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Video in the Modern Classroom Fest Screencasting


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Video in the Modern Classroom

Published in: Education
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Video in the Modern Classroom Fest Screencasting

  1. 1. Interactive Video In the Modern Classroom Screencasting! @TheTechProfe
  2. 2. Get the preso @TheTechProfe
  3. 3. Workshop Agenda ● What is Screencasting? ● Screencastify - Installing and configuring ● Basic use ● Examples of uses for students and staff @TheTechProfe
  4. 4. Screencastify Setup Make sure you are logged in to your Google account @TheTechProfe
  5. 5. Overview Screencastify lets you: Record your screen, webcam, and voice Record up to 10 minutes for free Save video to Google Drive @TheTechProfe
  6. 6. Installation Screencastify can be installed as a Chrome web extension from the Chrome Web Store at: ● Screencastify link @TheTechProfe
  7. 7. Permissions Screencastify will ask for 3 permissions on first run: ● Camera and Mic ● Google Drive ● Tab Recording @TheTechProfe
  8. 8. Basic Use @TheTechProfe
  9. 9. Basic Use ● Bring up what you want to record ● Click the Screencastify extension ● Select Tab, Desktop, or Cam ● Select your microphone @TheTechProfe
  10. 10. Basic Use ● Choose to embed your webcam if you want (a small video from your webcam will be placed in the corner of the recording) ● Click Start Recording @TheTechProfe
  11. 11. Basic Use ● Now demonstrate, narrate, etc. ● Use Drawing Tools in the bottom left corner of the recording window. @TheTechProfe
  12. 12. Basic Use ● When done click the Screencastify extension again and click Stop ● You will now see the recorded video @TheTechProfe
  13. 13. Basic Use ● Screencastify can be set to save the video automatically to your Google Drive ● The video can then be shared with others from Drive as normal, or submitted through Classroom @TheTechProfe
  14. 14. Examples of Uses in Schools @TheTechProfe
  15. 15. Example Uses Instructional Videos ● Teach content for students and staff (like tech PD) ● Flipping, reinforcement, enrichment, independence ● Sample @TheTechProfe
  16. 16. Example Uses Narrate a Slideshow ● Giving a presentation, or reading a story or comic ● Run slideshow with “Publish to the Web” link ● Record tab ● More resources @TheTechProfe
  17. 17. Example Uses Explain their Understanding ● Students speak and/or demonstrate their answer, procedure, or solution ● May use digital whiteboard ● Helps address cheating in a digital world ● Sample 2x + 5 = 17 -5 -5 @TheTechProfe
  18. 18. Example Uses Provide Feedback ● Give video feedback on student work ● Record student work and your response ● Paste video link into Doc ● Example Resource (Writing Felonies) @TheTechProfe
  19. 19. Example Uses Give a Speech or Performance ● Students can record speech, song, instrumental, etc. ● Can just record webcam ● Helps with nervous or shy students ● Encourages repetition @TheTechProfe
  20. 20. Example Uses Practice Fluency ● Students can record themselves reading ● Great for young students, ELL, and world languages ● Teacher can replay ● More resources ● Sample @TheTechProfe
  21. 21. Example Uses Dub a Video ● Add your voice to an existing video ● Translation, re-interpret a story, add commentary, etc. ● Play video full-tab and muted ● More resources (S1) (S2) @TheTechProfe
  22. 22. Questions? @TheTechProfe
  23. 23. Get the Preso at
  24. 24. Ask Question Ask Question