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Portrait dialogue deck


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Portrait dialogue deck

  1. 1. Understand, Visualize and Predict Customer Behavior The CRM “Customer-centricity Chasm” Customer Interaction Hub Illustrated Demo Customer Case Study Snap Shot Market Leading Analyst Recognition INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  2. 2. Customer Analytics Maturity Model • Commence at any stage Real-time Decisioning • Benefit from a clear • Inbound contextual RTD ACTION roadmap to success • Adaptive learning Real-time Scoring • Eliminate customer lists, mass-scoring • Up to the second outbound selection accuracy Optimize Contacts • Analytically match customers with right offer, at right time, via right channel, balanced against business constraints Predict Uplift • Predict persuadability; eliminate sure things, lost causes, sleeping dogs INSIGHT • Reduce spend 40% while improving outcome 30-300% Understand & Predict Behavior • Predict and define ideal target customer segments • 3D visual customer data mining & automated modeling Explore Customers • Uncover areas of interest and opportunities to act • Ad hoc, thin-client customer data exploration for the business user (Underpinned by customer data access, generic BI & reporting tools) INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  3. 3. The CRM “Customer-centricity Chasm” DATA INCREMENTAL CRM CRM TOUCH POINTS Right message, right time Customer Profile Dialogue across touch points Optimize engagement “Line of sight” Transaction Infuse customer-specific insight into touch points Channel Lines of Business Understand past behavior Predict future needs “Hindsight” “Hindsight” “Foresight” “Foresight” What | Why | Next | Change Customer Preference INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  4. 4. Optimized Customized Customer Interactions Customer We sent you Customer completes an email Documents survey generated yesterday – and mailed do you have any Thank you for questions? updating your preferences! Offer acceptance feedback Ideal promo: survey Unlimited Please Text update Last day of Value your Unlimited reinforcement preferences Text - you saved $X promo this month Your Business The Results • Improved customer experience • Increased customer satisfaction and advocacy • Increased customer value, wallet share • Improved customer retention • Single source for customer preferences INSIGHT ACTIONHome 4
  5. 5. The CRM “Customer-centricity Chasm” Expectation Reality • We understand them • Product-centric campaigns • We value their business • Operationally focused • We deliver on our promises • Information & channel silos • We remember them • Independent business units • We strive for relevancy • Customer ad fatigue • We are connected • Limited capacity for engagement “What customers expect from us” “What we actually have” INSIGHT ACTIONHome © 2011 Portrait Software - A Pitney Bowes Business Insight Company
  7. 7. Optimizing Customer Interactions Mobile Web Kiosk / Email INTERACTIVE PROACTIVE ATM Mail IVR Contact Center “Outbound” “Inbound” Channels Channels INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  8. 8. The Portrait Suite Fulfill. Recommend. Orchestrate. Optimize. Predict. Understand. Explore. INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  9. 9. What’s it Worth? Financial Services Telecommunications Products held per 36% increase in churn reduction customer up by 50% Customer retention up >20% 20% reduction in churn Immediate increase in customer retention Incremental revenue up 327% Reduced marketing costs >DK100,000 PA Reduced marketing costs by >10% Churn decreased by 37.5% ROI from a single campaign Emerging Markets Increased revenue by $1.2M per month Insurance Customer retention up 300% Incremental revenue of £48M “Immediate increase in renewals” Profitability rose 10% Uplift doubles customer retention Revenue per customer 314% higher INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  10. 10. Home Information Quality Data Quality Tools Data Integration Tools INSIGHT DATA Predictive Analytics & Data ACTION Mining Customer Data Mining 5 Magic Gartner The ONLY Quadrants INSIGHT vendor on all DQ DI Cross-channel Comms Mgmt Multi-channel Comms Mgmt MCCM CCCM CDM STRATEGY Document Output Customer Service Contact Ctrs The ONLY vendor on all 4 Waves PBBI – Customer Communications Management IQ CCCM DOCCM PA/DM COMMUNICATION
  11. 11. Forrester’s View of Inbound & Outbound CM Dialogue Customer Analytics Foundation Interaction Analytic Fulfillment Insight Interaction Optimizer INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  12. 12. Overview Optimizing the Customer Lifecycle The Portrait Dialogue Difference Case Studies INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  13. 13. Choreographing the Lifetime Customer Relationship Acquire > Onboard > Serve > Grow > Retain/ Reconnect Optimized Customer Relationship Revenue Value Typical Customer Lifecycle $0 Suspect/ Customer Active Best Recaptured Prospect Customer Customer Customer Required Competencies Data Insights (Analytics) Strategy Relationships/Communications INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  14. 