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Kuliza company profile


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Kuliza company profile

  1. 1. Helping companies engage with their world - Kuliza profile 1
  2. 2. About Kuliza
  3. 3. About KulizaKuliza is a social technology firm focused inhelping companies leverage social software,community platforms, mobile and cloudcomputing for improving businessperformance, communication and customerengagement.
  4. 4. Our offerings ZaSocial ZaMobile ZaCloudKuliza offers solutions for Kuliza offers solution to design, Kuliza offers cloud services todesigning and building social build and distribute mobile apps ensure a hassle freesoftware and community for iOS, Android and Blackberry. infrastructure to sustain yourplatforms. Our focus areas Our focus areas are: changing needs. Our focusare:  Mobile CRM areas are: Online communities Mobile loyalty programs  Cloud consultingFacebook Apps Mobile Transition Cloud migration andSocial Commerce managementSocial CRM
  5. 5. Za Social - Offerings
  6. 6. Facebook engagement solution  Facebook engagement solution to increase your Facebook presence impact. The solution is focused at: o Driving fans to website o Rich content integration o Easy content update o Monitor fan engagement and activitySource:* *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  7. 7. Facebook campaign solution  Facebook application solutions to run your brand campaign on Facebook and engage your fans with the brand. The solution includes: o Facebook contest (photo / video / ideas contest with voting and viral features) o Sweepstakes o Quizzes o Group Deals o Trivia o CouponsSource:* o Sign up forms *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  8. 8. Facebook commerce solution  On -Facebook stores to help you get your store to your Facebook fans On Facebook store  Off Facebook-commerce application so that your customers can see who all of their friends have bought your product / service Off Facebook F- commerce appSource: 1-800 flowers facebook store *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  9. 9. Online community solution  Solutions to help you conceptualize, design and build social community software to engage your customers, partners and employees. Our focus Pampers’ online community around areas are: parenting o Communities of interest or passion o Ideation communities o Support communities o Blog based communitiesSource:* *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  10. 10. Social commerce site  Solutions to make the purchase experience on your site social. Our solutions include: o Light social commerce sites with basic social features o Heavy social commerce platforms with advanced feature integration o Custom social commerce sites as per your needSource: * *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  11. 11. Social brand website  Solutions to get your company / brand website tuned to lead your social presence, engage your fans and have conversations with potential customers o Smart social plug-ins to match your brand needs o Publishing platform (blog) for news and thought leadership o Employee / Leadership profilesSource:* *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  12. 12. Customer engagement rooms  Solutions to help you listen and analyze online buzz related to your brand, business and industry Visualization from Gatorade social media  Custom visualization command center layers on top of the listening platform to help you analyze online buzz the way you want itSource: Gatorade social media commandcentre *Benchmark example; not a kuliza case study
  13. 13. Za Mobile - Offerings
  14. 14. Mobile CRM solution  Your CRM software on the move!  Mobile CRM app solution for employees / partners helps them get relevant customer information at all times  Mobile CRM app solution for customers helps them get exciting deals and information at targeted locations
  15. 15. Mobile loyalty program  Solutions to build mobile apps to aid your loyalty programs o Apps to replace your loyalty card o Location based apps to promote loyalty o Location based coupon apps to promote traffic to your offline store
  16. 16. Mobile transition solution  Enterprise ready mobile transition solution to help companies deliver their product / service through mobile  Integration with leading Content Management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla to extend your brand / publishing platform  Integration with commerce platforms like Magento to enable mobile commerce  Extending brand /publishing / commerce experience to tablets  Integration with existing analytics solutions for complete consumer understanding
  17. 17. Za Cloud - Offerings
  18. 18. Cloud Services  Cloud computing services to ensure a hassle free infrastructure for your ever changing needs. Our focus acres: o Cloud hosing and maintenance o Cloud system health check o Cloud architecture design
  19. 19. Our capabilities
  20. 20. End-to-end solutions for your social technology needs Plan Build Manage Strategy Design Engineering Infrastructure  Interaction  Drupal, Joomla, Web app hostingSocial Strategy design WordpressRoadmap  Mobile / FB app  Visual Design  Magento, Uberkart hostingSocial SoftwareDesign Design Research  Java, php, Ruby,  Drupal, Joomla WordpressSenior management Design  iOS, Andriod, hostingworkshops Prototyping (html, Blackberry css, js) development  Magento Hosting Integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter APIs
  21. 21. Featured work
  22. 22. Online community for SMS app developers  txtWeb needed to build an online developer community around it’s SMS based app engine  Working with Kuliza, txtWeb built the community from scratch, built a user generated SMS based app store, and is getting an average 50,000 SMS requests per day (in March). Source:
  23. 23. B2B Social Commerce Platform  A B2B social commerce startup wanted to build a platform for suppliers and retailers to connect globally and collaborate around purchases and transactions  Working with Kuliza, they met difficult deadlines to build the platform. They also came up with unique negotiation and contextual pricing engines.  The platform had an alpha release and is being highly appreciated!
