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Importance of Water in the Body


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Water is the mechanics of all the living bodies. Here are some of the functions of water in our body.

1) Water serves as a good lubricant
2) It regulates body temperature
3) Water removes harmful toxins from the body
4) Transport valuable nutrients in the body

Drink to maintain our health

Stay hydrated for the happy healthy living. No other drink can beat the health benefits of water!!

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Importance of Water in the Body

  1. 1. Importanceof Waterin the Body
  2. 2. Water as we all now is a good lubricant – blood can’t pass through our body without sufficient water molecules Serves as a good lubricant
  3. 3. Regulates Body Temperature Our sweat is made up of water, which helps in regulating body temperature
  4. 4. Removes harmful toxins from the body Harmful toxins & wastes are expelled from our body by sweating & urination of which water has the major in helping to eliminate toxic wastes from our body
  5. 5. Transport valuable nutrients in the body Hydration helps in effective transportation of essential vitamins & minerals that are required for regular body activities.
  6. 6. Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy
  7. 7. How much water should I drink ?
  8. 8. Thirst..!! An average person should drink about 8 – 10 glass of water. Thirst- is natures best way to indicate you that you need to drink water.
  9. 9. Get yourself a glass of Water !
  10. 10. Water !
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