So da report class 5


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So da report class 5

  1. 1. SoDA report
  2. 2. Agenda Figures Trends Platforms Evolution of digital strategy
  3. 3. Figures Fuente: SoDA. Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook
  4. 4. Figures Fuente: SoDA. Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook
  5. 5. Figures Fuente: SoDA. Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook
  6. 6. Trends User Experience • Rich branding experiences, user centered design. • While the user primarily visits to accomplish tasks, each of those visits is an opportunity to sink the brand hook deeper. • Make It Effortless or Don’t Make It: 67% of online customers said their opinion of a brand was affected by their ability to accomplish tasks on their website. (
  7. 7. Trends Evolution of Online Storytelling • Flash allowed studios to build immersive online stories for brands and companies around the world. • It’d be easy to say that the rise of Google killed the experiential microsite. • Social media and searchability rule the day. HTML is back. Flash plays a different, more refined role. • Three predictions: • Location • Speed • Emotion
  8. 8. Trends The End of Banner Ads •  Ten years ago, a 5% click percentage was achievable. However, today we have moved to a performance of around 0.05%. http://www. •  The InCase and Gowalla case
  9. 9. Trends Next Technology Trends •  Cloud Computing: no need for software. •  Mobile Computing. •  Shift to Non-iPhone: iPhones represent less than one percent of all mobile devices worldwide. •  Mobile phone portability, location-awareness and ubiquitous internet connectivity makes it ideal for lifestyle enhancing tools, services, entertainment and content. •  Consumption of Information: information and applications will become platform agnostic and code- unified. (e.g. Adobe Air) •  HTML 5 will address many of the deficiencies of previous versions.
  10. 10. Trends Digital Branded Content Syndication •  The audience is the medium: new demographic is doing so much of the content sharing (a.k.a syndication) themselves, they have become virtual content publishers. •  Content Syndication Programs vs. Paid Media Spending. •  Boutique Content Creation and Syndication vs. Global Advertising & Media Agencies. •  Digital Content Syndication & Measurement Service Providers (e.g. Wave Metrix).
  11. 11. Trends Digital content Dan Brown’s latest book was scanned and on Bittorrent within 15 minutes of release. •  How do we tackle this?, give content for free?. •  Total freedom of choice that digital distribution offers + on-line phenomenon of ‘long tail marketing’ = more efficient and longer-lasting exploitation cycle. •  Content creators who understand their consumer and have identified the correct channels and appropriate content will maximize their investment.
  12. 12. Evolving platforms Digital to change the way consumers interact with Brands Use digital platforms in new ways to make brands an integral and integrated part of their customers’ everyday lives
  13. 13. Evolving platforms Principles of gaming changing the conversation •  Success will have less to do with simply getting noticed and everything to do with driving participation. •  Gaming has quickly become the most prevalent activity on the web today. •  The principles of a game empower the desire of its players to participate and be rewarded… with that comes the enviable opportunity to rethink our approach to consumers. •
  14. 14. Evolving platforms Changing the way consumers experience brands through true "Interaction” •  The first typewriter received its patent in 1868, and the mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1968. •  Through applied computer vision we are able to provide new inputs to the computer (Wii, Natal, AR +Webcam). •  There’s also advances in output technology, such as powerful projectors, holographic displays, multi- touch touch screens, large scale LED displays and mobile apps. •  Conclusion: Design for Next Generation Interaction.
  15. 15. Evolving platforms AR •  With widespread integration of AR into trusted brands, this convergent technology promises to merge the online and offline experiences for both individual brands and retail stores. • •
  16. 16. Evolution of digital strategy 40% of Your Opportunity is Shifting to Mobile •  Location awareness allows content to be extremely relevant, directing users to nearby stores, offering coupons, even providing on the spot customer service. The Social Landscape in 2010 •  Social Media is Mobile. •  Measurement is Critical (KCIsSM) •  Transparency is Not Optional •  Change is Inevitable
  17. 17. Evolution of digital strategy Stop Spreading Viruses & Start Giving Gifts •  People share things for their own reasons, not ours. •  When people share, it impacts their reputation and relationships. •  When people give gifts, they don’t ask for favors in return •  It’s time to focus on creating value that consumers will have a personal stake in sharing with each other.
  18. 18. Evolution of digital strategy Evolving Roles of Producer, Advertiser, and Audience •  Audiences, producers, and advertisers are accustomed to a television landscape of certain fixed entities. •  In the world of dynamically assembled content, the audience can edit and distribute while watching. •  We’ll have to start thinking of our audience not just as passive viewers but also as co-creators of our messaging.
  19. 19. INTRO PAGE Digital - Colombia