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Feature Injection: работаем с требованиями


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SQA Days 11. День 1. Стендовая секция
Алла Копылова
Харьков, Украина

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Feature Injection: работаем с требованиями

  1. 1. Feature Injection работаем стребованиями Алла Копылова
  2. 2. Feature Injection
  3. 3. Этап I: Поиск целей
  4. 4. Powerful Questions Personas YAGNI “You ain`t gonna need it”
  5. 5. Этап II: Сбор требований
  6. 6. Техники UML Effect Maps
  7. 7. Этап III: Разработка сценариев
  8. 8. “As a sales managerI want customers to register in the systemSo that we increase sales of our product”
  9. 9. Step I: Set Goal
  10. 10. Step II: Gather Requirements
  11. 11. Step III: Scenario CreationIn order to increase sales of our products: As a customer I should be prompted for my registration details So that I can receive the list of related (to myfirst purchase) products.
  12. 12. One more example …“As a user I want captcha, so that …”“In order to stop bots spamming my siteAs a forum moderatorI want users to fill in a captcha”
  13. 13. THANK YOU!