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2.Ella Study


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Online platform helping Vietnamese students with global study

Published in: Education
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2.Ella Study

  1. 1. Global Study Simplified Global Study Simplified
  2. 2. We are Ella A website & mobile app Where Students can Search for global study courses, Get Alumni Consultation, & 1-click Apply
  3. 3. The Global Study Market is fast growing and huge Vietnam Global Student 2.000 $ Average Commission & Consultation fee Market Size 4 M 130k 8 B 260 M
  4. 4. This market face a big problem The Expectation Mismatch between Students & Universities
  5. 5. Wrong types of accommodation & programs Paying 50k USD per year Students feel cheated Expectation Reality
  6. 6. Wrong type of students make lower graduation rate. University: Wrong type of students = Lower Graduation Rate
  7. 7. Biased Information + Time-Consuming Process Student University Money-Driven Agency Lack of Knowledge Friends & Family 8 - 10 steps Biased Information Transcript IELTS LOR SOP Finance Visa
  8. 8. Ella Study = Search + Alumni Consultation + 1-click Apply Student University 2800 Alumni Consultation 1 Profile Apply to 20 Universities Search & Filter 100k Courses
  9. 9. Ella get paid by Universities and Students Student 2800 Alumni Consultation 1 Profile Apply to 20 Universities Search & Filter 100k Courses Free ~3$/booking 10% Consultation fee ~2500$/case 10% Tuition fee
  10. 10. 2,800+ Ella made some progress after 5 months Alumni registered from 38 countries 2,600+ Students subscribed
  11. 11. Top-tier partners Revenue generated to Ella After 5 months initiated Admission Agency model 40.000 $ 12
  12. 12. Global mindset & Education Enthusisats team CEO Sweden CTO CPO Key members Khoa Do Duy Nguyen Anh Le Anh Nguyen Sales Manager Hoang Le Marketing Manager Huy Nguyen Product Dev. Chau Luu Marketing Quang Mai Alumni Dev. Yen Nguyen COO Germany USA, Australia Previous Startups
  13. 13. We have a high-profile Board of Mentors and Investors, ready to scale up nationwide and regionally Associate Prof. Vu Thi Tu Anh Ministry of Education & Traning Dr. Hajime Hotta, Investor MBA. Danny Goh, Investor
  14. 14. Competing is good to grow Time-Consuming Process Information Bias Local Agency 4 M Applicants 1 M Success cases NGO
  15. 15. Ella needs 300k to reach new milestone $300k Sales & Marketing Acquire users & alumni Push booking on-site Product Dev Fully functioned Mobile App Website Team Build 20 staffs 20k+ users - 5k+ Alumni $400k+ revenue 30% 50% 20%
  16. 16. I AM KHOA Founder THANK YOU Global Study Simplified Global Study Simplified