Ch 1 sec 5 Student Notes


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Ch 1 sec 5 Student Notes

  1. 1. Chapter One: Converging Cultures Section Five: Europe encounters America. A. The Vikings a. The first Europeans to settle in America were the _____________. b. These people were from _____________________. c. They made settlements in America around the year ___________ A.D. d. However, the Vikings’ settlements did not _____________. B. Christopher Columbus a. Christopher Columbus was an ________________ born navigator. b. He believed that Europe and _________ were not all that far apart and that he could get there by sailing ____________. c. However, no rulers were willing to financially ______________ Columbus’ journey. d. Then in 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of _____________ agreed to sponsor Columbus. e. Columbus was given three ships, the Nina, the _________ and the Santa Maria. f. After more than two months, Columbus finally reached the Caribbean (San _____________________). g. Believing he had reached India, he called the people he saw _________________. h. He returned to America the next year bringing back ______________, and Native Americans. i. Columbus returned to America ___________ more times and explored other Caribbean islands. j. He never knew he had discovered a new __________________. C. Spain Claims America a. By the _____________, Spain was eager to make colonies in America. b. However, Portugal also wanted to _____________ parts of America. c. To prevent war, the two countries came to an _________________: The Treaty of Tordesillas. d. The treaty drew a line of demarcation down the ______________ of the Atlantic Ocean. e. Spain would get everything to the ____________ of the line; Portugal would get everything to the ______________.
  2. 2. f. Italian explorer _________________ Vespucci concluded that this new land was not Asia, but a new continent. g. Therefore, the new land was later named for him in his honor. (____________) h. Ferdinand Magellan discovered a ____________ (small stretch of water connecting two larger bodies of water) in Southern South America. i. He managed to ________________ his way through the strait to the ocean on the other side. j. He named this ocean “The Pacific”, which means ______________. k. His crew continued their _________________ all the way back to Spain. l. They became the first people to circumnavigate (go all the way ______________) the world. D. The Columbian Exchange a. The ______________ of animals, plants, ideas and diseases from Europe to the Americas and the Americas to Europe. CHUNK #4 pg. 44. From Europe to America, 1st and 2nd paragraph. History Frame – Answer the following questions from the passage you have read. Setting Where and When? – Characters Who were the key players? – Plot What happened? – Outcome What were the results? 1. Examples from Europe to the Americas; -Wheat, _______________, firearms, small pox. 2. Examples from Americas to Europe; -Potatoes, __________________, tobacco, corn b. Millions of Native Americans died from _________________ brought over by Europeans.