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  1. 1. Touch&Travel – NFC as enabler for automatic fare collection DB Mobility Logistics AG Project Touch&travel October 2009 DB ML AG
  2. 2. The existing ticketing portfolio will continue to expand over the next years User medium Example Secure paper Ticket bought in a ticket offic Estab- lished in "Buy before" Standard paper Ticket bought via WWW Ger- many Smartcard, Ticket bought via mobile User mobile phone phone authentication (electronic) New Smartcard, CheckIn/CheckOut with "Pay-as-you-go" mobile phone monthly billing (electronic) Focus DB ML AG
  3. 3. Summary: Touch&Travel – mobile phones turn into tickets Touch&Travel Simple and flexible access to public transport Unlimited travel across different means of transport and in various transport associations Selection of tariff respectively purchase of a ticket in advance is unnecessary High customer comfort - everything is integrated in the customer’s mobile phone Low infrastructure costs: check-in and check-out points (Touchpoints) work without energy supply and data is transmitted through the mobile phone network DB ML AG
  4. 4. eTicketing has to fulfil fundamental requirements – low infrastructure costs speak in favor of mobile phones Premises Mobile phone ticketing can High customer acceptance fundamentally satisfy the conditions Simple usage High comfort level thanks to use of multifunctional devices Cost effectiveness Technology requires further Suitable for mass use development and testing Broad adaptability of the solution to local and regional public transport, long-distance connections and additional Mature technology mobility benefits, e.g. time Internationally successful schedule or trip planning contactless approaches can not be transferred smartcard to Germany*) One standard in Germany/ compatibility within Europa High costs for infrastructure make Security/ verifiability nation-wide systems inefficient *) Those approaches are usually implemented in urban areas and within gating structures – Germany in contrast to that is a very heterogeneous country with open passenger traffic systems DB ML AG
  5. 5. The idea: mobile phone as ticket – hop on board… 1 2 3 Access via Register Start journey mobile phone Touch&Travel Check-in succesful: Potsdam Schloss Sanssouci 2.Kl. BC 25 2.Kl Have a nice trip! OK NFC – mobile phone Initial registration Check-in before journey DB ML AG
  6. 6. …and off you go 3 4 5 Control in bus or train End of journey Mobility invoice MUSTER Touch&Travel Check-out successful: Wolfsburg Hbf 2.Kl. BC 25 2.Kl Preis: 36,20 € Goodbye! OK Easy ticket verification Check-out after journey Invoice of all journeys DB ML AG
  7. 7. Touch&Travel uses mobile telecommunication networks for data transmission Touch&Travel infrastructure and data transmission ■ Touchpoints do not need a ■ The mobile phone assumes direct connection to the the active part and reads the backend system identification number of the ■ No power supply and touchpoint via the NFC communication connection interface necessary ■ Check-in and check-out data ■ Localisation of Touchpoints transmission through an through integrated simple existing infrastructure – the radio chips with a unique mobile phone network identification number (ID) DB ML AG
  8. 8. Safe and cost-efficient ticket inspection 1. Customer shows his activated mobile phone Long distance 2. Ticket inspector checks the ticket with a mobile control and regional device (e.g. German Railway‘s „MT2“). A control data set transport is stored on the mobile phone and later transmitted to the services background system MT2 3. Touch&Travel can be controlled with any ISO certified control device 1. Customer shows his activated mobile phone 2. Ticket inspector holds his control card close to the activated mobile phone Touch&Travel Local public 3. Within a second a control number (known only active transport by the ticket inspector) will be shown on the Control no. 9751 services mobile phone‘s display 4. Verification has been successful if the correct control number is shown on the display DB ML AG
  9. 9. Touch&Travel and the core application (KA) of the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV) Touch&Travel is a VDV core application compliant mobile phone ticketing approach KA medium ■ Touch&Travel is compliant with the German eTicketing standard VDV core application (VDV Kernapplikation) ■ All transactions (personalisation, issuing, logging, inspection) are processed according to the KA specification with all required cryptographic methods (including certificates) ■ Season tickets and other special tickets can easily be integrated in the Touch&Travel system by secure deposition on the SIM card. Ticket inspection will be handled the same way as for smart card based systems. DB ML AG
  10. 10. Touch&Travel will be tested in two pilot phases 200 trial customers tested Touch&Travel intensively (Feb to Aug 2008) 1st Phase Ticket inspection included check of both the paper ticket and the Touch&Travel ticket 2.500 trial customers will be testing Touch&Travel (started Dec 2008) Touch&Travel is recognised as a 2nd Phase ticket. Regular operation is simulated, including settlement of accounts The project network is joined by T- Mobile Germany DB ML AG
  11. 11. In pilot phase 2 the pilot region in Berlin is extended Pilot region 2009 GVH VRB VBB Region Region Region Berlin- Hannover Braunschweig Brandenburg NEW metronom NEW Märkische Regiobahn, ODEG, PEG, NEW between Hannover Hbf and Hannover fair/Laatzen containing selected connections within VBB DB ML AG
  12. 12. Moreover, the pilot region will be further extended in 2010 Pilot region 2010 DB ML AG, Touch&Travel Stand Okt.2009 DB ML AG 12
  13. 13. Spontaneous customer statements Simplicity: Uncomplicated: „At the beginning of the „Everything is very journey you do a short convenient. I don‘t have to check-in and at the end a purchase a ticket, need no check-out. Calculation is cash and I am saving automatic.“ waiting time.“ Innovation: Touch&Travel Speed: „The mobile phone is a „It‘s an electronic ticket for „one for all“ device, cashless travelling; no ticketless, no risk to lose vending machine, no the ticket.“ counter, no waiting time – simply ready to go.“ Automation/Technology: „The system calculates the route and the price on its own and shows me this information in the end.“ Source: TNS Infratest DB ML AG
  14. 14. The project partners Touch & Travel ist ein Projekt von … … in Kooperation mit … … und den Technologiepartnern … DB ML AG, Touch&Travel Stand Okt.2009 DB ML AG 14