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Digital advertising – buying models


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Continuation of my terms and terminology presentation. uses examples of Indian sites and fictitious rates and performance numbers as an example.

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Digital advertising – buying models

  1. 1. DIGITAL ADVERTISING –BUYING MODELSLets get the basics right
  2. 2. What goes into the digital plan Target Group Touch points Communication Reach, targeting Budget Call to action
  4. 4. Planning for Web 1.0 Where? How? Mass portals, Buy impressions Reach on CPM ad networks Specialty portals/ Buy impressions Niche interest on CPM, sponsorships sections Be there when Presence on SEO, SEMuser is looking for you Search engines Mass portals, CPC, CPL Leads / Acquisitions Ad networks, SEM
  5. 5. Buying terminology• CPM : Cost per 1000 impressions• CPC : Cost per click• CPL : Cost per Lead• CPA : Cost per action / acquisition
  6. 6. Basic formulaeWhen buying impressions,Cost = (impressions / 1000) x CPMWhen calculating performance of impressionsCTR = (clicks / impressions) x 100
  7. 7. What would you do for these briefs? (1) Gelusil (2) IPru Mutual Funds• TG: 25+, urban, SEC A, B • TG: 25+ Male Sec AB• Brand Tagline : Gelusil ke • Campaign Objective: saath, Zindagi ka swaad Branding & Visibility (Corporate)• Brand Objective: Taking the lifestyle platform, to inform users • Campaign Duration: 1 month that they do not have to make any excuses to miss social occassions/ activities / enjoy their current • The proposed online campaign lifestyles. Gelusil takes care of all will run simultaneously with the their fears of acidity and linked offline campaign, both of which problems, so they can go ahead are expected to roll out this and enjoy their lives. month.• Gelusil thus wants to move from a "medicine" platform to being an "enabler of happiness"• Duration : 2 - 3 months
  8. 8. Buying Models Allows planner to Measured in terms of CPM select best performing Clicks, CTR sites and placements Cannot select section Measured in terms of or placement. CPC actual deliveries and Auto-runs based on cost efficiency inventory availability Measured in terms of Suited for transaction / CPL / CPA sign-ups achieved, sign-up based campaigns cost efficiency However usually still Long-term brandingSponsorships measured in terms of initiatives Clicks, CTR
  10. 10. What all should a plan include?• Site• Section• Placement on the page• Ad size• Impressions• Rate• Cost
  11. 11. So what does a plan generally look like?
  12. 12. Ad sizes are measured in width x height 728x90 pixels 300x250 pixels
  13. 13. Large format ads
  14. 14. Expandable ads
  15. 15. Skinning
  16. 16. Text ads
  17. 17. Video adsNote: Not actual page appearance. Background has been dimmed to highlight the ad.
  18. 18. Different sizes, different placements Ad units are called differently by different sites
  19. 19. Another example
  20. 20. A CASE STUDY
  21. 21. Campaign objective Launch Brand A’s cricket special microsite by building relevance to the serious cricket lovers
  22. 22. LAUNCH PHASE - IPLDuration : 5 weeks
  23. 23. Plan Rationale Relevance Visibility & Impact Bing bang Yahoo Home page Cricinfo tab sponsorship • Launch, pre-finals • blog + inventory on very burst to grab eyeballs popular cricket site and drive traffic • Home page logo Cricbuzz presence + inventory to drive traffic on Rediff, Indiatimes • Inventory + home page much advertised on 5th most popular official site • Pre-finals burst to Cricket site ride on IPL wave and drive traffic Zapak Cricket • Home page presence on niche cricket site Hygiene : Search On Google, Yahoo + Contextual Network (Google, Yahoo)
  24. 24. The Display Plan
  25. 25. Overall Performance of the plan
  26. 26. Share of imps vs. spends Fixed logo presence on the home page ensured a huge number of impressions (visibility!) delivered. However as imps delivered on fixed properties on cricbuzz & cricinfo are not available, the number for may look inflated in comparison Lion’s share of the money went to (even factoring final discount negotiated) Comparing share of spends vs. share of visibility, all sites have delivered appropriately
  27. 27. Share of imps vs. clicks Yahoo, Zapak Cricket and Indiatimes had home page high impact innovations, chosen to attract high click throughs and hence have had a higher share of clicks.
  28. 28. Cost efficiency of sites – effective CPC Due to low CTR on logos (discounting high visibility), was extremely expensive as was the Rediff home page property
  29. 29. The litmus test… CTR Overall Avg=0.61%• High CTR (clicks / imps x 100) generally indicates the response rate towards a creative as well as the property.• Healthy campaign CTR of 0.6% was attained due to high home page CTR’s• Home page properties delivered higher than average (by site) CTR – over 2% per full day innovation
  30. 30. Understanding plan reachPlease note there will be duplication in unique users between the sites.
  31. 31. Learning & Issues from Display (banners) Learnings • Media : Combining high impact home page + sustenance banners allows visibility, impact and steady sustenance traffic Issues • Media : Rediff home page property performed way below expectations and a make good of an additional 6000 clicks is still pending from them
  32. 32. PHASE II - T20 WORLDCUP3 weeks laterDuration : 3 weeks
  33. 33. The Objective Sustain traffic to Brand A’s cricket special website irrespective of India’s performance in the tournament
  34. 34. The PlanGiven the success of the IPL campaign, and the dependence on India’ssuccess for prolonged interest in the World Cup, we continued with thetop cricket sites in the country
  35. 35. The Yahoo Cricket story • Rationale for presence on Yahoo! Cricket was two- fold • It’s Yahoo leading sports site as per Comscore data • It is the official site for all ICC events • Deal included fixed logo presence, exclusive banner space on the “news” sub-section as well as ROS banner inventory
  36. 36. Overall campaign performance • Cricinfo’s deal was to cover T20 (70% inventory) + Ind-WI (30%) • Yahoo Cricket sponsorship over- delivered by over 60% due to ICC issue
  37. 37. Share of Imps delivered vs. clicks Yahoo! India (the make good) delivered the highest number of impressions and clicks, simply because the value delivered was the highest on the plan Interestingly, Cricbuzz has delivered very well on both impressions (visibility) as well as clicks
  38. 38. Share of Imps vs. Spends Yahoo’s over-delivery has clearly skewed its share of pie for impressions vis-à-vis spends on the site
  39. 39. Effective CPC Cricinfo has proven to be expensive, possibly because of the low CTR on the smaller ad units. As a learning, we’re avoiding these ad units in all future deals.
  40. 40. Comparing CTR’s Avg=0.22% Cricbuzz outdid the Goliath’s on the plan, possibly because of the home page presence The Cricinfo CTR was brought down by the 125x125 as unit that performed absymally
  41. 41. Plan ReachPresence on relevant home pages of the top 2 cricket sites as wellas the top portal has ensured high reach.Reach / Unique users cannot be added up because of duplication
  42. 42. Learning & Issues Issues • Media: Poor performance of smaller ad units on Cricinfo • Creative : Same creative concepts as IPL were tweaked, leading to some amount of fatigue on Cricinfo Learning • Media: Avoid small sizes on Cricinfo • Creative: Run 2 different concepts during every series in rotation to allow optimization on the basis of the better performing creative
  43. 43. THANK YOU