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ICT Proposers' Day 2019 Side Event, Visit 2


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ICT Proposers' Day 2019 Side Event, visit 2: 5G test networks, data and cybersecurity and new space

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ICT Proposers' Day 2019 Side Event, Visit 2

  1. 1. Welcome to visit 2: 5G test networks, data, cybersecurity and new space Jyrki Huusko Research Team Leader VTT 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious
  2. 2. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious Agenda 15.00 Welcome, introduction to visit 2 and Finland-wide 5G Test Network Jyrki Huusko, VTT Aalto University’s 5G Test Network Jose Costa-Requena, Aalto University New space opportunities from 5G integration to earth observation Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä, VTT CSC capacity services for researchers Ville Savolainen, CSC It Center for Science Ltd Demonstrations: Connectivity & data driven solutions for 5G verticals 17.00 End of the visit 2
  3. 3. VTT’s status as performer of R&D work BASIC RESEARCH Universities APPLIED RESEARCH VTT DEVELOPMENT Industry 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 3
  4. 4. Owned by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment VTT – beyond the obvious Established in 1942 268M€ Net turnover and other operating income (VTT Group 2018) 2,049 Total of personnel (VTT Group 31.12.2018) 44% From the net turnover abroad (VTT Group 2018) 31% Doctorates and Licentiates (VTT Group 2018) VTT is one of the leading research, development and innovation organisations in Europe. We help our customers and society to grow and renew through applied research. The business sector and the entire society get the best benefit from VTT when we solve challenges that require world-class know-how together and translate them into business opportunities. Our vision A brighter future is created through science-based innovations. Our mission Customers and society grow and renew through applied research. Strategy Impact through scientific and technological excellence. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 4
  5. 5. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 5 VTT is a key actor in the Finnish innovation ecosystem • Innovation partner to companies • Finland’s biggest single actor in EU’s framework programmes • Participates in ca. 30 national technology programmes (Business Finland, Academy of Finland) • Strategic partnerships with main universities • Participates in two Academy of Finland Centers of Excellence and in four Flagship Programme
  6. 6. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 6 European research ranking: VTT ranked 4th in Horizon 2020 VTT’s key European research alliances VTT in PPP initiatives (H2020 programme) • EARTO – an umbrella organisation that promotes and defends the interests of European research and technology organisations • EERA – European Energy Research Alliance • EIT Digital – European Institute of Innovation & Technology • EIT Raw Materials – European Institute of Innovation & Technology • EIT4Food – European Institute of Innovation & Technology • NUGENIA – Research cooperation between the European nuclear industry and research institutes Contractual PPPs • Photonics • 5G • Big Data • Cyber Security • Robotics • FoF (Factory of the Future) • SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry and Resource Efficiency) • EeB (Energy Efficient Building) Joint Technology Initiatives / Joint Undertakings • Electronic Components and Systems ECSEL • Biobased Industries BBI • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen FCH VTT is one of the most appreciated and active Horizon 2020 programme and research alliance participants
  7. 7. Growth with sustainable innovations Good life Improved quality of life and work Industrial renewal Innovations empowering industry Resource sufficiency Prosperity from resource wisdom Climate action Clean energy for the future Opportunities in the world of huge challenges Safety and security Resiliency in turbulent world 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 7
  8. 8. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 8 • Finland-wide 5G test network • Ecosystem for 5G and beyond testing and innovations 820/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious
  9. 9. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 9 5G Test Network Finland Open innovation ecosystem for 5G technology and service development coordinated by VTT  For 5G large scale trials and pre-commercial deployments  To test 5G and beyond solutions enabling new products and services  State-of-the-art technologies from leading vendors  Flexible service configurations using standardized and open interfaces
  10. 10. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 10 5G Test Network Finland Project portfolio (running national and EU projects)  Total volume: >80M€  Platform projects: • 5GFORCE (national), SAT5G (EU), EuWireless (EU)  Vertical projects: • National: 5GVIIMA, Smart Otaniemi, DECENT, LuxTurrim5G+, PRIORITY, FUSE (FIN-GER), neutral host, MegaSense • EU: 5G-DRIVE (EU-China), 5G-ENHANCE (EU-Japan), 5G-HEART, 5G!DRONES, PRIMO, 5G-MOBIX, 5G-Xcast Sodankylä Oulu Ylivieska Tampere Helsinki/Espoo Turku
  11. 11. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 11 5G Test Network Finland 5G core technology development  Platform and network functionality development for vertical use cases • Virtualization and slicing capabilities, radio technology development, time sensitive networking, machine learning, security enablers, content distribution 5G core technology and service testing and education  Testing services in laboratory and real operational environment for 5G and beyond core technologies • Platforms for education and R&D, Urban and rural environment, arctic conditions for cars, drones etc.
