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Merchandising apps


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Platform to deliver visual and interactive retail content to consumers’ preferred web, mobile, and social touch-points. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use templates deliver a consistent experience across all channels while taking advantage of the unique capabilities of different platforms. Apps developed with the platform increase sales, lift conversions, drive customer acquisition, build loyalty, and make your audience spend more time engaged.

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Merchandising apps

  1. 1. Merchandising onSocial and Mobile 03/28/2012 1  
  2. 2. Overview•  Consumers spend more and more time on social media and on mobile•  Traditional web shopping solutions are poorly suited for these channels –  Search-based shopping with its “vending machine” experience doesn’t work well on mobile –  Social users expect rich content and conversations around brands and products –  Lack of shopping intent makes both channel challenging•  Social  and  mobile  needs  high-­‐impact  merchandising   that  tells  a  living  product  story   2  
  3. 3. Online  Visual  Merchandising    •  Online  visual  merchandising  allows  merchants  to  create   an  exclusive  shopping  experience     –  Communicate  brand  message,  showcase  products,  entertain   and  reinforce  an  emoAonal  connecAon  with  a  brand  •  Targets  a  much  more  lucraAve  “window-­‐shopping”   behavior  centered  on  exploraAon,  socializing,  and   interacAvity     –  Create  conversions  and  sales  beyond  what  today’s  e-­‐ commerce–as–vending  machine  models  deliver  •  Merchandising  apps  are  designed  to  tell  a  product  story,   to  moAvate  browsing,  to  emphasize  demand  generaAon   –  InsAll  the  urge  for  impulse  and  mulA-­‐product  purchases   3  
  4. 4. Merchandising  Apps  Lookbooks  -­‐  visual  ensembles  of  products  with  the  ability  to  click/tap  and  buy  inspire  sharing  and  conversaAons    InteracAve  Magazine  -­‐  tradiAonal  editorial  content  with  animaAon  and  video  effects  and  back-­‐stories  that  can  be  easily  navigated    Digital  Catalog  -­‐  visually  arranged  personalized  categories  that  can  be  browsed  offering  quick  navigaAon  to  individual  products    Shopping  Guide  –  lifestyle  or  seasonal  promoAons  of  products  categories  (e.g.  valenAne  day)  that  are  annotated  with  informaAon    Style  Picker  –  lets  customers  create  content  with  interacAve  modules  designed  to  promote  sharing  and  social  shopping    Virtual  Showroom  –  immerse  your  customers  in  a  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  shopping  experience  using  innovaAve  visualizaAons  and  animaAons   4    
  5. 5. Create Merchandising Apps Web/Microsite Social MobileChannels 1.  Upload Templates Content Social  Platform 2.  Choose Merchandising Commerce   Template App AnalyAcs   3.  Deploy App Programmed  Content   Offers  /  PromoAons   Product  Catalog  Retail Content Price On sale match Movie Free Timed Image shipping sales Buy one / Editorial Get two 5  
  6. 6. Virtuous  Cycle:  Facebook   More  fans  &  subscribers  FB  Page   Social   Presence   Tabs   App   Merchandising   App   Engaged   More  likes  &  content   Community   Higher  conversion  FB    Profile   News     Feed   Be]er   Targeted   Ads   Ads   Social   Ad   Social   Shopping   More  fans  &  subscribers   6  
  7. 7. Act  on  Customer  Intelligence  Dashboard   Profile     AnalyAcs   •  Apps  are  built  on  top  of  a  powerful  analyAcs  service  tapping   the  wealth  of  social,  mobile  and  web  acAviAes     –  Understand  social  interacAon,  product  discovery  and  shopping   pa]erns   •  Drive  commerce  transacAons  based  on  the  analysis  of   customers  online  acAviAes  along  the  social  graph     –  Tap  into  a  new  world  of  customer  idenAty,  presence  and  social   intent   •  Deliver  a  highly  personalized  shopping  experience     –  Get  user  preferences  and  presence  data  in  return   7  
  8. 8. Summary  •  Merchandising  Apps  deliver  visual  and  interacAve  retail   content  to  customers’  preferred  web,  mobile,  and  social   touch-­‐points  •  SophisAcated  yet  easy-­‐to-­‐create  Merchandising  Apps  deliver   a  consistent  experience  across  all  channels  while  taking   advantage  of  the  unique  capabiliAes  of  different  placorms  •  Merchandising  Apps  increase  sales,  lid  conversions,  drive   customer  acquisiAon,  build  loyalty,  and  make  your  audience   spend  more  Ame  engaged   8  
  9. 9. Campaign  Flow:  Contest   9  
  10. 10. Campaign  Flow:  Product  Launch   10