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Exploring Mind Frames


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Exploring Mind frames

Published in: Education
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Exploring Mind Frames

  1. 1. What’s the difference between an experienced teacher and an excellent teacher?
  2. 2. Maximizing Impact on Learning
  3. 3. 900 150 studies to rank the effectiveness influences on educational achievement
  4. 4. Identified the critical mindsets, dispositions, and behaviors that make excellent teachers, along with the practices that make student learning visible in schools
  5. 5. THE SOURCE OF IDEAS AND THE ROLE OF TEACHERS Identify | Proficient | Monitor | Believe | Influence
  6. 6. THE LESSONS: the process of planning a lesson Selecting criteria | Choosing a method of formative assessment | Interpreting the results to drive next steps
  7. 7. MIND FRAMES eight mind frames of teachers, school leaders, and systems that lead to visible learning
  8. 8. Thank you 10 Questions
  9. 9.