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Stop, Animate & Listen CUEBOLD


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Stop, Animate & Listen CUEBOLD

Published in: Education
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Stop, Animate & Listen CUEBOLD

  1. 1. Lesson Plan: Stop! Animate & Listen!
  2. 2. Anticipatory Set: Getting the Learners Prepped
  3. 3. Purpose: The Academic need
  4. 4. Input: Students need information and facts
  5. 5. Modeling: What does the product look Like? Stop Motion Animation with 1. Create your Google Slideshow as normal. 2. As needed, insert images by taking a snapshot with your webcam. 3. As needed, insert shapes, text, and other items. 4. To save time, make copies of slides and make small changes to the items on the slide to simulate movement. 5. To make certain slides last longer, make multiple copies of the slide. 6. When done, use "Publish to the web" option to get playable link for your slideshow. 7. Adjust the "Publish to the web" link to shorten the time between the slides to make them appear animated. 8. Share the link with others to view!
  6. 6. Guided Practice: Teflon/no stick work for the kids Academic Language Material, Language Games, Opportunities for Practicing four Language Domains, and going deeper with Academic Language. Cohesive Stories 1 Get in groups 2 Think of a Name 3 Think of Adjective 4 Tell a story (Insert Academic Vocab) Mindful Listening 1 Get in pairs 2 P1: Tells a story for 30 sec. 3 P2: Retells the story in 1st Person 4. P2 Tells a new story for 30 sec 5 P1 Retells the story in 1st person for 60 sec. MORE SPEAKING ACTIVITIES HERE!
  7. 7. Check for Understanding: Know what they know Develop Stop Motion Packet
  8. 8. Independent Practice: Time to work/create 1. Get in your pairs or groups from Cohesive Stories or Mindful Listening activities. 2. Fill out the stop motion packet / or Tell your story on Flipgrid 3. Create your stop motion video 4 Share the public link here. 5 Students publish Videos on Google Classroom, Padlet, Fligrid..etc 6 Have students provide specific feedback to at least two other groups
  9. 9. Closure: The finalization of the work 1. Have students finish team/ partner rubric & reflection questions on stop motion packet or Flipgrid 2. Do Virtual Gallery Walk 3. Give Specific Feedback 4. Give Virtual high five for AWESOMESAUCE!
  10. 10. Get the Preso at