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Information Is Like Water



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Information Is Like Water

  1. Information is like water.
  2. Information helps you quench your thirst for knowledge .
  3. We all need information to make decisions and take action when needed.
  4. Knowledge cannot flow unless information flows.
  5. Information can be compared to water. Information flows between people through organizations and networks in much the same way that water flows through a metropolis.
  6. Regardless of where you are in the metropolis, you should be able trust that the water is consistent, has met certain level of quality, and if you open the faucet, it will flow.
  7. It is the same thing with information. You need to be able to access and trust the information you need.
  8. We can capture information, which makes it easier to control both access to and the quality of the information.
  9. But we must always remember that information is a dynamic resource. It is constantly changing.
  10. Making information flow will ensure that it is fresh .
  11. Information that does not flow will eventually not be fresh anymore. We will need to flush it out.
  12. This is actually a dangerous environment, not only for a goldfish.
  13. Do you see any information flow between individuals in this environment?
  15. Making information flow between people is fundamental for collaboration and knowledge exchange to happen.