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Michael K. Nelson, the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc., presented this deck at the Mobile Marketing Association forum in 2011. The deck showcases the functionality of the ToyoTag, the SnapTag SpyderLynk specifically built for Toyota.

The deck touches on SnapTag's superior functionality and brandability when compared to other 2D mobile barcodes, such as the QR code and the Microsoft Tag.

The presentation also highlights the ways Toyota has been able to better reach and create a dialogue with consumers using the ToyoTag.

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ToyoTag Deck for the MMA

  1. 1. Michael K. Nelson Sr. Digital Marketing Manager Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.Mobile Marketing Association
  2. 2. History Lesson: Denso/ Toyota created, named and patented the Quick Response (QR) Code™ in 1994 • Denso/ Toyota did this because 1D barcodes could not accommodate both numbers and Japanese text to track inventory • Denso chooses not to exercise its patent rights -- Original “Idea for Good”Mobile Marketing Association
  3. 3. Why SnapTag™ (ToyoTag™)? • Text is king and a camera app is on nearly every mobile phone – At this point, taking a picture and texting are more “natural” behaviors than scanning • Toyota’s “kai-zen” (continuous improvement) mentality prevents us from being satisfied with a 1994 technology that was never made for marketing – It’s in our DNA! – QR Codes™ were born from the need to improve 1D Barcodes • Toyota can not stand on the “digital sidelines” in these early stages of 2D Barcode adoption – SnapTags™ are low risk/ low cost with key advantages over other 2D Barcodes SnapTag™ (ToyoTag™) Advantage:  Reach  Brandable  Flexibility  Peace of MindMobile Marketing Association
  4. 4. ToyoTag ™ VideoMobile Marketing Association
  5. 5. ToyoTags™ Extend the Engagement Past the EventMobile Marketing Association
  6. 6. Reach: 2D/ QR Codes™ and SnapTag™ by the Numbers* • Marketers can not count on today’s consumers having a reader; let alone the right one • Currently, text is king – the most popular mobile activity – Toyota will market “in the present” with an eye on the future 2D/ QR Codes™ SnapTag™ (ToyoTag ™) Goggles and MS Tag are the only ~90% of mobile phones have a pre-installed smartphone readers data plan and a camera**• * Nielsen Survey Nov 2011: US Mobile Phone Penetration• * * SpyderLynk• Each stick person represents approx. 60 MM US Mobile SubscribersMobile Marketing Association
  7. 7. Brand-ability: Which of these 2D/QR Codes™ Goes to a Toyota Digital Property? What About These?• To lessen confusion, ToyoTag ™ branding creates one standard (and common language) within ToyotaMobile Marketing Association
  8. 8. Brand-ability: 2D/ QR Codes™ can be branded, too! Yes, but….Mobile Marketing Association
  9. 9. Side Note: Both do well in their own space. However,... Great tool for inventory ≠ Great tool for marketing ≠ • Created for inventory mgmt. • Created for marketing • Cold, sterile, lacks emotion • Easy to identify brand; Logo is “Seal • The square shape is very rare of Approval” in nature • Circles are very present in nature • Meant for computers and • Meant for people (you and me) machinesMobile Marketing Association
  10. 10. Flexibility: ToyoTags™ play a key CS role by instructing owners how to pair their mobile device • Encourage users to “cut the desktop cord” and learn on-device • Entune utilizes Bluetooth which works on both feature and smartphonesMobile Marketing Association
  11. 11. Flexibility: ToyoTag ™ performed double-duty for the Hatsune Miku Augmented Reality Experience • ToyoTag ™ was a mechanism to get fans directly to the app stores and, also act as a stage /AR marker for both Hatsune and the 2011 Corolla • This AR experience again shows that consumers will download an app if there is compelling content for them (i.e., Best Buy App/ “Despicable Me” Promotion) • Created this fun activation to prepare our audience (e.g., dealer staff, owners, and shoppers) for a deeper and richer AR experience with our vehicles + =Mobile Marketing Association
  12. 12. Side Note: Shopping Tool App daily downloads increased by 600%! Downloads • Hatsune AR was supported by 9/16/11 MikuScape very little paid media Party Royal /T in • And, it’s still going strong Culver City • Leads also increased by 25% (WoW) during the week of 9/11/2011Mobile Marketing Association
  13. 13. Flexibility: It’s about people, after all • Two Campaigns; Same Graphic – $10 donation added to phone bill – Toyota matched all employee donations – ToyoTag ™ was also featured on the homepage for public donations • By taking less than 90 seconds to donate, this streamline process helped donors avoid the twenty (20) form-field websiteMobile Marketing Association
  14. 14. Peace of Mind: Props to Nissan for trailblazing QR Codes™ on MY12 Monroney Labels • Very good set-up and instructions – Provides good examples of what the user will get – Asks user to use “favorite QR reader app” • Ads are common within “free” readers –This reader’s ad banner blocks key bottom navigation on Nissan’s mobile site • Solution: Nissan should integrate a QR Code™ Reader into its appMobile Marketing Association
  15. 15. Side Note: Reader is a great compliment to the Shopping Tool App’s VIN barcode reader, mLot™ • Coming Thanksgiving 2011 to iOS and Android devices!Mobile Marketing Association
  16. 16. Peace of Mind: How to make the QR Code™ better! ;-D • Marketers could use the SnapTag™ Ring Lock-up to get users directly to the company’s reader in the app store via SMS * QR Code example does work but the SnapTag Ring Lockup surrounding it was not activated as to not endorse any one QR readerMobile Marketing Association
  17. 17. Warning! Poor instructions are not helping • Nobody reads the instructions…especially if they are 56 words long! • ???Mobile Marketing Association
  18. 18. Parting words…. • ToyoTag™ (SnapTag™) - 21st Century version “for more information go to” – This is not a channel like TV or Print – It’s a low risk/ low cost facilitator of conversations – Gives us a fighting chance to have a dialog with consumers—of course, on their terms! • Even when smartphones become the dominant device, new users (i.e., Boomers) will still need to learn how to use it • Even with all its benefits, the “free”, open-source QR Code™ could make mobile phones vulnerable – Most 2D/ QR Code™ readers don’t block Java Script and/ or URL redirects leaving consumers’ phones open to malware or worse – Unbranded QR Codes™ all look the same --- lends itself to abuse and/or sabotage – PCs (open-source) vs. Apple (proprietary) • Education, education, education! – For both consumers and marketers alike – “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned” --- M. TwainMobile Marketing Association
  19. 19. THANK YOU!!!!Mobile Marketing Association