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Using Videos in Online Learning - Take 2


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Published in: Education
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Using Videos in Online Learning - Take 2

  1. 1. Building Social and Teaching Presence with Instructor- created Videos TAKE 2 Stella Porto & Datta-Kaur
  2. 2. AbstractThis workshop recaps on the presentation doneduring the summer, summarizing main uses ofvideo and best practices of social andteaching presence using videos. We extend thetopic by looking into some practical bestpractices in the development, selection anddelivery of videos within online courses. Weexplore in more detail some of the tools,showcase some examples, and open theforum for questions and discussion of a fewpolling questions done during the presentation.
  3. 3. Learning usually happens later… THIS is all you need:
  4. 4. Introductions
  5. 5. AgendaO Recap of what we did in the summer (Datta-Kaur)O Practical tips (Stella) O Other uses of video O Do’s and don’ts of all sorts O Still Tycho (soon irrelevant) O Hosting videos O Challenges of using videos (diminishing everyday) O Free software O Playing with a few free tools O Where to find existing videosO Sharing & Questions
  6. 6. Recap from the Summer
  7. 7. Polling: Have you had any experiencesproducing video for your online classroom?
  8. 8. Practical tips Use of videos
  9. 9. Compilation of ideas from this presentation
  10. 10. opportunity for the use of video in online learningincrease in online learning adoption increase in the access of videos onlineeasiness of video production from a personal computer
  11. 11. 4 key areas where video appear to make the biggest difference are: administration instruction assessment building community ✔
  12. 12. administration information on a wide range of administrative and procedural issues
  13. 13. instruction How can video help pedagogically?
  14. 14. 3D illustration & designinstruction
  15. 15. instruction Go places!
  16. 16. Experimentationinstruction
  17. 17. assessmentFormative feedback to students using screencasts
  18. 18. Practical tipsDo’s & Don’ts of all sorts
  19. 19. Create a script or storyboardRemove distractionsConsider using tripodUSB microphones
  20. 20. Restrict noiseExperiment with afirst trialControl mouse motionfor screencast
  21. 21. Include text to introduce videos• Purpose & tips on what to look for Use best practices and instructional design principles Include other activities after to reinforce conceptsKeep it SHORT & do NOT overuse
  22. 22. Add speaker photo, instead of the talking head Be yourself when captured in video • It does not have to be perfect! Inform students about what, why, and whenManage size (keep it SHORT & do NOT overuse)
  23. 23. Include means for student interaction andfeedback about video Include links for follow-up Label video files appropriatelyConsider LMS limitations & Keep it SHORT
  24. 24. Practical tips Still Webtycho
  25. 25. Practical tips Hosting videos
  26. 26. Where to host the video online? (Jane Hart’s Directory, best placefor all learning tools!)Otherconsiderations:
  27. 27.
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Polling:What kinds of challenges have you faced producing videos?
  30. 30. Practical tips Challenges
  31. 31. Challengestime consuming to produce? It depends… quality x time x cost overuse false expectations
  32. 32. Practical tips Tools & Free tools
  33. 33. Screencasting tools: tools/screencasting-tools/ Video creation and editing: tools/video-creation-editing-tools/
  34. 34. QuickTime
  35. 35. Jing/Screencast screencastcom.html
  36. 36. Screenr screencasting-tool-for-e-learning/ anything-on-your-screen/
  37. 37. Screencast-o-matic
  38. 38. Polling:which tools will be most useful to you?
  39. 39. Wide selection of software and video repositories ideos.html
  40. 40.
  41. 41.
  42. 42. Polling:will you consider developing videos? Share with us what you have done… Any questions?
  43. 43. This is all youneed: THANK YOU