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Flyer concur travel expense

  1. 1. Concur Travel & Expense
  2. 2. Web-based and mobile solutions for travel and expense managementSave time. Gain control. Work smarter. Reduce costs.Corporate travel and expense made easyConcur® Travel & Expense, an integrated travel and expense solution, helps organizations save time and control spend duringevery step of the business traveler’s journey—before, during, and after the trip. Concur pulls all the pieces of travel and expensemanagement together into one system that’s tailored to your business—from travel procurement and itinerary management toexpense reports, payment and reporting.Worry-free travel planning and booking Streamlined and simplified expense reportingWith advanced fare-search capabilities, travelers are empowered Easily create expense reports—receipt images can be capturedto make smart choices based on their individual preferences and and uploaded with a smartphone’s camera. Credit card chargesyour corporate travel policy. are imported and automatically associated to the appropriate• Stay in control with built-in travel and accommodation rules expense report.• Book quickly with single-view flight, car, rail and hotel choices • Save time and hassle when you automate your expense• Stay happy with open and independent travel-inventory options report processConcur delivers relevant in-policy travel content to meet the • Rest assured purchases are in-policy; if they’re againstneeds of your travelers and your organization. With Concur, policy, they’re automatically flaggedyou’ll have access to multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), • Pay faster to maximize rebates and keep employees happyexclusive direct connects, corporate discounts and Internet-only With Concur, managers can easily review, approve, process andfares—delivered in a consumer-centric, single view. The solution audit expense reports—they have control and visibility into T&Egives a broad selection of travel choices based on corporate spend. Employees save significant time; they can easily createpolicies and traveler preferences. Eliminate employee guess and submit accurate, in-policy expense reports. And automationwork and help drive in-policy compliance. helps the entire organization become more efficient. Our automatic payment capability electronically transfers payments to corporate card vendors and reimbursements to employees. There’s no need to manually re-enter information.
  3. 3. One adaptable solution—on the Web or on your mobile deviceE-receipts Travel and expense management on the goConcur offers electronic receipts directly from airlines, hotels, The Concur mobile app gives travelers the ability to easilyrail and car rental companies. Transaction information is manage travel and expenses from their mobile device. Travelersconsolidated into one place, which ensures expenses are are notified of cancellations, delays, or gate changes in realaccurately tracked. time. Expenses can be recorded as they’re incurred andThree Way Match – an industry exclusive expense reports submitted before you’re back at your desk.We work behind the scenes to combine itinerary data gathered Visibility into spendat the time of booking, credit card charges employees incur, and Detailed reporting reconciles data from multiple sources; it givese-receipts captured directly from the supplier. Together, these you a complete view into your travel and expense information.components create a three way match—accurate information The result is actionable intelligence that puts you in control tothat automatically populates our expense solution. (And if the negotiate better deals with suppliers you use most. We give youinformation’s not accurate, it’s flagged.) clear insight into how your company and employees spend theirMake compliance automatic travel and expense budgets.With the Concur integrated solution, your organization’spolicies are enforced before violations occur; travelers knowwhich purchases are in compliance and which are not. Expenserules are written into the reporting process; out-of-policyspending is quickly flagged. End-to-End Travel and Expense With Concur, organizations simplify their travel and expense management with an adaptable, end-to-end tool that is powerful and easy to use. • Book employee-preferred, in-policy travel • Travel smarter with mobile apps • Get accurate data with e-receipts • Built-in compliance controls flag out-of-policy spending • Three way match ensures accuracy
  4. 4. Powerful reporting enhances visibility and control over T&E expenses.The benefits of integrated travel and expense:• Reduce costs – automation lowers transaction/processing costs A mobile companion• Save time – travel data automatically populates expense reports makes life easier• Enforce policies – your policies are written into the solution With the Concur mobile app,• Increase satisfaction – with faster employee reimbursement your travel and expense needs• Eliminate paper – through online processing and e-receipts are at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll stay informed with yourOpen Booking own personal travel assistantEmployees often need to book travel segments outside the from TripIt®.corporate program, such as reservations for conference hotelsor client visits. You can import these details into the solution andprovide a consolidated itinerary to the employee (and total spendvisibility to the organization).About ConcurConcur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Our adaptableWeb-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time.Learn more at©2012 Concur, all rights reserved. Concur is a registered trademark and Smart Expense is a trademark of Concur Technologies, Inc. All other company and product names are theproperty of their respective manufacturers. Specifications and other details listed are accurate as of printing, but may change without notice. BR TRAVEL_EXPENSE NA 2012/08