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Applicasa in 5 minutes


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Published in: Technology
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Applicasa in 5 minutes

  1. 1. Mobile Game Management Platform
  2. 2. We help game studios & publishersincrease in-app purchase revenue through user segmentation and event based promotions
  3. 3. Maximize Your User’s Life Time Value
  4. 4. HowWe Do It Set Up A Dynamic Virtual Store Analyze Users’ Behavior Create Event-Based Promotions
  5. 5. Use Case
  6. 6. Right now,everything in thegame is built onlyon the client side.
  7. 7. Virtual StoreIt has a virtual storebut because its builtonly on the clientside theres nocontrol over prices
  8. 8. VirtualCurrency It has a virtual currency but no way to maintain it
  9. 9. unknown usersIt has all these usersbut not way to knowwho they are and howthey behave
  10. 10. As it is maintenancetoday… NO engagement retention user analysis
  11. 11. Step IDynamic Virtual Store
  12. 12. This our dashboardwhere you can manageyour virtual goods andset their prices
  13. 13. Create different virtualcurrency offerings forboth In-App Purchaseand promotional deals
  14. 14. Step IIIdentifying users
  15. 15. Categorize your users intodifferent behavioralsegments; decide who your“Zombie” users are and areyour “Rockefellers”
  16. 16. Step IIIPromotions
  17. 17. Create Event-BasedPromotions targetedto specific usersegments
  18. 18. You get to chooseand upload thepromo design andfeel, as well aslanguage it will be in
  19. 19. Choose to send Deals,Announcements, or Rewardsand use A/B Testing to findwhich of your promotions aremost effective
  20. 20. This Is How It Looks Like
  21. 21. Monitor your app’s success,track promotion conversionrates, and analyze your gamewith in-depth Analytics
  22. 22. SimpLicityA complete platform that is simple to use and easy to implement
  23. 23. This is how we’ve improvedFinale • Set up a Dynamic Virtual Store • Manage a virtual economy • Identify the game’s users • Create Event-Based Promotions • Analyze and Optimize • Generate more revenue!!
  24. 24. Want to learnMore?Feel free to contact at any time:Tzvi Kopetz, COO Skype: tzvi_k US: +1-415-523-0212 Register now