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The Great Promise


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The great promise of social collaboration

Published in: Business, Technology

The Great Promise

  1. thEGREATPROMISE By oscar berg
  2. If HP knew what HPknows, we would bethree times as profitable.
  3. Great discoveries andimprovements invariablyinvolve the cooperationof many minds. “
  4. The only irreplaceable capitalan organization possesses isthe knowledge and ability ofits people. The productivity ofthat capital depends on howeffectively people share theircompetence with those whocan use it.
  5. The challenges ARE NOTinsignificant
  6. Theres a huge opportunity to leverage skills and expertise you already have in your company, but the problem is finding it. Rick Hutley, Cisco
  7. Physical separation from others in dailylife drastically reduces the likelihood of voluntary work collaboration. Kiesler and Cummings, 2004
  8. The more elaborate our means of communication,the less we communicate. Joseph Priestley
  9. A lack of observation and conversationposes problems for many groups trying to make decisions or work together. Baum & Davies, 1980
  10. You can have brilliant ideas,but if you cant get themacross, your ideas wont getyou anywhere.
  11. there ARESOLUTIONS
  12. Most of the barriers to group action have collapsed…We can have groups that operate with a birthday partys informality and a multinationals scope. Clay Shirky
  13. …with the Web,collaboration costsare dropping outsidethe boundaries ofcompanies, so theworld can becomeyour talent.
  14. Data in the hands of afew makes for order;but data in the handsof many makes forendless possibilities.
  15. Enterprise 2.0 [is about]letting users into yourback office and turningyour company insideout.
  16. Get THIS intoYour Mindset
  17. Talking is the natural way to dobusiness. Writing is great forkeeping records and puttingdown details, but talk generatesideas.
  18. The other guys think the purpose ofcommunication is to get information.We think the purpose of information isto foster communication.Mark Zuckerberg
  19. Communication leads to community,that is, to understanding, intimacyand mutual valuing.
  20. The basic building block of goodcommunication is the feeling that everyhuman being is unique and of value. Unknown
  21. People have been interacting with otherpeople for much longer than the internethas been around, so give them the tools, and set them free. Rolf Skyberg, eBay