14. Automate Customer Lifecycle Best Practice “Always-on” Customer Onboarding Dialogues: • Activation • Opt-out Management • Welcome Message • Preference Management • Value Reinforcement Onboarding • Preference Solicitation Winback Cross-sell • Value assessment Winback Cross-sell • Event-triggers • Scored event- • Persuadability triggered offers prediction • Best-next-offer Bi-directional Customer Dialogue Drives Engagement Retention Loyalty • Attrition risk detection • Customer feedback • Predict “the savables” Retention Loyalty • Satisfaction • Best-next-action • Sentiment & offer optimization • Product • Bonus programs • Referral INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  15. 15. Event Triggers: Choreographing the Customer Relationship • Customer “life cycle” triggers • e.g. new customer, cross-sell, contract expiration • Customer “life stage” triggers • e.g. New baby, empty nester, retirement, marriage, birthday, etc • Transaction behavioral triggers • e.g. Abnormal changes in transactional purchase patterns, spending habits, account deposits, etc • Customer-initiated triggers • e.g. Inbound interactions, online behavior • External triggers • e.g. Socioeconomic & competitive INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  16. 16. Portrait Dialogue Get customer-centric. Get into the dialogue. Portrait Dialogue converts disparate customer interactions ACTION - into a connected two-way dialogue across all channels for ORCHESTRATE greater customer engagement. Benefits • Choreograph customer dialogue across online, offline, mobile and listening channels • Improve Improve  Email, web, PURL, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, marketing marketing direct mail, telemarketing, online survey effectiveness Orchestrate effectiveness • Multi-step, multi-phase dialogue automation Customer • Boost • Connect the “customer conversation” across Lifecycle Best • Boost departmental all touch points Practice departmental efficiency • Automate customer event-triggers On- boarding efficiency • Improve the • Embed customer insight into every interaction Win- Develop back • Improve the customer • Achieve real-time performance visibility experience customer • User interface designed for marketers Advocacy Loyalty experience INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  17. 17. Improve End-to-end Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Plan Design Design Execute Execute Monitor Monitor Evaluate Evaluate Define Your Strategy. Craft Engaging Automate Customer Keep Real-time Take Action: Improve Get Everyone on the Customer Dialogues Communications Performance In View. Results. Same Page. •Resource and task •Define campaign flow •Select from operation •LiveView: Track management •Define segments modes including dialogue response & •Drill down into performance •Activity planning with •Select channels event-triggered, budget performance data to quickly uncover and calendar •Design message scheduled and batch across campaigns in resolve issues •Define budget & •Define execution •Real-time scoring real-time •Live-Edit mode allows forecast Options •Capture Response •Visual indicators push marketers to easily suspend •Define offer and •Create customer lists •Automatically Route the most relevant & update campaigns on the response rules •Campaign testing & Leads actionable information fly •Understand customers delivery to the surface •Share results across group through greater insight •Prioritize & optimize •Re-use most effective assets INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  18. 18. A single location for direct marketing activity Keep Pending Real-time Campaigns Performance Clearly In View View • Reduce time-to- • Critical market information • Identify trouble- pushed to spots before surface they impact • Live drill-down deadlines provides campaign level performance Focus & Unify status Planning & Campaign Collaboration Calendar • Personal tasks • Pending and • Delegated tasks active programs • Heat-mapped clearly in view information • Shared view alerts to areas of across concern stakeholders INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  19. 19. My View: Personalized View of Work and Campaigns Open & Recent Work Clearly In View • Reduce time-to- market • Identify trouble- spots before they Stay on-top of impact deadlines Assigned & Delegated Tasks • Visual insight into status, due date and priority “Watch” Campaigns • Delegated tasks • Visual indicators provide visibility provide insight into % complete into performance • Linked seamlessly and trend for with MS Outlook target and budget • Clear view into % complete Everything at Your Fingertips INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  20. 20. Monitor – Drill down to Campaign Performance • Monitor Campaign Performance • Compare against budget and target • Create any custom report INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  21. 21. Orchestration of the customer journeyChoreograph Cross-channel DialogueAcross All CustomerTouch Points• Online: Email, customer web, PURL• Social: Twitter & Facebook• Mobile: SMS, MMS• Offline: Transpromo, Direct mail, telemarketing• Listening: Integrated online surveys, preference management, feedback management INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  22. 22. Selected target audience (Identified in Portrait Customer Analytics) Split by channel Divide into segmentsDesignemail INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  23. 