  12. 12. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 12 5G Test Network Finland Vertical use cases  Smart mobility • Self-driving and automated vehicles, assisted driving, cross-border mobility, connectivity in arctic and rural environments  Smart industry • Remote monitoring, managing energy and smart grids, predictive maintenance, harbor and terminals  Smart cities and living • Smart buildings, environmental monitoring, air pollution sensing, public safety, drones for authority services, UAV traffic management  Smart health and wellbeing • Remote surgery, emergency response, AR/VR and media communication for patient treatment and education
  13. 13. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious  Permissions for 5G and 4G frequency use • National regulator has granded the use of 5G NR and several 4G LTE frequencies for research, development and education in main test sites • LTE/CIoT: 700MHz (BW:10Mhz), 2100MHz (BW:10MHz), 2600MHz (BW:10MHz), • 5GNR: 3500MHz (BW:60MHz)  Carrier-grade 3GPP radio access network and packet core components • 5GNR and 4G LTE RAN • Nokia Cloud Packet Core • variety of data plane SAE GW and Control Plane distribution models in use  Simulation and emulation platforms for research and development • Variety of radio channel and packet core simulators and emulators for laboratory use  1Gb/10Gb optical backbone network between main test network sites • Software defined networking support for vertical use cases Enablers for the Test Network 13
  14. 14. Thank you! @VTTFinland
  15. 15.  Secure SDN Slicing  Edge Intelligence for Mobile Service Robotics  mmWave Radar  Decision Support System for Early and Accurate Dementia Diagnostics  Augmented Reality PIN  Smart Contract Ticketing  Industrial Data Spaces for The Data Economy  Virtuose: Fast and Easy Video Service Setup  5G-SAFE: Road Safety Enhancements enabled by 5G  5G-DRIVE: Research and Trials for Service Evolution Between EU and China  EuWireless: European Mobile Network Operator for Research Demonstrations Demonstrations and poster presentations are located in our ”Demo pit” at Floor 1  5G-HEART: Health, Aquaculture and Transport validation Trials  5G-ENHANCE – 5G Trials Between EU and Japan  360 Degree VR Streaming and Mobile Service Robotics  H2020 HELIOS –project  Enabling Transition Towards Distributed Prosumers-driven smart energy system  Power Generation Capasity Forecasting for Transmission System Operation  DataBio  Forestry TEP –Digital Platform for Forestry Planning  Asset Tracking With Smart Contracts  Hybrid positioning system for location based services in 5G 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 15
  16. 16. Thank you! @VTTFinland
  17. 17. 5G Research infrastructure JoseCosta-Requena RinkuJäantti RaimoKantola 17
  19. 19. EU Innovation award 19 SDN Mobile Backhaul part of MEC and network slicing • 5G compliant slice management (NRF, NSSF) • SDN backhaul: European Innovation Award
  20. 20. Aalto 5G research infrastructure 20 NB-IOT eNB eMBMS 5G research infrastructure refers to the technical platform built incrementally throughout several research projects with academic and industry partners
