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ELL Super Powers CUEBoom


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ELL Super Powers CUEBoom

Published in: Education
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ELL Super Powers CUEBoom

  1. 1. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe Do you have ELL’s? No? They are hiding!
  2. 2. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe Empower ME! Humble yourself and be a student of your students
  3. 3. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe 1 You get to enjoy some of the most beautiful expressions that the English language totally misses out on. 2 You sound cultured and worldly for speaking another language.
  4. 4. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe 3 Studying abroad was totally a breeze for you! 4 And the locals absolutely loved that you could keep up in their native tongue.
  5. 5. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe 5 You have a valuable resumé skill that’s way cooler than Microsoft Office. 6 And you have more job opportunities thanks to your linguistic skills.
  6. 6. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe 7 You can openly gossip in public without being understood by others. 8 You’ve been told that speaking another language is pretty sexy.
  7. 7. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe 10 Makes you LIVE LONGER! better memories! increases BRAIN SIZE & POWER! Improves math skills! enhances creativity! & MORE! 9 You can easily sing along to foreign music and sound très cool.
  8. 8. #CUEBOOM @TheTechProfe Ready to Empower? Join #DigitalVagos Valiant Amigos Generate Outstanding Strategies