23. The Portrait Dialogue Difference • An HQ -- not a dashboard • Real-time scoring HQ is a central place to have all Eliminate static list management and improve relevancy. Live on-demand critical campaign planning and real analytics ensures up-to-the-minute time performance information at campaign selection accuracy. your fingertips. HQ LiveView goes beyond generic dashboards with • X-channel Response the ability to detect issues as Attribution they’re happening via real-time More than just click-through tracking. views, diagnose via drilldown, and Offer Offers are linked seamlessly with channel, campaign & message then immediately take action. activity for granular cross-channel response attribution. • Guided Dialogue Empowers basic, casual and • MS Office integrated task remote users to design campaigns management and dialogues without extensive For greater access and availability, critical campaign tasks are pushed training. Guides users to effective directly to the users’ MS Outlook campaigns and enables advanced environment. functions which can still be modified at a later date. • Inbound/outbound fusion Enables shared offers, scores and • Customer Cards more for a seamless dialogue across all outbound and inbound customer The only solution to go beyond a touch points. “360 degree” data view and deliver a true “customer portrait” for greater customer understanding, including key customer KPIs. INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  24. 24. Dialogue Requires Real-time Relevance Typical Event-Triggered Campaign Management Score all Weekly/monthly Generate Create and customers Enter Lists & Event-triggers System executes reports provide Response Manage Lists & against all Scores to System Activate marketing action visibility into Models Scores models results Requires Very labor Very labor Manual Events occur on customers’ Information may be Too late to advanced analytic intensive intensive. Dated process time frame, not the business drastically out of take action information. -- may occur months later resource date (or never at all) LATENCY, MAINTENANCE & WASTED STORAGE INACTION Portrait Dialogue Better prediction On-demand Enter Live-edit Real-time mode, affect Reduced overhead Scoring outcome Free up resources Generate Uplift & Upload Models to Event-triggers System executes Real-time Greatest relevancy Optimization Performance System Activate marketing action Models View Immediate actionability Automated Seamless At time of Action, System Take Action. Improved results Modeling Upload Scores ONLY the Affect Customers Affected, Using Outcome. Latest Data INSIGHT ACTIONHome p
  25. 25. Customer Case Studies Thomas Cook (Travel) Volkswagen (Automotive) A-Pressen (Publishing) 3 Mobile (Telco) Chess (Telco) Optima (MSP) INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  26. 26. Client Example : Thomas Cook •Thomas Cook (Northern Europe) travel agency •Use Portrait Dialogue to deliver • Newsletters • Pre-travel information and cross-sells • Post-travel satisfaction surveys • Ad hoc campaigns • Over 1m customers and 2.8m travel bookings • Sending 2 million messages per week • Managing 10,000 surveys per week • Over 1m customer dialogue movements per week • Approximately 600 active Content Objects to create personalized multi language content  integrated with Web Services for latest data retrieval • Multi site installation  4 installations, in each Scandinavian country INSIGHT ACTIONHome 2 © 2010 Portrait Software - A Pitney
  27. 27. Customer Case Studies – Volkswagen Group Australia Business Challenge: Need for ongoing communication to existing customers to build brand loyalty and to prospect base of 20,000 to build relationship and drive conversion (vehicle sales via Dealer network)  Manage Brochure Request and Test Drive Request Forms as part of corporate website  Brochure Request Dialogue selects prospects that have selected brochures for deliver via mail and Volkswagen Group Australia services sends extract to fulfillment house approximately 250,000 existing customers with  Delivers electronic copy in form of pdf 30,000 new per year. Customers are indirect with retail activity (vehicle sale) via independent  Welcome Pack dialog for new and existing customers Dealership franchises.  Selects new customers on a weekly basis and sends extract to marketing fulfillment house Implemented Consona products include Customer  Quarterly Magazine dialog selects customers matching a Management and Portrait Campaign Manager. required profile and delivers magazine via email and/or mail Portrait Campaign Manager used  Customer Recall Notifications dialog matches customers for all aspects of life cycle from with vehicle recalls and generates 1st, 2nd and 3rd recall notices prospecting, customer loyalty and customer service  Customer Self Service Portal as part of VW Corporate Site with ability to maintain customer details INSIGHT ACTIONHome page 27
  28. 28. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Manage new customers more effectively – improve the experience and increase revenues Rikstoto was established in 1982 as an independent organization dedicated to promoting equine sport in Norway. Norsk Rikstoto has a turnover surpassing NOK 3.5 billion a year. Portrait Customer Analytic Solutions Portrait was selected based on a live proof of concept to Benefits deliver personalized and automated intelligent customer  The new target group had a betting average of 212% communications. Rikstoto wanted to improve the more than non-targeted customers customer experience for new customers and increase revenues. A multi-stage ‘Welcome dialogue’, with multi- channel capability, was created using PCA and PCM.  Average revenue per customer was 314% higher in the The campaign delivered a number of tangible benefits targeted customer compared to the control group within months of go-live.  Implementation took just 26 days “The Portrait solution enables us to achieve our goal to increase revenues whilst building  Ten-fold ROI within 10 months for this project better customer relationships” Line Hofsæth, CRM Manager, Norsk Rikstoto  Reduced operational costs INSIGHT ACTIONHome page 28
