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VIISA Investment Day #4 - SecurityBox


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SecurityBox supports Enterprises Organizations to have an overview of the cyber security problems, then offer optimal solutions to overcome all risks and problems.

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VIISA Investment Day #4 - SecurityBox

  1. 1. Giải pháp giám sát Quy trình làm việcThreat Intelligence Company 1
  2. 2. MR. BUI QUANG MINH CEO & Founder, SecurityBox ● Cybersecurity Expert ● Named one of six experts in the world who received the highest rewards of Google ● Discovered critical vulnerability in 3G networks of the 3 largest telco companies ● Co-authored facial recognition vulnerability finding on Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo’s products. | CEO - FOUNDER 2
  3. 3. Most customers think their systems are safe after purchasing cybersecurity services & products. “… UNFORTUNATELY, NO” | PROBLEM 3
  4. 4. Infected by Malware alert by Antivirus Controlled by Hacker alert by Firewall Eavesdroped By Hacker alert by Firewall The Best Cybersecurity Solutions detect problems During or After Attacks
  5. 5. SecurityBox focuses on PROBLEMS that happens BEFORE the attack! BEFORE ATTACKS DURING & AFTER ATTACKS | HOW TO SOLVE 5
  6. 6. Attackable Attackable Attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable SECURITYBOX Applicance penetrates all devices And Pinpoints Attackables
  7. 7. Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-Attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable Non-attackable If SECURITYBOX cannot attack any devices The System is Safe
  8. 8. STATISTICS AFTER DEPLOYING SECURITYBOX APPLIANCES 95% Decrease total number of infected malwares to customers’s system Protect before, during and after the attack SecurityBox + Antivirus + Firewall + IDS/IPS + … = Comprehensive Solution Realtime We help to measure and monitor threat security state of system realtime | EFFECTIVENESS 8
  9. 9. CYBERSECURITY THREATS ARE GROWING | MARKET Internet of Things: Speed of Attack 2 Minutes: Time it takes for an IoT device to be attacked2018 2021 8 Billion Connected Devices 50 Billion Connected Devices CyberSecurityThreats 9
  10. 10. CEO Bui Quang Minh TOP leading cybersecurity experts in Vietnam One of the six experts in the world to get the highest Google reward on 11/2010 Author of many other cybersecurity researches COO Le Trung Kien Former director of Nam Truong Son distributor - Leading distributor in Viet Nam The first person to bring Kapersky product to Vietnam CTO Bui Dinh Cuong Over 8 years of experience in security researching, managing, developing softwares and consulting cyber security solutions. Over 5 years of experience in working with Big Data CPO Tong Van Toan Over 8 years of experience in security research, product development and management. Developing IT security products and services | OUR TEAM 10
  11. 11. Appliance License Renewal Services | WE’VE MADE MONEY 11
  13. 13. R&D & Product Development International Market Expansion Operation to support growth Bui Quang Minh - CEO Website: Email: Mobile: +84 98 6464 517 | JOIN US 13