  24. 24. Learning community for students  Symynd needed a learning ecosystem for students, professors and universities to collaborate around courses and curriculum  Partnering with Kuliza, it was able to focus on networking and partnerships and leave all technology related planning, development and execution to KulizaSource:
  25. 25. Medical iPhone app  Needanapp needed a medical iPhone app to help people find chiropractors close to their location  Working with Kuliza, they built an app capable of easy to use navigation, geo- location and chiropractor database integration and distributed app on Apple app storeSource:
  26. 26. Next generation messaging app for smartphones  A US based startup needed to build a next generation messaging platform  Working with Kuliza, they were able to plan a secure, reliable and scalable platform for Android, Blackberry and iOS
  27. 27. Facebook application for brand campaign  txtWeb wanted to run a contest on Facebook where SMS app users can give ideas for SMS apps and the community can vote / comment for the best ideas  Using Kuliza’s solution for Facebook campaign, they built the ideation campaign app in three weeks. Campaign set to launch in June
  28. 28. Google doc application for enterprise security  Pawaa needed to build a Google doc app to provide Enterprise type bullet proof security to thousands of SMEs  Partnering with Kuliza, they built this app on top of their own platform and hosted it on Google cloud  Pawaa was shortlisted among Top 10 most innovative companies in RSA conference in 2011 Source:
  29. 29. Infrastructure management for F500 companies  A leading life science software provider had an ever increasing infrastructure requirements  Working with Kuliza, they migrated their complete infrastructure on EC2 (Amazon cloud)  Impact: -Upfront cost reduced to zero -Maintenance cost reduced to zero -Network reliability increase by 50 times -Time to market reduced by Source: 75%
  30. 30. Infra management for large fluctuating load  txtWeb was facing a high fluctuating load on their application server (daily traffic 20,000 to 1.2 million / day)  Working with Kuliza they migrated production instances to Elastic Beanstalk  Impact: -Saved cost on redundant infrastructure ( from millions to thousands of dollars) -Does not require maximum capacity planning Source:
  31. 31. Monitoring tool for app performance testing  txtWeb - an SMS based application platform needed an monitoring and analytics tool to monitor its apps and understand the end user experience  Using Kuliza’s app testing and monitoring solution, txtWeb can now test the performance of its SMS apps across various parameters and generate reports
  32. 32. Our partners
  33. 33. Partners CommunityDigiWhirl: network of experienced communitymanagers UXDApparatus Media: Leading boutique UXD andbrand design firm TechnologyBeevolve: Listening platform partners forcustomer engagement command centreOblong: pioneers in gesture computing withtools to transform methods of engagementMobStac: mobile enterprise ready publishingplatform that help companies deliver adelightful mobile experience to their customers
  34. 34. Achievements
  35. 35. Achievements Ranked all India 10 and Asia Pacific 89 among the fastest growing technology companies by Delloitte Ranked all India 3 and Asia Pacific 23 among the fastest growing technology companies by Deloitte Recognized among the top 10 emerging Indian companies across all sectors for the year 2010 by NASSCOM
  36. 36. Ask Us How Kuliza Can Help You! | | @ksarda