  29. 29. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Decrease the amount of outbound calls, reduce costs and focus on retaining subscribers A-Pressen is one of Norway’s three major daily press publishing houses comprising of over 30 regional daily newspapers. Benefits Implementing Portrait meant a-pressen could automate  ROI was achieved within 3 months of implementation more meaningful and personalized communications with its subscribers leading to overall increased customer  Annual customer churn reduced by 13% satisfaction and lower operational costs.  The effect of decreasing churn yields a 20% incremental annual gross average revenue  Profitability rose 10% during the first 2 years “Using Portrait Campaign Manager to automate follow-up services with our retail outlets we have  Ability to manage increased customer interaction shifted our organisational focus and capacity to volumes with a 10% reduction in staff and a 15% delivering highly targeted sales and marketing increase in overall capacity campaigns. Additionally we have reduced staff by 10% whilst increasing our marketing activity by  More accurate and up-to-date customer data in held 15%.” centrally Mr Henning Evensen, Head of Circulation. A-Pressen INSIGHT ACTIONHome page 29
  30. 30. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Acquiring and retaining higher value contract customers while increasing average revenue per user and reducing churn 3Denmark has more than 408,000 subscribers. Being first to market in Denmark with mobile Benefits broadband, the company maintains its clear market  Lower customer churn and increased customer leader position on data traffic usage with a 46.4% satisfaction among panel members compared to the total market share. customer base  Improved customer experience Implementing Portrait enables 3Denmark to develop  Rich customer insight gained at individual level and execute personalized, multichannel campaigns,  Reduced marketing costs; Customer Panel surveys and eliminate manual processes and implement dialog Customer Satisfaction surveys are now run internally, marketing. and, thanks to SMS and email marketing, direct mail has been replaced where possible. “It is a powerful, tactical and easy-to-use tool and is instrumental to our long term success in engaging in a one-to-one dialog with our customer base. We hope to continue to bring increased customer satisfaction, reduced customer churn and increased ARPU by increasing the members in the customer panels and using Portrait Campaign Manager tools even more intelligently” Klaus B. Johansen, Project Manager CRM, 3 Denmark INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  31. 31. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Retain customers in a competitive market while increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) Chess Communications is the 3rd largest supplier of mobile services in Norway with a market share of 7.4%. The company focuses primarily on attractive basic mobile services. Benefits  Overall churn reduced by 15.8% year-on-year Portrait allows Chess to create a meaningful and relevant dialog with its customers, automate both  ROI achieved within just 3 months inbound and outbound communications on a personalized level and help augment the barrier to  Churn decreased by 37.5% during the first quarter alone churn.  Additional data was gathered on 25% of its customers  Improved proficiency of marketing staff “We moved from time consuming manual tasks to automated, structured and measurable campaign management..... we are now able to communicate regularly with more of our customers and focus our expensive telemarketing efforts on our top 5% of customers” Mr Ernest Fredrik Nygaad, CRM Manager, Chess Communications INSIGHT ACTIONHome
  32. 32. Customer Case Studies Business Challenge: Differentiate by providing customers with greater customer insight, increased response rates, reduced wastage and increased customer value Optima, based in Edinburgh is the fastest growing and most advanced MSP in the UK. Optima Value Group distinguishes itself by bringing together experienced retail marketing practitioners with Portrait Customer Analytic Solutions customer value management experts, and combines this with outstanding customer analytics Benefits and technology capability. •Through a blend of big thinking, cutting-edge analysis and best-of-breed technology, Optima enables their client The entire Portrait suite is licensed by Optima to assist organizations to understand who their best customers are; its customers in targeting marketing messages to the what the company should be offering those customers; and right customers, reach them most effectively and which communication channel offers should be made. automate engagement for higher ROI campaigns. A selection of their customers: “Portrait’s combination of powerful analytic segmentation and easy to use campaign management was beyond that of its competitors, and was a key factor in the companys decision to select the Portrait solution.“ Ian Rippin, Managing Director, Optima INSIGHT ACTIONHome