Next Generation NFC Solutions and Contactless Infrastructure


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Holger Kunkat

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Next Generation NFC Solutions and Contactless Infrastructure

  1. 1. Next Generation NFC Solutions andContactless InfrastructureHolger KunkatApril 2011
  2. 2. NXP leads in end-to-end Identification systems We deliver ease of use, reliability and security Secure Transactions Secure Identity Authentication & Tagging Passports Supply chain Brand Protection Banking ID cards management Device Public Transport & Access Health Card Product Authentication Mobile Transactions - NFC Driving licenses Tracking Connected Infrastructure Pay TV Devices 2
  3. 3. NFC is happening now ! 3
  4. 4. NFC is happening now ! …but this time several inhibitors have been NFC ramp-up delayed vs. 2005 projections… removed Shipments of NFC handsets (M) Smart phones and mobile internet 500 – 19% smartphone penetration today (vs. 8% in ’06) – >1B mobile internet user today (vs. <250M in ‘06) 400 OEMs & OS providers investing in NFC roll out 2009 expectations before ecosystems and use cases are fully proven (technology push vs. consumer pull) 300 MNO’s have taken strong commitments to deployment of NFC 200 2005 expectations Focus on applications that do not require full ecosystem control (e.g., transport, location 100 based marketing, ...) CL infrastructure is rapidly increasing from 0 7% of all readers today to 21% in 2013 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 4Source: Abi Research 2005, Juniper 2009, Gartner Dataquest 2009, Morgan Stanley 2010, NXP internal data
  5. 5. The Mobile (R)evolution Ubiquitous contactless infrastructurePhones become Smart Phones (payment, transport, ID, consumer, tags) The physical world (contactless) Mobile banking/payments The cloud Social networks Device authentication App stores • Mobile Internet fastest growth in CE history, driven by Smart Phones • Fast growing social networks and location based marketing initiatives • Raising Flexibility of Application stores (online/OTA management/access, open source) • Both online & offline mobile transactions will co-exist (tamper resistant hardware) • Need for more convenient, Intuitive, secure means to connect to the physical world 5
  6. 6. Connecting the physical & the virtual world Payment Ticketing & Loyalty Access to Mobile phone = public transport: Interactive wallet Mobile phone = transport card Service Secure log-in Discovery Mobile phone =Connect the world of security token, ID card apps with the physical worldPhysical & Logic Peer-to-Peer Access Connectivity Mobile phone = key Exchange information Mobile phone = Face Book profile COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. NFC can enable low complexity value creationin addition to payment … All NFC commercial launch projects have now clearly emphasized the importance of NFC tag based services for – Service Discovery – Couponing – Vouchers Tags linking directly to web app to download a coupon. COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. NFC and contactless infrastructure NFC will enter infrastructure markets Requirements for contactless infrastructure to communicate to NFC devices – Read out mobile phones acting as card – Communication via peer to peer mode to a mobile device • fast BT or Wi-Fi setup • Additional services and data exchange 8
  9. 9. NFC Applications in Computing and Consumer ElectronicsTransactions ConnectivitySecure Online Quick and secureBanking WLAN set-up Bluetooth pairing Internet Security Secure internet access Access Phishing protection PC login Secure Payment Company access & and PC login Secure printing Password storage 9
  10. 10. Enabling use cases beyond payment & ticketing Social networking Making new contacts, updating social networking profiles, recommending services, advertisement, … Retail M-payment, loyalty, advertising, link to RFID-system, … Health Care Medical records / treatments, dossier tracking/tracing, … Government Registration cards, Resident/parking permit, Tolling, … Automotive pairing, keys, fleet management, driver profile transfer, … Gaming proximity peer to peer gaming experience, easy pairing, … 10
  11. 11. Day in The Life at Starbuck’s COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. Complete Offering with End-to-End SupportSecure Transactions Contactless Cards MIFARETM smart cards & contactless security controllersP2P Communication Contactless ReadersService Discovery Contactless Tags & Labels NFC IC NFC Host SW JavaCard OS Over 100 products Security Controller to enable a rich & secure MIFARE4Mobile API experience Mobile Solutions 12
  13. 13. Summary and Outlook NFC is happening now ! – All key stakeholders are investing to deploy this new “experience” – Large number of NFC enabled smart phones will hit the market in H2 2011 & first user experience will come along it is not only about payment … – NFC is THE intuitive link between the physical & the virtual world – The full potential of NFC will be revealed by application developers And it is not only about Smart phones … NXP partner of choice to deliver a premium Mobile transactions experience Open and easy to use solutions Support of multiple form factors Secure, Interoperable and field proven solutions COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 13
  14. 14. COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 14Subject / Department / Author - September 13, 2012