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  • Introduce ourselves talk about our learning journey in regards to learning and education in 21st century
  • Jana21st century is truly where we live today and our own teaching and learning needs to reflect just thatIt is no longer preparing them for what they might need but truly honouring them where they are at.
  • Jana
  • JennWhy connect? (ask the audience why we need to connect?)
  • Jenn
  • JennCircle of Courage-begins with belonging and how true that when we feel like we belong we can accomplish anythingValued, Affirmed, SignificantImportance of family that we bring to the classroomSo many of us work towards creating this type of environment in in our classroomSense of community Community building - is foundational to every one’s learning
  • JennCurriculum Connection-Taken from the Renewed Curricula:Understanding Outcomes)Further compliments the idea of developing a sense of community and relationships within our schools
  • Jana
  • JanaWill Richardson connectors slide-How we view ourselves as teachers... providing students with many opportunities to make meaningful connections to global learning
  • JanaStudent with Earth ball- Don’t want to leave anyone behindSpeak to all the positives that can come from making global connections
  • Jana
  • Jenn Connection Professional
  • Jenn Connection Students
  • Jenn
  • JennDefinition of collaborationEducation setting- critical to creasing and sustaining learning opportunitiesHas evolved from a business to learning model(Can we create a pop out where the “competitive advantage” changes to “a community of learners” - “learning opportunities”, “life long learning”)
  • JennWords that we feel are powerful when talking about technology- Community and relationshipsStudent Nets-ISTEHow does the global teaching and learning community emphasize and look at technology in our classrooms, schools, and communitiesFocus specifically on ISTE Net #2- encompasses what we hope for all learners in our schools(see if we can create a way of to further define the Communication and Collaboration by adding in a motion slide)
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  • Jana
  • Jana
  • Jenn Example- Google doc./ Type with Me
  • Jenn
  • Jana
  • Jana
  • Jenn voice thread, blogger/wordpress, virtual classroom, Flickr
  • Jenn Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, RSS feeds
  • JanaSkype in the classroom, Today’sMeet
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  • Connecting and collaborating[1]

    1. 1. Connecting &Collaborating in the 21st Century Jana Scott Lindsay & Jennifer Brokofsky
    2. 2.
    3. 3. A
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Why connect?
    6. 6. con·nec·tion–nounA relationship; association; specif., – the relation between things that depend on, involve, or follow each other – affinity as by family ties, business, or common interests
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Curriculum Connections “ The competencies are Renewed Curricula: addressed through all areas ofUnderstanding Outcomes Fall 2010 study and through school and classroom routines, relationships, and environments. Such inclusive, culturally diverse, resource-rich environments include increasingly networked, technology-rich classrooms."
    9. 9. What does it mean to be digitally connected?
    10. 10. Collaboration•
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Why collaborate?
    13. 13. col·lab·o·ra·tion–noun1. A cooperative agreement where two or more parties work jointly towards a common goal.2. An effective method of transferring “know how” among individuals, therefore critical to creating and sustaining life long learning. a competitive advantage.
    14. 14. 1. Creativity and Innovation 2. Communication andNational Educational CollaborationTechnology Standards(NETS) Standards 3. Research and Information Fluency 4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making 5. Digital Citizenship 6. Technology Operations and Concepts
    15. 15. What is digitalcollaboration?
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Collaboration and sharing knowledge are highly prized skills.Alan November in “EmpoweringStudents with Technology” (CorwinPress 2009)
    18. 18.
    19. 19. What are the benefits of taking learning online?• 21st Century skills• Less anxiety• Increased participation• Better modeling• More time• Equity of voice• Flexibility• Online transcript• Supports asynchronous group work
    20. 20. Why it matters?
    21. 21.
    22. 22. The world is your bulletin board…
    23. 23. The world is your teacher…
    24. 24. The world is your classroom…
    25. 25. The world is your stage…
    26. 26. The only way to prepare learners for the futureis to walk into it beside them. Kevin Honeycutt
    27. 27. LiveBinders
    28. 28. Contact UsJana Scott Lindsay Jennifer jenniferbrokofsky@gmail.comTwitter: @mollybmom Twitter: @saskateach