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The internet show experience management final


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Presentation on Customer Experience Management (CXM).

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The internet show experience management final

  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. A set of solutions which enable the management and delivery of dynamic, targeted, consistent content, offers, products, and serviceinteractions across digitally enabled consumer touchpoints.
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction – Consistent brand across all sites• Operational Efficiency – Single core technology to maintain – Easy site management• Revenue Generation – Increase productivity 5-10% – Increase profitability 5-10% 6
  6. 6. • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction – Persona based content relevant to specific site visitors• Operational Efficiency – Touch 1-to1 or 1-many – Automate campaign execution and distribution – Touch more prospects with targeted messages• Revenue Generation – Increase productivity 5-10% – Increase profitability 5-10% 7
  7. 7. • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction – Shopping cart and purchasing wizard without ever leaving website• Operational Efficiency – One location for product management and product sales• Revenue Generation – Increase profitability 5-10% 8
  8. 8. • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction – Membership management enablement by the members themselves• Operational Efficiency – Manage Multiple Lead Sources – Define Profiles – Segment Behaviors – Strong B2B interface on the website• Revenue Generation – Increase performance 5-10% 9
  9. 9. • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction – Track Behavioral Responses and provide them with relevant content faster• Operational Efficiency – Separate the Serious form the Curious – Pinpoint New and Upsell/Cross Sell Opportunities• Revenue Generation – Increase performance 5-10% 10
  10. 10. • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction – Navigation based search for increased user experience• Operational Efficiency – Automated index of all content from different repositories• Revenue Generation – Increase performance 5-10% – Increase productivity 5-10% 11
  11. 11. WCMS 12
  12. 12. YOUR BRAND Experience-based differentiation MASS TARGETED 1-to-1Personalisation / Relevance: Low High Audience: Broad Narrow Relationship Depth: Shallow Deep 1 4
  13. 13. 15
  14. 14. LeveragingLinking social to capabilities for commerce optimising the through single sales channel distribution channel across 20+ shopping centres 16
  15. 15. Purchase/ Search Compare Knowledge Alert Monitor Share Searching GoogleSearch for wine Browsing and setting Viewing Purchase filters/preferences searches Reviewing wine reviewsCompetitor Sites Comparing offers Special alert based on criteriaMobile Devices Browsing via iPad or Reviewing wine Browsing shortlist iPhone reviews weekly update Local market updateEmail and postcode snapshot Special alert based on Sharing email with friends – where to buy criteria of shortlisted propertyRestaurant Agreement with Wine list Social network Purchase peer on buying Agent input to advocacy for wine interest Label awareness buying process and dine options PurchaseBottle Shop Social networkingSocial Social buzz about home with buying groups purchases from friends and researchers and new photos(logo OTH) time
  16. 16. Member Non-Member
  17. 17. Interaction/Engagement Low Medium High SEGMENTATION: • Project Type • Product Type • Geography PROFILING: • Behaviour • Needs • Persona/job function Un segmented Profiled Segmented Level of personalisation
  18. 18. 21
  19. 19. Increase leads , customer led creative, results driven production creates personalised experiences. Analytical Life Factors Emotional Personas Channels/ Touch point Touch point Touch point Touch point Touch point Touch point DevicesCustomerEngagementPlan LP A LP B LP C LP D LP E LP F LP G LP H LP I Multivariate Content Content Content Content 1 Content 2 Content 3 Content 4 Content 5 Content 6 Content 7 Content 8 Content 9 10 11 12 Template driven
  20. 20. Drive Education Dynamic and relevant offers with Proactive Churn Expanded successful remarketing Identifying & engage customers with For cart abandoners. a high propensity to churnWeb Sign-Ups: Onboarding Loyalty Program Reactive ChurnConsistent and streamlined Define relationship based on Rewarding most valuable customers Engaging customers who contact CSSweb-to-channel strategy Acquisition source (preference, for behaviors that drive retention or go online to cancel Social, commerce, etc. LTV ( + ) Win-backs: Re-acquire most valuable churned Customers with outreach & offers Revenue ACQUIRE CONVERT RETAIN LTV ( - ) Time (t)
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