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Recently you received a letter from IBEW Local One Business Manager Steve Schoemehl regarding his resignation as your Business Manager. The Unity Club recommends Brother Greg Booth for Business Manager of IBEW Local One!

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Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth

  1. 1. Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth<br /> Brother Greg Booth’s devotion to the IBEW knows no bounds. From his first days working under the terms of our agreement in 1981 until his recent separation as a Business Representative, Brother Greg Booth’s contributions to our beloved organization have been nothing less than remarkable. As we poured over the printed record of his accomplishments the depth of his experience became clear. <br /> During Greg’s 30 years in our industry he has held every position including steward (jobsite and shop), foreman, and general foreman. As Greg learned the skills of our trade he felt a calling to serve the working people of his community and the IBEW. Greg’s commitment to the betterment of IBEW Local 1 extended outside his normal work day as he became active in local Labor and Politics. His willingness to serve and his eager participation in our Local Union led to his appointment by Business Manager Donald Bresnan as an IBEW COMET Instructor (an unpaid position) in 1993, a responsibility that he would dutifully perform until 1999. One year later in 1994 Business Manager Bob Miller recognized Greg’s talent and commitment and offered him a full-time staff position as an Organizer and recommended him for appointment to the Examining Board, a recommendation that was unanimously accepted. During this time in our recent history Greg worked closely with our 11th District International Organization on several manufacturing organizing drives while still managing successful “top-down” organizing of electrical contractors in St Louis, never once “stripping” employees. Greg’s success as an organizer led to his appointment as a business representative in 1999 in the St. Charles, Warren, and Lincoln counties of our jurisdiction. Mentored by the late Business Representative Jim Reinheimer, Greg successfully negotiated multiple contracts many of which resulted in higher wage and benefit percentages than afforded by the concurrent Inside Agreement. Throughout his entire career Greg has continually worked to supplement his skills by continuing his education both in and outside our great organization. In 2003 Greg was one of only 60 people selected to attend the prestigious leadership training course FOCUS. As General (and President) Dwight D Eisenhower said, ““In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable,” and we all know planning means nothing without the qualifications required for success. Brother Greg Booth’s extensive list of qualifications models a 24/7 commitment to our brotherhood and to the St Louis labor community at large. As you will learn through the extensive list of qualifications and career successes detailed below, Greg Booth’s decision to lead us was made decades ago and his immersion in “all things labor” has served to foster strong personal relationships with virtually every labor leader in St Louis. Brother Booth’s holistic understanding of the structural hierarchy within the organized labor community and his deep understanding and involvement in our state legislature prepares him more than anyone else to lead our brotherhood. Brothers and sisters Greg Booth’s time has arrived and his lifelong preparation leaves him poised to carry us into the future and re-unite our divided membership. Help Brother Greg Booth return IBEW Local 1 to the forefront of the organized labor community in St. Louis by supporting him for Business Manager. Brother Greg Booth was not Business Manager Schoemehl’s best friend, but he remains his most qualified successor!<br />Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth’s most recent career accomplishments:<br />Worked hand-in-hand with St Charles Chamber of Commerce to help secure a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for construction of the St Charles Convention Center and hotel (<br /><ul><li>Worked with St Peters Mayor and City Council to ensure the new Justice Center in St Peters was built 100% union ( </li></ul>Worked with O’Fallon Mayor and City Council to ensure the new O’Fallon City Hall was built 100% union (<br />Worked with Wentzville Mayor and City Council to ensure the new Wentzville City Hall was built 100% union (<br />Negotiated funding for Streets of St Charles securing a 42 million dollar investment from AFL-CIO in return for a guarantee that the project would be built 100% AFL-CIO members unions - no 57 allowed (<br />Successfully negotiated Project Labor Agreement for St. Charles County Administration building (<br />Negotiated Project Labor Agreement for Ameristar Casino; Lobbied St Charles City Council on the conditions required for pre-approval of the Ameristar project construction (<br />Instrumental in securing 100% union construction of the St. Charles Family Arena (<br />Secured St Charles Family Arena maintenance contract for the IBEW.