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Fostering A Graduate Research Community with Digital Scholarship Programs and Services


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New Media and Culture Certificate, Digital Scholarship Center, and other services to support graduate students, especially through the library.

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Fostering A Graduate Research Community with Digital Scholarship Programs and Services

  1. 1. FOSTERING A GRADUATE RESEARCH COMMUNITY WITH DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Coalition for Networked Information Spring Meeting St. Louis, Missouri March 31, 2014 Andrew Bonamici Associate University Librarian, Media and Instructional Services Karen Estlund Digital Scholarship Center, Head
  2. 2. University of Oregon
  4. 4. Graduate Education at UO Debra W. Stewart, President Council of Graduate Schools • Nonacademic career pathways for graduate students must be clarified and expanded upon. • Interdisciplinary structures must be attended to and nurtured. Sandi Morgen, Associate Dean, UO Graduate School
  5. 5. New Media and Culture Certificate
  6. 6. NMCC Mission and Goals transdisciplinary theory & criticism methods & production a flexible credential
  7. 7. NMCC Communication and Outreach
  8. 8. NMCC: Library Support • Facilities (DSC and beyond) • Content • Tools and Systems • People • Strategic Alignment
  9. 9. NMCC Student Projects Ghana Think Tank: A Participatory Media Case Study Roya Amirsoleymani Games for Change: A Case Study Ed Parker No More Potlucks: A Case Study Staci Tucker See more at Hyde Park Visual History Project: A Case Study Marissa Laubscher
  11. 11. NMCC: Challenges • Decentralized human resources • Decentralized infrastructure • Need for coordinated strategic planning across multiple schools/colleges • “Great starters, shallow bench.” Experts in new media coursework, training, and research stretched too thin
  12. 12. Services Drawn from Assessment 1. Graduate Students Working in New Media Focus Group -- 2011 2. Digital Scholarship Needs Assessment Interviews -- 2012 3. GradConnect – Active Focus Groups -- 2013 Image: Matt Werner. (2013). Lunch in an Old Bath House. CC-BY-SA.
  13. 13. Library Service Improvements
  14. 14. Digital Scholarship Center
  15. 15. Graduate Fellowships / Assistantships Strategic Alliance Institutional Priority
  16. 16. DSC Strategic Goals / Pilot Areas 1. Develop digital scholarship curriculum 2. Support engagement with digital scholarship tools and methodologies 3. Foster a community of digital scholars 4. Evolve to a more open and flexible digital asset management and preservation infrastructure
  17. 17. Curriculum: Credit Courses
  18. 18. Engagement: Sandbox and Lab
  19. 19. Engagement: Consulting
  20. 20. Community: Groups & Space Images: Nick Webb. Chemex. CC-BY. J. Simic. DSC Tardis.
  21. 21. Community: GraduateAffiliates Project Themes / Interests Open Source Software Development in Brazil Github, Virtual Machines, Digital Publishing, Pedagogy Social Media and Consumer Referral Sites on Mobile Devices Data scraping, social media, mobile technologies Social Media and Activism Data scraping, social media, network analysis “Dirt on Data” Course Data Management, Data Ethics, Pedagogy
  22. 22. Community: Publishing
  23. 23. Digital Asset Management
  24. 24. Alignment with NMCC
  25. 25. LINKS Digital Scholarship Center: New Media and Culture Certificate: UO Libraries: University of Oregon:
  26. 26. Contacts Andrew Bonamici Associate University Librarian, Media and Instructional Services University of Oregon Libraries Eugene OR 9703-1299 (541) 346-2682 Karen Estlund Digital Scholarship Center, Head University of Oregon Libraries Eugene, OR 97403-1299 (541) 346-1854
  27. 27. Discussion