  21. 21. 5G infrastructure 21 • Aalto 5G infrastructure fills the gap between laboratory-based 5G testing environments and commercial network deployments in real deployment across the campus. • 5G platform built together with industry vendors offer trials tailored infrastructure configurations for telecom and vertical industries and scientific community • Facilitate the deployment of new use cases for verticals to support industry players to monetize investment in 5G mobile networks • Engage SME, start-ups and industry players to test the benefits of 5G features with open platform for experimentation (e.g. hackathons)
  22. 22. Planned National Research infrastructure 22 ODC/Oulu Disributed 5GTN EPC components VTT Oulu/5GTN+ Disributed 5GTN EPC components Universi ty Oulu/5 GTN+ Helsinki University Kumpula TAKE5 CSC/ESpoo Nokia EPC Oulu/Rusko CORNET Centria UAS/Ylivieska Trial network Tampere TUAS/Turku CORNET AALTO Espoo/ TAKE-5 VTT Espoo/TAKE-5 Nokia Karaportti/ TAKE-5 CWDM Mux CWDM Mux FUNET DWDM FUNET DWDM NetAct/ iOMS Nokia SNR Distributed 5GTN EPC Components OpenEPC EPC simulator Willab 1Gb 1Gb 1Gb FUNET IP router FUNET IP router Nokia /TRe FUNET IP router 1Gb 1Gb(10Gb) 10Gb Router at Aalto/ Nokia Managed &Owned IP router (L3) VPN TBD Dedicated lightpath/VLAN (L2)
  23. 23. 20/09/2019 23 • Frequency permissions (in co-operation with VTT - yliopisto): o 700MHz (B28) BW=10MHz, Loan from Elisa o 2100MHz (B1) BW=10MHz, TTO-license o 2600MHz (B7) BW=10MHz, TTO-license o 2600MHz (B7) BW=5MHz, Loan from Elisa o 3.5GHz (B43) BW 60MHz, TTO-license (will change to B42 at some point..) • 2 Macros (B28) with NB-IoT and Cat-M • 1 Macro (B7) • 1 Macro (B42), LTE-TDD • 20 Picos (B1+B7) on air (10+ picos available/in use for different tests) • Hundreds of Sim-cards available • 1 EPC (CMM17), 1 OpenEPC, 1 Cumucore EPC • 1 Bluetooth –based positioning system, (200 nodes) • 1 LoRa network • 1 MEC eli edge computing server 5GTN in numbers • Appr. 400 sensors installed around Univ campus, connected mainly through LoRa but also through NB- IoT
  24. 24. AALTO 5G research platform • Massive Distributed Multiantenna System (M-MIMO) • Currently 4 macro base stations and 10 indoors pico base stations (2.6GHz) • 700 MHz for NB-IOT (Ericsson Donation under installation in the Campus) • Cloud servers (2-3 Dell PowerEdge 715): • Multi-Access Edge Computing-MEC (Nokia donation) • Several LTE Mobile Cores (Nokia EPC, Aalto own SW, Cumucore , OAI) The platform serves research in the areas of • Communications engineering • Networking technology • Mobile and edge computing • VR/AR • Gaming • IOT hackathon • Industrial Internet i.e. URLLC and IoT (AALTO Industrial Internet Campus) 24
  25. 25. Promote 5G Verticals supporting industry growth 25
  26. 26. Aalto 5G vertical: Chemical process automation 26
  27. 27. Aalto-VTT 5G verticals: URLLC, mMTC Ultra Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) Pilot Goal “to study possibilities to use 5G communication link as a replacement for a optical communication link to achieve cost savings and improved mobility” 27 Massive Machine Type Communications and NB-IoT Pilot Goal “Discover the bottlenecks on the radio access, mobile backhaul and core network managing large amount of devices. Examine connectivity and scalability constrains.”
