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Yodel camerjam mobile marketing finance masterclass


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Yodel camerjam mobile marketing finance masterclass

  1. 1. Mobile marketing overview
  2. 2. Mobile strategies Revenue Brand Strategies Strategies Retention Differentiation Experience Acquisition Monetisation Accessibility Expectations Immediacy Lower CPAs McommerceGreater usage Comp advantage Better service Greater returns New rev streams CRM Strategies
  3. 3. Once you’ve invested in creating your mobile properties and presence,how do you maximise their success?
  4. 4. Mobile activity process How could Mobile How can we bestBusiness and be used to help engage with our Marketing achieve these audience in Objectives objectives? mobile? The Role(s) of Mobile strategy mobile What is the most What is the How can we effective way ofmobile activity maximise delivering the achieving? Mobile’s strategy? effectiveness? Campaign Mobile Mobile delivery evaluation development
  5. 5. Maximising Mobile SuccessMobilising existing activities Activate Mobile Marketing ATL advertising Mobile Search Fixedline search Display Advertising activity Instore/promo material SMS/MMS marketing Existing CRM HTML mobile Activity Email marketing Mobile video/prerole Fixedline Display/Behavioral Appstore/marketplace presence Sponsorships Mobile SEO TV Advertising Publisher/Carrier partnerships Website In Game marketing Partnerships Mobile email marketing VOD Mobile social delivery Incentivised downloads
  6. 6. Mobile Opportunity minefield Rich media Mobile opportunities Mobile advertising Preroll video CPC competition Partnership SMS/ Mobile Mobile Social media Further information MMS search Destinations usage CRM behavioural Time sensitive LocationPublishers Google Search for info carriers Bing App Msite Signup Yahoo Search to MSite Richer Msite Search Interact experienceSite integration sponsorship Customerbase leverage
  7. 7. Three essential ingredients EffectiveTracking Creativity Planning and Buying
  8. 8. Effective tracking
  9. 9. The Right Tracking MsitePublishers (CPM) Optimisation Banner/ Banners HTML Ad Unit Tracking Networks Time of day Bannerclick Day of weekNetworks (CPC) Network Publisher Publishers Publisher groups App downloads Application Events Section searched Virtual CPA Carriers Actions taken Behavioural groups (CPC/CPM) Location Usage H/M/L Usage Activity Usage Retargeting
  10. 10. Mobile Creative
  11. 11. Rich Media Advertising Effectiveness Smartphone Users are 50% Ad awareness more likely to Increased By recall an 25% For expandable expandable banner bannersSource: IAB UK
  12. 12. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  13. 13. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  14. 14. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  15. 15. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  16. 16. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  17. 17. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  18. 18. Rich Media Capabilities SHAKE & TILT ANIMATION FACEBOOK Accelerometer control for Fluid automation engine with Post to wall on Facebook engaging experience / games high performance sequencing TWITTER 360 DegreesPost status update to Twitter Product Rotations & Panoramas DRAG & DROP IMAGE GALLERY UI for puzzles, builders and Tactile galleries with more thumbnails & downloads SMART DAYPARTING SOUND BOARD Creative or offer varies byTap to play sound immediately time of day COMPLEX ANIMATIONS Mapping FORM CAPTURESlide, fade, object paths and Link through to Google maps Text, pull down, checkbox & more 20 form validation for lead gen with option for branded pins
  19. 19. What can be provided?The most cutting edge HTML Ad CreationserviceBuild Once, Run Everywhere Ads run Across iOS & Android devices ( others to come Q2 2012 ) All Ads we create can be served through all major mobile ad networks and 100+ premium publishers 21
  20. 20. Creative Banner delivery - HTC
  21. 21. Planning Mobile activity
  22. 22. Branding Works on MobileAverage Brand Lift of Mobile Display Campaigns +13% +16% +24% +76% +58% +44% 1) Sample includes hundreds of mobile display campaigns Source: Goole: Insight Express Online & Mobile Norms, Nov’07 to Dec’09
  23. 23. Mobile Drives ResponseConversions Click Through Rate Cost Per Acquisition +80% -15% +43% Separating out mobile campaigns from desktop drives significant performance gains Source: Google internal data, 25
  24. 24. The P&B Rule book1. Make sure your activity is trackable2. Use the right solutions for the objectives ie clicks, impressions, video, data capture, click to call etc3. Mobile is not just search, its also Networks, Publishers and carriers4. Test, learn and implement6. Buy effective prices not the cheapest
  25. 25. SMSSMS worksFor an Insurance client we have..• Reduced immediate welcome costs by 90%• Skipped payment response rate success 47%• Renewal reminders have a really positive impacted on reducing churn• Fully implemented upsell and product extension programme
  26. 26. Thank you@yodelmobile