benefits to citizens, pharmacies and social and healthcare providers  Information about a patient’s health status, medical history and prescriptions is available to all treatment providers - both public and private - in one safe and secure location. 2
  3. 3. Pharma- ceutical database Kelain (web-based prescription) Delivery of medical certificates Archive of legacy patient data Prescription My Kanta Pages Kanta client test service eHDSI ePrescription Dental care Archive of imaging data Kanta Personal Health Record Benefits: Data availability regardless of person’s location Patient safety Support for new care processes Cost efficiency Data repository for social services Patient Data Repository
  4. 4. Citizens store and manage data with approved third- party wellbeing apps Kanta PHR is a national centralized data repository for citizens’ own health and wellbeing information Up-to-date information available for social and healthcare professionals in support of medical care
  5. 5. Kanta Personal Health Record  Reliable and secure national data repository for citizen’s own health and wellbeing data  Person can  Store their wellbeing data using different apps  Decide which apps should get access to their data  Delete data  In future give a consent for the use of wellbeing data in health and social services 5
  6. 6. Kanta ServicesPublic healthcare providers Hospital districts Primary care organizations Private healthcare providers Citizens Social care providers Apps My Kanta pages Centralized data repositories Personal Health Record Blood glucose Body weight Calories burned Fitness Heart rate Meds statement Meds administered Quest. responseSelf care plan Steps taken and more… ePrescription service Patient Data Repository Data Repository for Social Services Ecosystem of health and wellbeing apps
  7. 7. Empowers citizens to be more involved PHR ecosystem Promotes self-care and responsibility Promotes preventive self-care Supports self-care of chronic diseases
  8. 8. First production phase started in April 2018  A national pilot service: Omapolku by Terveyskylä Where are we now with Kanta PHR? From October 2018  The service is available for all citizens over the age of 16 Year 2019  Continuous development of Kanta PHR, new wellbeing applications integrated
  9. 9. App developer: why join the Kanta PHR? 9 Visibility for your service. Kanta is a valued and recognised brand. Large number of users: 1.5 million logins every month. Data to serve as a base for your own service. Utilise the data recorded by citizens and social and healthcare professionals with a single integration. The HL7 FHIR-standard offers a new, flexible way to develop social and healthcare data content and API’s worldwide. Continuity in development process – a free, state-run service platform and nationwide support.
  10. 10. Thank you! Pirjo Vuorikallas Product Owner Stream: FinnishPHR @kantapalvelut