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Must haves in a digital wallet strategyThought Banking Solution | Systems Integratio...
Must haves in a digital wallet strategy             Will the digital wallet sound the death knell for   •	 Near Field Comm...
Other focus areas of a digital wallet strategyAccessibility                                         payment options like c...
security mechanism and making sure that              they are to win market share. For instance,             sensitive dat...
References1.	 Customers Take Control: How the multi-             10.    channel ...
About FinacleFinacle from Infosys partners with banks to transform process, productand customer experience, arming them wi...
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Finacle Thought Paper - Digital Wallet Success Strategy


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Finacle thought paper discusses how digital wallet might replace credit cards and cash in near future and list important must have strategies for digital wallet service providers to grow.

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Finacle Thought Paper - Digital Wallet Success Strategy

  1. 1. Must haves in a digital wallet strategyThought Banking Solution | Systems Integration | Consulting | Business Process Outsourcing
  2. 2. Must haves in a digital wallet strategy Will the digital wallet sound the death knell for • Near Field Communication (NFC) is becoming cash and credit cards? Many experts seem to a favorite technology and according to one think so. Research also seems to agree – in a estimate global NFC payment transactions recent report, a research organization that are expected to reach US$ 50 billion worldwide studies the impact of the Internet, says that by 2014 consumers will not need to carry credit cards • Social commerce sales will more than double or cash as early as 2020; another survey by a to GBP 3.3 million in the next five years. By leading mobile audience media firm states that 2012, 41% of UK consumers will use social 37% of mobile using consumers used a mobile media or at least be influenced by it while wallet in the last three months, a sure sign of purchasing. This figure rises significantly to increasing adoption. 73% for 25-34 year olds, as 45% of this The vendor action has already heated up in age group is already utilizing this platform anticipation, and a wallet war is on between while purchasing. mobile operators, card companies, device In a report on multi-channel shopping released manufacturers and financial service providers. in December 2011, a global consulting firm Wallet providers need a sound strategy to hold reveals many insights about changing consumer their own in a competitive marketplace, with behavior. The most significant finding was that the ability to provision digital money seamlessly customers were consolidating their ‘retailer set’. across multiple touch points, being one of the Over half of respondents in the study shopped key imperatives. on different channels with less than five Why is it so important that a digital wallet be retailers; most of the chosen retailers stood usable across all consumer touch points? These out for their integrated management of the numbers do the talking: business and the delivery of a high quality buying experience – backed by seamless The number of touch points is increasing rapidly execution – across all touch points. as evident from the following research: What this tells us is that customers expect to • People are increasingly buying smartphones transact on multiple touch points as well as over feature phones thanks to greater enjoy a shopping experience – promising the affordability same convenience, ease of use, commercial terms • Tablets are fueling the trend of multiple and security – on each. devices; they are not replacing, but are Since mobility is at the heart of digital wallet instead supplementing smartphones. The commerce for reasons that are well known – iPad 3 sold three million units in the first ubiquity, convenience and adoption, a multi weekend after it was launched. That’s 42,000 touch point strategy must necessarily factor per hour or 694 per minute! Another estimate this in to have any chance of success. says that more than 81 million tablets will be sold in 2012, up fivefold from the approximately 16 million sold in 201002 Thought Paper
  3. 3. Other focus areas of a digital wallet strategyAccessibility payment options like checks and credit cards. Retailers might be able to deploy it across theProviders must make their digital wallets entire transaction cycle using NFC technology,accessible by ensuring widespread distribution and enable in-store customers to scan purchasesand acceptance. The nature of distribution into the wallet, generate an invoice, transfervaries with the type of provider. For instance, the information to their POS systems, and finallythe mobile wallet from M-Pesa, Kenya’s iconic pay, all using the same device or money service is distributed by telecom And handset manufacturers offering digitaloperator, Safaricom, which has built the wallet wallets can draw upon other device features toapplication into its SIM card. It’s a strategy that enhance the wallet experience: for instance, useworks primarily because of the ubiquity and augmented reality to indicate which merchantaffordability of mobile phones. On the other establishments in the vicinity accept their wallet.hand, growing adoption of smartphones andtablets among tech savvy populations might Opennessrequire distribution of wallets through “app”stores. In future, some handset manufacturers While the wallet war introduces competitionmight in-build a wallet into the phone itself. in the market and choice for customers, it alsoWhatever the case may be, it is crucial that inconveniences the latter by forcing them tothe distribution be tailored to the needs, behavior maintain multiple wallets from multiple providersand infrastructure environment of the target user. which are all linked to different cards/accounts. This is a source of customer dissatisfaction.User experience It is very important that providers open up theirAt the beginning of this paper, there is a mention offerings. The days of closed-loop wallets areof how customers have started to use more numbered. Retailers must accept a variety ofthan one touch point to fulfill their needs. linked cards/accounts, and not just their own.The implicit inference is that customers expect The wallet should be interoperable betweenconsistency and seamlessness across each and the touch points of different banks, so thatevery touch point. Hence, a mobility device user a customer can top up the wallet with fundsmust enjoy the same buying experience as his from one bank, but withdraw cash from thedesktop using counterpart. Going forward, there ATM of another.must be no boundaries between the physicaland virtual world, so that a customer could well Securityfill a shopping cart online and store the details Studies have repeatedly highlighted securityin the online wallet, only to visit the store later concerns as one of the biggest barriers toto physically inspect the goods, and finally pay online/mobile payment adoption. Obviously,from a mobile wallet! Another example could this has a huge bearing on the digital walletbe that a customer buys movie tickets from especially because there are so many touchhis Facebook wallet and consequently avails points and a gap in any one of these coulddiscounts on in-store purchases made through a compromise its safety.kiosk based-wallet. Needless to say, such a cross- While customers agree that not having to enterselling interaction requires tight integration their credit card details for every transaction isbetween touch points. an important convenience offered by the wallet,Again, different institutions can leverage the they will only embrace it if they are sure thatdigital wallet in different ways. Someday not the credit card information, which is nowtoo far away, banks might offer a catchall ‘digital loaded on to the wallet, is fully protected by thewallet’ account in lieu of a savings account, and provider. This means that providers must takethereby eliminate the complexity of multiple adequate measures, such as setting up a layered Thought Paper 03
  4. 4. security mechanism and making sure that they are to win market share. For instance, sensitive data is not stored on the devices. banks could offer personal financial management tools along with the wallet, which would Regulation automatically access its data to draw up Digital wallets, like all financial products, are budgets, expenditure patterns and so on and likely to be regulated. However, the extent of save customers the inconvenience of trawling control may differ from country to country. through multiple bank or credit card statements For instance, M-Pesa does not need a banking to find out what they’ve spent. Banks could license to operate, but in other countries, also tie up with the social security payment wallet providers might need to procure one. In agencies to drop pension payments and other some countries, collaboration between multiple subsidies directly into beneficiaries’ wallets. stakeholders can be perceived as being anti- Merchants could add useful features, such as competitive which may impede the launch of advance order booking of products, or the digital wallet initiatives. ability to compare prices of competing brands. Recently, the Canadian Bankers Association In fact, in Canada, a leading department store has decided to replace debit cards with mobile recently announced the launch of a fully wallets, and is preparing secure but open transactional mobile website and mobile apps guidelines towards that goal. The extent of that enabled customers to make purchases using openness (permitted in a wallet) is a very their smartphones; could such features become significant consideration for an institution that regular add-ons in future digital wallets? wishes to enter a new market. The digital wallet has the potential to be the next big thing in payments. Indeed, experts Value added content believe that it could handle transactions worth The breadth and variety of a wallet service also tens of billion dollars as early as 2015. Banks, determines the quality of user experience. A merchants, telecom companies and other service payments-only offering is not likely to find favor providers must put a robust multi touch point with customers. Providers must build additional strategy in place in readiness for when the value on top of the basic payment offering, if opportunity opens up.04 Thought Paper
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  6. 6. About FinacleFinacle from Infosys partners with banks to transform process, productand customer experience, arming them with ‘accelerated innovation’that is key to building tomorrow’s bank.For more information, contact© 2012 Infosys Limited, Bangalore, India, Infosys believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice. Infosysacknowledges the proprietary rights of the trademarks and product names of other companies mentioned in this document.