  28. 28. NB-IOT infrastructure 28 • 700MHz NB-IOT eNB installed in Dipoli roof and operational (donated Ericsson) • NB-IOT infra used for IOTHON
  29. 29. 5G infrastructure 29 • 2x NR Radio heads to cover main road in the campus for several research projects (e.g. PriMO-5G: Drones, 5G-MOBIX: autonomous cars) • Own license 3.5GHz (3640-3700 MHz with 60Mhz bandwidth • Several 5Gs core both NSA and SA, own SIM with PLMN 50-59 2 x 5G RRH 5G 3.5GHz FPRB = Power for 4G and 5G RRH NSA anchor LTE 4G RRH LTE 2600 Antenna Väre roof RKK2419 1:2  OIH-talo 13:14 Väre roof RKK2419 3:4  OIH-talo 17:18
  30. 30. eMBMS 30 4G/5G Mobile Network MME/AMF HSS EPC BTS MBMS-GW BM-SC Media Signalling PGW/UPF Media Server eMBMS eMBMS: Media broadcast over mobile network to effectively deliver media to large audience and selected areas. Cumucore provides end to end system including mobile packet core, media ingestion delivered to LTE eNB and UE with eMBMS middleware. 1) public announcements or warnings 2) e-learning material or interactive video teaching 3) Health information Step1: Open Dashboard Step2: Select area for the broadcast session Step3: Start session, select media source, start/stop
  31. 31. Enablers that made 5G research infrastructure happen • Government support (Trafficom): Granted Aalto University license to operate 3.5GHz test network independently • Funding agencies (Business Finland): Financial support facilitating private sector-academia and government organizations working together. • Industry contribution to build the 5G research infrastructure for co- creation and innovation. • Commitment from academic partners i.e. Aalto, VTT, UH,TUT, UOULU to focus research on this area and provide additional investment. 31
  32. 32. Outcome • 5G infrastructure to bring together multi-disciplinary research. • Facilitate the deployment of new use cases for verticals to support industry players to monetize investment in 5G mobile networks • Engage additional SME, startups and industry players to test the benefits of 5G features. • Attract external investments to experiment with local companies using the 5G infrastructure. 32
  33. 33. THANK YOU Contact:{jose.costa,riku.jantti,raimo.kantola}
  34. 34. New Space – Opportunities from 5G satellite-terrestrial integration to Earth observation Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä Vice President, Microelectronics 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious #ICTpropday #VTTbeyondtheobvious
  35. 35. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious  Provides connectivity and situational awareness  Global solution combining seamlessly non-terrestrial and terrestrial technologies 5G and beyond connectivity vision combined to Earth observation 35
  36. 36. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 36 VTT’s space mission references Earth observation  MetOp-SG next generation meteorological satellites  ALTIUS to monitor distribution and evolution of stratospheric ozone  ESA Sentinel mission data analysis Deep space  NASA/ESA Cassini scientific mission to Saturn  ESA Planck mission observing cosmic microwave background radiation  Euclid measuring acceleration of the universe NewSpace  Aalto-1 hyperspectral imager for nanosatellites (CubeSat)  Picasso VISION hyperspectral imager in CubeSat to retrieve vertical profiles of ozone and temperature via Sun occultation  AIDA/HERA asteroid impact mission including CubeSat with hyperspectral imager  Reaktor Hello World CubeSat platform for future Earth orbit and deep-space missions with infrared hyperspectral imager on-board  W-Cube propagation characteristics of radio channel at W-band
  37. 37. VTT – beyond the obvious 37 New spectral sensing applications for growing SmallSat market  VTT’s hyperspectral camera launched to space in Aalto-1 nanosatellite in June 2017. Several other missions after that.  It enables SmallSats to measure spectral data such as water quality, pollution or vegetation health  The spectral imager can be customized for various wavelength ranges and specific needs and can be scaled to different applications, also after the launch 20/09/2019
  38. 38. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious  ESAARTES Advanced Technology programme project (2018 - 2021)  LEO CubeSat with W-band beacon (70/80 GHz) for channel propagation measurements • Tailored CubeSat platform • Design and development of W-band beacon payload • Ground station with receiver terminal • Measurement campaign of at least two years CubeSat-based W-band channel measurements (W-CUBE) 38
