Group presentation final1


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A. Gisi
A. Powell
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Group presentation final1

  1. 1. Angela Gisi Annie Powell Amy West
  2. 2. Why Web 2.0 in the classroom?“Web 2.0 tools can promote user participation andknowledge production and thus fit well with socialconstructivist pedagogical theories. These tools have thepotential to transform classes from teacher-centric,transmission instruction to social constructivist, student-participatory approaches, from individual-focusedpedagogies to learning community approaches.”quoted from:Rosen, D., & Nelson, C. (2008). Web 2.0: a new generation. of learners and education. Computers in the Schools, .. 25(3-4), 211-225.
  3. 3. Audience  School Administrators  Teachers  School Staff  Students  Parents/Stakeholders  Tech Support & How-to-ers  Businesses
  4. 4. Synopsis of Tool’s Features Basic Features: Java-based applet allows users to create recordings of their screen activity and audio Screencast can contain a portion of the screen or a full screen view Screencasts can be converted to QuikTime format and downloaded to the user’s hard drive Registered users can keep track of their screencasts in My Screencasts Users can add favorite screencasts to user-created Channels Users can place a request for someone to do a screencast on a particular topicInformation retrieved from
  5. 5. Synopsis of Tool’s Features Recently Added Features: Save to Animated Image Save very short recordings to an animated image. This is useful for posting a short video to forums, wikis, etc where you cant embed a video New Overlay You can overlay a colored box to highlight a part of the screen YouTube Side Bar Style If you record a video that isnt HD size youll see black bars when uploading to YouTube. Now you can choose a different color for these bars and add a drop shadow YouTube "Unlisted" Uploading You can choose to upload to YouTube as "Unlisted" so your videos dont show up in search results or your public feed which is great for sharing with just a few people was created to provide a super easy way to share screens with anyone SOM Upload to Channel When you publish to your Screencast-O-Matic account you can choose a channel to add the screencast to if youve created channels in your account. Download Screencast-O-Matic On windows you can now choose to run the recorder from your browser or by installing an application to run from the Start menu Information retrieved from
  6. 6. Brief TutorialClick on the image below to play the tutorial.
  7. 7. Appropriate context for Screencast-o-matic?  Demonstration of software use and computer functions  Presentation of short lectures/lessons  Provide feedback for students’ work  Display visual/audio advice for tech support  Show users how to solve problems  Present orientation to online classes  Tell digital stories  Create assignments for student production of screencasts
  8. 8. Sample Screencasts Student generated: Teacher generated: “How to” & Tech Support You Tube:
  9. 9. CostsBasic Package Feature Basic (Free) Max Record Time 15 minutes Free hosting (15 min per upload) Record screen and webcam Publish to YouTube HD Publish to MP4, AVI, FLV movie
  10. 10. Cost - Pro Package Feature Pro ($15 per year)Max Record Time UnlimitedFree hosting (15 min per upload)Record screen and webcamPublish to YouTube HDPublish to MP4, AVI, FLV moviePublish to Google DocsPublish Screen ShotsNo watermark when publishingPassword protect screencastsUse offline outside browser (Win or Mac)Editing toolsScripts toolScreen Shot toolAdvanced recorder controlsWebcam Only Recording