Leveraging Facebook in Social Media Marketing


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This presentation outlines using Facebook in Social Media Marketing. A overview of the various elements that can be considered when building your campaign and some interesting examples of Facebook apps, groups and pages.

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Leveraging Facebook in Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Developing Your Facebook Channel Version 1.0
  2. 2. Topics•  What is Facebook?•  Starting with an Example•  Special Offers and Exclusive Deals•  Group Pages•  Social Plugins•  Mobile•  Location Based Services•  Summary•  Fast Facts- Digital Jungle
  3. 3. Defining Facebook“Facebook is a social networking website — agathering spot, to connect with your friendsand with your friends friends. Facebook allowsyou to make new connections who share acommon interest, expanding your personalnetwork.” www.hallman.nccommunities.org/glossary
  4. 4. How are People Using Facebook•  •  500 million active users worldwide•  •  Average user has 130 friends•  •  2nd most visited web site in the world•  •  850 million photos, 7 million videos, and 28 million pieces of content are uploaded each month•  •  More than 95% of Facebook members have used at least one application built on Facebook Platform•  •  More than 4 million users become fans of Pages each day
  5. 5. RIM Example
  6. 6. Facebook Marketing Strategy1. ENGAGE 2. DRIVE ACTION 3. ADD SCALE 4. MEASURE•  Find and engage •  Provide applications •  Leverage offline •  Reach existing fans that enlist ambassadors events - Fans•  Host discussions •  Advertise through - Mentions •  Provide coupons to and provide useful existing media resources track purchases •  Engagement •  Add your social•  Invite fans to •  Hosts contests with Web links to your - Discussions, upload content brand Web site content, reviews, opt-ins for further and posts•  Provide branded contact digital goods •  Action - Contest entries - Coupons redeemed - Purchases driven - Web traffic driven -Application users 
  7. 7. Before you Start, The Check ListComplete this checklist of questions to build a successful Facebook strategy for your brandbefore you jump in.What is the engagement value: what can you offer people that they will findvaluable?Are you ready to respond to your customers and encourage them to talkabout your brand?Are you ready to make a commitment beyond a campaign?How will your other marcom strategies integrate with Facebook?What assets - tools and content – can you leverage?Do you have your company behind you and resources available?How will you measure success?
  8. 8. UnderstandingFacebook Features
  9. 9. Rewards & DiscountsOffering social followers special rewards(exclusive/early access)
  10. 10. Special Offers & Vouchers
  11. 11. Facebook Commerce
  12. 12. Page ManagementGlobal Facebook Page Management
  13. 13. Group Pages
  14. 14. Social PluginsSocial plugins let you see what your friends haveliked, commented on or shared on sites acrossthe web
  15. 15. Social PluginsSocial plugins let you see what your friends haveliked, commented on or shared on sites acrossthe web
  16. 16. External LoginsFacebook login allows for a deeper fanengagement experience for external websites
  17. 17. Making the Physical, virtual
  18. 18. Social Commerce App
  19. 19. Social Gaming
  20. 20. Location Based ServicesThe race to leverage location based services
  21. 21. Mobile Social Networking Making mobile more social
  22. 22. MobileMaking mobile more social
  23. 23. MobileMaking mobile more social
  24. 24. Location Based Services
  25. 25. Location Based Services
  26. 26. Location Based Services
  27. 27. Closing theFacebook
  28. 28. Always MeasureFacebook can be a very effective platform todevelop engaging and innovative campaigns.However, it is always critical you measure yourcampaigns. • Number of fans for your brand pages • Number of brand mentions on walls • Number of news updates x fans  Ad impressions • Number of discussion topics • Number of wall posts on brandpage • Number of wallposts (measured by Lexicon) • Number and tone of reviews posted • Amount of content or offers shared • Video views • Click through rates for advertisements • Number of contest entries • Number of applications downloaded • Offline actions driven by coupons or special offers • Web traffic generated
  29. 29. Putting it TogetherMarketing in a Social World is about People. Lookfor ways to connect and engage
  30. 30. Final ThoughtEvery industry and vertical is going to be re-though in a social way.The real disruption is about peopleredesigning these social spaces.Social spaces will become the containersfor business, home and play
  31. 31. AboutDigital Jungle
  32. 32. Digital Jungle Fast Facts•  Socially Led, digital marketing specialists•  Global reach•  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney•  Spun out of SinoTech Group in 2011
  33. 33. World Class Digital Marketing Experience•  Delivering digital strategy and execution services: –  Customer and competitor insight –  Digital strategy –  Social Media Marketing –  Search Engine Marketing –  Affiliate Marketing –  Media Buying•  We work for global and domestic organisations, across various market sectors, helping our clients: –  Engage with their key audiences –  Transform their business –  Maximise growthMarketing
  34. 34. Our Commitment The mission of Digital Jungle is to help our clients improve their business position and gain real value from their digital marketing investments Through our expertise in social media digital marketing programs and the application of search, affiliate and online marketing, we commit to: • Driving incremental direct revenueDr Matt McDougall,CEO, Digital Jungle • Generating ROI unrivaled by traditional media • Protecting your online reputation • Increasing your market share over your competitors • Building your brand awareness We look forward to working with you.
  35. 35. Thank You! Dr Mathew McDougall| matt@digitaljungle.com.cnFollow on Twitter Email@digitaljunglecn info@digitaljungle.com.cnConnect on Linkedin Presentations on SlideSharewww.linkedin.com/company/digital- www.slideshare.net/digitaljunglejungleCommunity on Facebook Websitewww.facebook.com/digitaljungle www.digitaljungle.com.cn