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Presentation from MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge NFC Goes Social event on Feb 11.
This panel discussion focused on some recent social applications of NFC – including smart posters and social networking tags - as well as emerging future opportunities.

Discussion topics included

How could NFC-capable mobile devices shape the ways we connect, interact, share content and/or link to social media?
To what extent could NFC improve mobile user access to context-relevant content and facilitate delivery of the right content in the right form at the right time and place?
Could NFC make a difference in connecting businesses with consumers and simplifying B2C interactions and the underlying information transfers?

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  • Blue bite mit nfc goes social feb2013

    1. 1. NFC Goes SocialA perspective from Blue BiteFebruary 11th, 2013
    2. 2. TV Events Radio Direct Print Mail Digital OOHMIT - NFC Goes Social 2
    3. 3. Mobile has forever changed how people interact with the world around them NEWS & RETAIL HEALTHCARE EDUCATION ENTERTAINMENT • 70% of shoppers said • The U.K.’s Financial • Mobile biosensors are • Campuses are that they had made or Times has seen a 40% increasingly being used providing calendars, will make purchase on in digital subscriptions for real-time health news & event smartphones and a 12% decrease in monitoring information via mobile print subscriptions in • GSI Commerce • Smartphones • Mobile apps are being 2011 reported number of increasingly being used deployed that allow mobile shoppers has • Cloud-based digital to monitor/manage faculty to deliver risen over 500% since content licensing diet & physical activity classroom instruction 2009 systems support the • Students are using fast growing consump- • The US Government is • Retailers have looking to mobile as a mobile technologies to tion of digital content submit work & identified the mobile on mobile devices key for reducing channel is the #1 healthcare costs collaborate both in & target for capital • Content companies out of class outlays are investing signifi- • Mobile is redefining cantly in creating learning content for mobileMIT - NFC Goes Social 3
    4. 4. MIT - NFC Goes Social 4
    5. 5. NFC (Near-Field-Communication) is one of the most recent forms of wireless communication to enter the U.S. marketplace NFC offers short-range (2in.) secure and simple communication between devices NFC can be used to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch NFC can enable current and future solutions in areas such as: • Information exchange • Loyalty and coupons • Content downloads • Access control • Consumer electronics • Payments • TransportMIT - NFC Goes Social 5
    6. 6. STATION STORE THEATER VEHICLE OFFICE ANYWHERE AIRPORT RESTAURANT STADIUM Area Download and Usage of NFC Mobile Phone Pass gate Enter/Exit Pay by credit card personalize office application Get information Adjust seat Get loyalty points from smart position Exchange Pass entrance Check usage poster business cards Get and use history Open door coupon Get event Get information Log in to PC: information Download from information Pay parking Print using Share information ticket kiosk fee copier and coupon machine among users Lock phone Pay bus/taxi fare remotely Banking Industries Mass Transport Public Security Retail Entertainment Any Transport Advertising Credit CardMIT - NFC Goes Social 6
    7. 7. With NFC coming on to the scene, mobile is making it easier for people to share and interact with their friends and environmentMIT - NFC Goes Social 7
    8. 8. Samsung enabled Out-of-Home advertising media with NFC to promote its new Galaxy S3 phone and create Samsung-envy for non-NFC handset owners (iPhone) Users can download free content by tapping the NFC-enabled posters at Shopping Malls, Airports, Movie Theatres, College Campuses, Bus Stops, Phone Kiosks, and Train Stations in NY, CHI, LA, SF, BOS, PHI, DAL, D.C. and TORMIT - NFC Goes Social 8