08302011 cc vtc_risk


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Wilson Center CrisisCommons Risk

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08302011 cc vtc_risk

  1. 1. Panel Discussion:Liability & Reliability of Crowdsourced & Volunteer Information in Disaster Management Part 1 - Domestic Emergency Preparedness Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars and NAPSG Foundation August 30, 2011 Washington DC Deborah ShaddonCrisisCommons Technology Community Infrastructure Lead and Insurance IT Professional www.crisiscommons.org deborah@crisiscommons.org Twitter/Skype: @deborahshaddon
  2. 2. CrisisCommonsCrisis Commons is a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving and opentechnologies to help people and communities in times and places of crisis. Crisis Commons members organize response events called CrisisCamps. Haiti and Chili Response: 90 days 8 countries,
50 events
+2000 volunteers
  3. 3. VTC: Volunteer Technology Communities• Volunteer Technical Communities 1 Sahana Foundation 2 Ushahidi, Swift River and Crowdmap 3 OpenStreetMap, HotOSM 4 Frontline SMS 5 Crisismappers, SBTF 6 CrisisCommons 7 Random Hacks of Kindness 8 Humanity Road 9 Geeks without Bounds 10 Geo-CAN 11 HFOSS and more
  4. 4. Crowdsource Mapping 101Ushahidi 101:Ask: What do you see? What do you need?Bubbles = # of reportsEach report has a category or categories.Volunteers research, add and verify these reports.Reports can be submitted by email, social media, web form, or SMS.
  5. 5. Hurricane Irene Recovery Map
  6. 6. Crowd Mapped Data - Verifiability and Reliability Concerns• Who in the crowd is submitting the data: • Verifiable sources? • Trusted sources? • Trained sources? • Sustainability and reach of the ‘crowd’?• Quality of Data: • Timeliness, Completeness,Validated? • Implicit or Explicit quality? • Accuracy of data sources?
  7. 7. Even non-crowdsourced map data can be wrong * Google Maps - OK (public domain, private licensed) * OpenStreetMaps - OK (public domain, public crowdsourced) * Vehicle GPS - Wrong (private domain private license)
  8. 8. Crowd Mapped Data - Verifiability and Reliability Approaches• Multiple layers of validation (triangulation)• Training and Trust (SBTF, Humanity Road)• Cross/Multiple-source Validation• Crowd correctness measures (self correcting for sustainable crowds)• Automation (SwiftRiver)• Proven methodologies• Combination of techniques
  9. 9. Data Risk and Liability Concerns to Address Today• Risk to Volunteers: Affiliated and unaffiliated “volunteers” (domestic/by-state good-samaritan may not cover virtual volunteers)? Volunteer and source traceability?• Risk to EM Community: Bad data could compromise preparedenss allocation, and emergency response?• Risks to Public: Public makes decisions based unverifiable or purposely incorrect data?