<br />Lobbied Mid Rivers Mall, The Meadows Mall, and other retailers to maintain 100% IBEW construction and maintenance ( and<br />Prevented General Motors from employing non-union on non-National Maintenance Agreement projects on their property and offices.<br />Secured Project Labor Agreement for new St. Charles City Show-Me Aquatics / RecPlex (<br />Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth’s political contributions:<br />Charter member, Executive Board member, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President of Tri-County Labor Legislative club since 1990 (see website for details -<br />Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity.<br />Member St Peters Economic Task Force.<br />President – St. Charles County Board of Public Works.<br />Appointed by Governor Bob Holden as St Charles County Sports Authority Commissioner.<br />Chairman – St. Charles County Road Board Initiative to Retain Funding.<br />Board of Directors – Barnes Jewish Hospital.<br />Labor Liaison for St. Charles City; Lake St. Louis; Wentzville City; St. Peters City; O’Fallon City; St Charles County Executive Office.<br />Founder and Chairman of Tri-County Cares for Kids.<br />Law Enforcement Agencies – Active participant in Citizens Drug Task Force, Block Parties, and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE).<br />United Way Volunteer. <br />Member – Woman’s Network; Youth in Need; Shelters for Abused Women and Children.<br />Founder and Chairman of Citizens for Responsible Government.<br />Board member St. Charles County Fair 4H.<br /><ul><li>Founder and Co-Chairman of the annual Labor Tug-O-War.
  2. 2. Labor Council Delegate to multiple AFL-CIO Conventions.
  3. 3. Chaired task force on our International Organizations Code of Excellence (COE) program and implemented changes to fit the needs of IBEW Local One BEFORE the program was mandated by our International Organization.
  4. 4. Full time delegate to the St. Louis Labor Council.</li></ul>Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth’s appointments:<br /><ul><li>Appointed to ADT arbitration and lawsuit with late Business Representative Jim Reinheimer where the IBEW prevailed.
  5. 5. Appointed to head St. Louis Delegates for Presidential Candidate Dick Gephardt during his campaign through Iowa.
  6. 6. Key member of Senator Claire McCaskill’s successful election staff.
  7. 7. Appointed to the Missouri Housing Division Committee task force to ensure efficient use of tax supplements.
  8. 8. Appointed to work security during President Clinton’s campaign through Missouri.
  9. 9. Appointed to work security for Presidential candidate Al Gore and Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman during their campaign through Missouri.
  10. 10. Appointed to work security for Senator John Edwards during his campaign through Missouri and organized his fundraiser and appearance in St. Charles County.
  11. 11. Invited by Obama Administration to attend President Obama’s rally in St. Charles.</li></ul>Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth’s history of participation:<br /><ul><li>Annual IBEW Construction and Maintenance Conferences.
  12. 12. Annual IBEW Organizing Conferences.
  13. 13. Annual IBEW Legislative Conferences.
  14. 14. Annual 11th District IBEW Progress Meetings.
  15. 15. Annual National Building and Construction Trades Department Legislative Conferences.
  16. 16. Annual National Building and Construction Trades Department Organizing Conferences.
  17. 17. Annual AFL-CIO Conventions.
  18. 18. Annual Chamber of Commerce Conferences.
  19. 19. Annual Rotary Club Conferences.
  20. 20. Annual League of Cities Conferences.
  21. 21. Annual Judicial Conferences.
  22. 22. Sergeant at Arms annual AFL-CIO convention.</li></ul>Business Manager Candidate Greg Booth’s continuing education:<br /><ul><li>Washington University Labor Law course.
  23. 23. International Foundation Training for preparation of Trusteeship of trust funds.
  24. 24. FOCUS St. Louis Leadership Program.
  25. 25. IBEW International Office COMET Training.
  26. 26. IBEW International Office “Teach the Teacher” training program.
  27. 27. Certified program instructor for IBEW Code of Excellence program.