  39. 39. VTT – beyond the obvious 39  MilliLab specifically aims to support European industry to meet the demands of future ESA missions. Joint laboratory between VTT and AALTO  Most of measurement capabilities span from 30 GHz to 300 GHz, in addition to specialized measurement capabilities up to 2 THz  Supplies services at millimetre wave and THz frequencies for industry and academia  Services are offered in the fields of device modelling, characterization, measurements and testing as well as in research and development MilliLab - ESA external laboratory on millimeter wave technology 20/09/2019
  40. 40. 20/09/2019 VTT – beyond the obvious 40 VTT in New Space – From R&D to satellite payloads and constellations NEW SPACE VISION: VTT VIEW In alignment with Business Finland New Space, Finland 2025 and ESA Space 4.0 strategy Manufacturing and maintenance of satellites and components Satellite and Ground segment communications hardware Integrated satellite- terrestrial communications networks Sensors & data analytics Testing environments 3D printing, quality management, standard delivery chain, development for embedded intelligence, augmented reality Ground terminals, multi-purpose satellite transceivers, antennas, LEO satellites, up to 100 GHz frequencies Satellite-terrestrial network management, positioning, end-to- end cybersecurity, optical datalinks Hyperspectral cameras and radiometers, incl. deployment, sensor fusion and data processing. MilliLab, WarRoom, Testing satellite components, hardening satellites, cyber security Key Verticals: Maritime and Arctic (autonomous ships), Automotive and self-driving cars, Public safety International collaboration: e.g. ESA-VTT strategic partnership on 5G satellite-terrestrial integration
  41. 41. Thank you! @VTTFinland
  42. 42. CSC Services for Research Digital Excellence Forum 18.9.2019, Espoo, Finland Ville Savolainen, Customer Solution Manager, CSC
  43. 43. Non-profit state organization with special tasks Headquarters in Espoo, datacenter in Kajaani Owned by state (70%) and all Finnish higher education institutions (30%) Turnover in 2018 44,9M€ Circa employees in 2019 400
  44. 44. Our customers Researchers, research institutes and organizations Organizations providing education Memory organizations, state and public organizations
  45. 45. CSC supports in all phases of research process 201645 Plan Customer Portal Experts Guides Websites Training Service Desk Produce & Collect Data management International resources Modelling Software Supercomputers Analyse Cloud Services Training Data science Computing Software Specialist support Notebooks Store B2SAFE B2SHARE IDA Databases Digital preservation Allas Share & Publish AVAA B2DROP B2SHARE LanguageBank Etsin Funet FileSender
  46. 46. CSC’s solutions 20.9.201946 ICT platforms, Funet network and datacenter functions are the base for our solutions Computing and software Data management and analytics for research Support and training for research Research administration Solutions for managing and organizing education Solutions for learners and teachers Solutions for educational and teaching cooperation Hosting services tailored to customers’ needs Identity and authorisation Management and use of data
  47. 47. The new Finnish research infrastructure for data management and computing Balanced HPC ecosystem for supporting the six drivers Heterogeneous, workload-optimized node architecture, support for complex workflows, datasets-as-a-service and containerization 47 Allas common object storage area Mahti Fast parallel storage Fast parallel storage ePouta (private cloud) cPouta (cloud) Rahti (container cloud) Puhti Puhti-AI (GPUs) Internet (own workstation, laptop, …)
  48. 48. Scientific drivers for new infrastructure 48 Large scale simulations • For example climate change, space weather, fusion reactors, astronomical phenomena, particle physics Mid-scale simulations • For example materials science, energy technology, GIS Data-intensive computing • For example computational econometrics, bioinformatics, language research Data-intensive computing for sensitive data • For example medical research, register research Artificial Intelligence • For example natural language research, business applications, computer vision Internet ofThings (IoT) and data streams • For example satellites, weather stations, sensor networks Newchallenges
  49. 49. • Integrated services for storing, describing and sharing and preserving research data • Provided by MinEdu • Produced by CSC and National Library of Finland • Make your data safe , documented and citable o IDA – Research data storage service o Etsin – Research data finder o Qvain – Research dataset metadata tool o Digital Preservation Service for Research Data (Fairdata PAS)
