Social activism and information literacy


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Presentation from IFLA 2014 (wlic 2014) Lyon France

A service learning course with information literacy learning outcomes. also examines the relationship between experiential learning with the revision of the ACRL Standards.

To see the slides for the library session for COMM 132 please check out this slideshare link:

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Social activism and information literacy

  1. 1. Social activism + information literacy =
  2. 2. Tiffini Travis, CSULB Communication Studies Librarian Jennifer Gradis, CSULB Communication Studies Faculty Presentation
  3. 3. Social activism and information literacy Empowerment Information access Leads to action Much like theory informs practice in the medical fields, research can be just as valued in social activism and community engagement.
  4. 4. “Experiential learning integrates the classroom and the real world.”
  5. 5. Video of J. Gradis
  6. 6. Video of J. Gradis
  7. 7. Identify social problem and organization Minutes of all student meetings Outline of presentation Copy of PowerPoint presentation Images and timesheets of service learning Reflection on the entire process
  8. 8. Students were familiar with their organization and the population they served Students were able to apply information to a real world setting Some Students were inspired to continue with volunteerism
  9. 9. Learn to succeed in groups Life Changing Students could see the use of research beyond typical library related assignments Lifelong learning + service learning = social change
  10. 10. Implications for the revised information literacy framework Shift from the skills based instruction to a holistic integration into the course Emphasizes the use of information for empowerment Allows the re-envisioning of IL to focus on the application of information rather than just the search for information
  11. 11. Further information.. ACRL Draft Framework for IL (Accessed 3/19/2014) content/uploads/2014/02/Framework-for-IL-for-HE-Draft-1- Part-1.pdf David Droge, (ed.), Voices of strong democracy: Concepts and models for service-learning in communication studies. Washington, DC: American Association for Higher Education. Day of the child of-the-child/ Video of J. Gradis studies-dir/travis/comm_132.html
  12. 12. Further information.. Devasagayam, R. , Johns-Masten, K. , & McCollum, J. (2012). Linking information literacy, experiential learning, and student characteristics: Pedagogical possibilities in business education. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 16(4), 1-18. Precious Life Shelter Schroeder, R. , & Cahoy, E. (2010). Valuing information literacy: Affective learning and the ACRL standards. Portal: Libraries and the Academy, 10(2), 127-146.