Ch 2 sec 4 student notes


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Ch 2 sec 4 student notes

  1. 1. Chapter Two: Colonizing America Section Four: The Middle and Southern Colonies A. The Middle Colonies: New York a. This area was first explored by Henry __________________. b. The Dutch (__________________) claimed the area and called it New Netherland. c. They bought _____________________ Island from the Native Americans and began their major settlement, New Amsterdam. d. By 1660, ________________ was interested in New Netherland. e. King Charles II gave his brother, James (Duke of _______________) permission to take the land from the Dutch. f. The Dutch were forced out and the English took control. They ________________ the area New York. B. New Jersey a. Part of the new land was given to two of the king’s close _______________. b. Sir George ___________________ and Lord John Berkley. c. They called it New _____________________ d. Granted religious freedom, had an _______________ assembly, and gave out large land grants. CHUNK # 4 C. Pennsylvania a. Founded by William ___________________ GIST – Turn to page 75. Read the”Holy Experiment” paragraphs 1, 2 and 3. Write one statement in the space provided that gives the “gist” or summary of the selection. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ b. He was a _______________________ c. This was a religious group which believed people should be guided by their “inner ______________________”. d. They should not be led by ___________________ or the Bible. e. Quakers were often ____________________. f. Pennsylvania was a “holy _____________________” in which religious and political freedom would be granted.
  2. 2. g. Its major ___________________ was Philadelphia, “the city of brotherly love.” h. This became a very large, prosperous, city, one of the ___________________ in the colonies. D. Delaware a. William Penn later _______________ land south of Pennsylvania. b. This became the __________________ of Delaware. E. The Southern Colonies: The Carolinas (North and South) a. This area was granted to a group of proprietors who were close ____________________ of King Charles II. b. The ________________ portion grew very slowly. c. ___________________ farming became its main function. d. In the ______________________ portion, more people settled. e. Established __________________ Town, which became a major port city. f. ___________ farming eventually became important in South Carolina. F. Georgia a. Founded by _________________ Oglethorpe. b. It was intended to be a ____________ for debtors who had been imprisoned in England. c. Slavery and ___________________ were banned. d. These bans were later lifted and an elected __________________ was established. G. Conclusion a. By the 1770s, England had ________ well established colonies in America. b. Most of these colonies allowed ______________ freedom and had elected assemblies. c. This tradition of self rule and freedom would lead to the _________________ in the colonies in 1776.