  50. 50. CSCTraining Training activities are intended to familiarize customers with the infrastructure offered by CSC, and its effective use. • Making customers aware of the news, trends and future scenarios within IT technology for science • Promotinghorizontal networkingbetween customers • Providingan important customer interface • CSC hosts one of the PRACETrainingCenters (Partnership forAdvancedComputing in Europe) Supporting the competitiveness of Finnish science, research, and product development
  51. 51. Funet – National and International Networks and Services Services included in Funet membership • Funet Network Connections • Funet CERT Information Security Services • Vulnerability Scanner • Certificate Service • eduroam Roaming Access Service • Funet FileSender File Sharing Service Services with additional costs • Funet EtuubiVideo Management System • Funet SiltaVideo Conferencing MCU Service • Funet TiimiWeb Conferencing System • Funet light Paths • Router Service • Streaming Service Approx. 80 Funet members 370 000 end users
  52. 52. CSC datacenter in Kajaani – One of the world’s most eco-efficient datacenters! State-of-the-art datacenter technology enables world-class eco-efficiency and negative carbon footprint. • Modularity, easy expansion • Free air cooling all year round • Fast and reliable Funet network • Home for Finnish research infrastructure for data management and computing, and forthcoming EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputer Space: 2200 m2 (option to 4 600 m2) Negative C02 footprint: -13500T C02eq/year 100% hydroelectric energy up to 200MW
  53. 53. EuroHPC & LUMI – leading the way in the European supercomputing 53 • The EU and national governments are jointly investing in high performance computing (HPC) to help advancing research, innovation and industrial growth and keeping Europe globally competitive • EuroHPC Joint Undertaking has 29 European member countries. Budget includes public investments from the EU and participating states as well as investments from private sector. Application process resulted in a decision to place three exascale precursor supercomputers in Finland, Italy and Spain • LUMI, first co-investment ever of this scale in scientific computing. Operations to start in Q1/2021. • LUMI provides a high-quality, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable HPC ecosystem based on true European collaboration. Consortium members are Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland • Consortium continues a solid tradition of collaboration in HPC training and education, user support and data management services.
  54. 54. CSC’s EU projects Project Duration Funding CSC role Arrowhead Tools Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions 2019-2022 H2020 BlueCloud Piloting innovative services for Marine Research & the Blue Economy 2019-2022 H2020 CINECA Common Infrastructure for National Cohorts in Europe, Canada and Africa 2019-2022 H2020 WP lead CompLeap A learner centered digital ecosystem of competence development 2017-2019 H2020 Coordinator, WP lead DAKI Data analytics accelerator – speed-up the up-take of data analytics methods 2018-2020 CEF E-CAM European HPC Centre of Excellence 2015-2020 H2020 EJP-RD European Joint Programming on Rare Diseases 2019-2023 H2020 EOSC-hub The European Open Science Cloud 2018-2020 H2020 WP lead EOSC-Life European Open Science Cloud for the life sciences 2019-2022 H2020 EOSC-Nordic European Open Science Cloud Nordic 2019-2022 H2020 WP lead 2019-2021 H2020 WP lead EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE The European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology 2019-2023 H2020 FAIRsFAIR Fostering Fair Data Practices in Europe 2019-2022 H2020 WP lead GEANT GN4 Research and Education Networking 2015-2021 H2020 High-Performance Digitisation 2018-2020 ERDF Coordinator, WP lead HPC-Europa3 Pan-European Research Infrastructure on High Performance Computing 2017-2021 H2020 WP lead HPC-GIG HPC Governance Intelligence Gathering 2018-2020 H2020 HYTELI Wellbeing, health care and sports innovation platforms 2019-2022 ERDF MaRINET2 Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies 2 2017-2020 H2020 Phidias Prototype of HPC/Data Infrastructure for On-demand Services 2019-2022 CEF PRACE-6IP The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe 2019-2021 H2020 WP lead RDA Europe 4 Research Data Alliance 2018-2020 H2020 SeaDataCloud Further developing the pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean 2016-2020 H2020 TÄRY Collaboration for smart industrial solutions 2019-2020 ERDF Source: CSC External Projects Database, Sep 2019